Ashland, KY

#1 Jul 3, 2010
i'm gonna put this on here and start a new one just so i get this out thier and call me a lier if you want but this the complete truth about everything sorry ashley. ok her family i loved you guys i always got along with ya and had a good time and im not out to make enemys but this will probley get me some after this but i'm pissed off to the point i'm getting this shit out i'm not going down quitetly. Ok on monday june the 28th me and ashley broke up well i left her and i'm sure she's told everyone that i left her because i caught her talking to Araon Hanshaw on facebook srry guy i dont know you but you got caught up in this wanna kick my ass come on theirs really nothing else that can hurt me anymore. but yes on facebook is where i caught it but she wasent just talking to him on thier the comments i font where Her(hey i treid to call you at like 1 in the morning he said i will call ya back) then when i confronted her she said last night was the only time i talked to him when the comments where dated almost a wk before that. so wtf. Yeah i went digging throw her facebook and yes on monday i went off that is almost a first for me i never till that day i talked to her like that. Well for a yr she went off on me about going to frends and random shit and me talk and talk to her to show her i was faithfull to her and she would get on my myspace and delete people and bitch about something i did was wrong and oh yea made me delete my facebook because my ex added my mom on facebook no i dident have to but i would do anything she asked me to do so i did. Ok that is recent now lets get into past shit i let you borrow my ipod lost that shit dident ya btw i still want my 200$ but i'm not bitching i belave you still have my jacket to i want that shit back. ok heres some past yes i cheated on her made her life hell for a sometime and i'm so sorry and belave me i hate myself for it and when we got back togather i never called her or talked to my ex ever again like you wanted me to do but you fucked Kc and then had me come pick you up the next day wow do you not have a consious at all and even after that you still talked to him it was i would say 3 months untill you stoped and you werent totally about me till that summer well shit you where never totally about me i would alaways catch you in lil shit like talking to guys on the computer or jusr random shit like that. So i'm gonna rap this up because i have to go to my hell hole of a job because you dident want me to take the two it happend twice yes golden jobs that pretty much just fell in my lap all because you dident want me to be far away yea i'm an idoiot but i was willing to listen to ever word you said and do everything you asked to give you the ezact life you wanted if i would have seen this comeing i would have took the first one and said fuck you. But now i understand i stick my neck out loose my life even stick my neck out on here to stand up for you when i was i guess wrong.But serisouly thanks all that i do spent shit over 1000 on you well over and not only that spend all my free time stuck on the phone with you never going anywhere going to work then home to talk on the phone with you going out getting you whatever you wanted you fucking stractched your name in my car goddamnt but yea after all that shit i've done this is what you do to me. I'm sure theirs one last question (your the dumbass that left her) yea i did and up untill now i have done my best to get her back thiers been plenty of times she left me and call back and be like i'm srry and i take her back so i'm sure theirs alot i've left out but i'm sorry to whomever i pissed off hate me if ya want but i can atleast get the truth out. Have fun talking your way out of this one i aint thier to back you up anymore.
ashe best friend

Broken Arrow, OK

#2 Jul 3, 2010
okay dude your pathetic. yeah thats all fucking true but why the hell tell the whole world? that should be between you and ashley. yeah your mad, and yeah your upset. but you dont know how much i've had to listen to her cry over the phone BECAUSE OF YOU. you know, when you did make her happy, i was happy for her. but i've found out she seemed more unhappy around you than she was happy. maybe thats just me. i'm glad shes finally found her way around you. just sayin. oh and dude, its all your damn fault this all happened. if you hadnt broken up with her for being WAYYYY too over protective, and screaming at her for SPEAKING to a guy. so dude, stop being pathetic and get over yourself.

Ashland, KY

#3 Jul 3, 2010
you used to be my best friend, and you hate topix but you went and put stuff about me on here and how horrible my life is. the only thing that made it horrible was you. and never got to go anywhere and do stuff either so dont lie and say i got to do stuff. sorry bout your car, sorry bout your ipod, sorry bout those "golden opptunities" im tired of your crap, never wanna talk to you and see your face again. its pretty sad that ive know aaron for about a month and he makes me happier than you ever did.

Ashland, KY

#4 Jul 7, 2010
ook just so you know i am a friend of Zach's and i am a girl and she use to be so pissed if he even tried to talk to me and we was good friends i mean he couldnt talk to me or anything without hearing her dumbass bitch about it later! I mean Ash is a good girl and zach is a great guy but together they would kill every one. i mean all they are are drama. so im glad they are done!

Wagoner, OK

#5 Jul 9, 2010
Lol, you can tell that's Zach he Misspelled every damn word xD

Flatwoods, KY

#6 Jul 10, 2010
i really am a chick! and I hardly get through my english classes thank you very much. I am probably one of the worst spellers you will ever meet in your entire life so excuse me for miss spelling a little word. But no i have known zach for like ever he use to date my god sister...L.B.
Yeah haahahaha

Greenup, KY

#7 Jul 10, 2010
She can go to hell for all I care, I hate her

so does alot of people.

Ashland, KY

#8 Jul 11, 2010
yeah why dont you join her? i'm sure you've made mistakes in your life. she acts like herself, more than anyone else i know. and i respect her for that. so why dont you all just leave her alone, mmkayy?
psh yea right

Wagoner, OK

#9 Jul 12, 2010
how about no.
she needs to get over herself.
plain n simple.
Hi my name is,
I wear my eyeliner like a f**kin eygptian,it touches my ears.

Wagoner, OK

#11 Jul 12, 2010
shes okay... i guess

Ashland, KY

#12 Jul 12, 2010
I would say you are just jealous of individuality but you would just sit back and laugh. But obviously you wouldn't lash out on someone on the internet if you didn't have some sort of grudge,(which you should just tell her in person), or you are jealous. I'm just stating that this is immature lashing out on someone who doesn't deserve it. How would you like it if someone came on here and put you down? And F.Y.I, she doesn't wear her makeup like an Egyptian, actually she hardly wears makeup anymore. And I bet she's prettier than your nameless a$$s put together. Just sayin.
know her lies

United States

#13 Jul 14, 2010
she lies and makes up storier to hurt people to get what she wants.she even lies on her own family,i know cause shes told me.i need to tell those people n her family the truth about the things that she has said and done and i am going to.Just to let u know Ashley im goin to tell them everthing that u told me.U r a sick girl!

Ashland, KY

#14 Jul 14, 2010
Good grief! Why can't someone teach that retard how to use proper spelling and grammar?

Flatwoods, KY

#16 Mar 6, 2011
Haha. I forgot about this, yeah a little long. I was just mad. Least I got a few people on my side. Sorry just font this and laughed.

Ashland, KY

#17 Mar 8, 2011
Dude you need help...really. But i believe that people need to stop being such assholes and actully talk to people Not just post stuff on topix thats just gay. and Ashely is a very nice person. Idk where everyone got that she weres her makeup like an egyptian, like someone else said she hardly wears any makeup at all, and it seems like all i do on here is stand up for people gawddd. Really get a life...
i dont care

Wellington, TX

#18 Mar 8, 2011
I don't care what kind of person she is, she's hotter than hell
ILY Frannd

Ashland, KY

#19 Mar 18, 2011
Ashley is a total sweet heart, well under certain circumstances. She just don't give a fu*k and will tell you exactly how it is. If everyone has to sit behind topix and run their mouths bout her, more power to you because know what she's back behind her screen Laughing her mo-er f-in ass off! lmao..I can tell you her exact thoughts " ahahaha quit yer betchin"

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