Sulphur, OK

#401 Jul 9, 2012
austin rutiger wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you know that those BMW's are leased? I can walk into a dealership right now and lease a Ferrari. Does that mean I can afford it for the long term? No, I can't. As soon as the sellers underneath them fail to sell, they lose their lease payment from Body By Vi, and are on the hook for the remainder of the lease. Imagine, signing up for a lease for a BMW that you'd never be able to afford, and then have to be on the hook for it because you lost your sales.
You can buy or lease the BMW, and it can be new or used. And, yes, you do have to hold the level in order for Vi to continue paying the $600 a month bonus. But, what company out there is going to pay a bonus if you quit doing the work? None that I know of. I am personally driving a BMW now and Vi is paying me $600 a month. I shopped until I found a car that I could afford on my own if I have to pay for myself. My payments are $371 a month and I'm receiving $600. I'm not an idiot!! I have researched and done my homework. I have helped a lot of people get healthier, including myself and my family. I'm not a fat slob as so many on this forum have portrayed us to be. I started out in October of 2011 as a size 8 and I am now a size 0. Vi does work, but it's like any other health and fitness plan. You can't have a Vi shake with a hamburger and fries and expect to lose weight. You have to stick with the program!!

Plainview, TX

#402 Jul 11, 2012
Should have kept my money wrote:
Just go to the site and you will see that it says, "all natural." That's not a true statement. Look at the ingredients very carefully and you will see for example, the Pine Bark Extract is only 7 mg. That's ridiculous amount. The inventor of that product recommends a minimum of 300 mg. per day for the average size person.
The list of "Other Ingredients:" Kosher Gelatin, Glycerin, Soybean Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Pharmaceutical Glaze, Magnesium Stearate, Rice Powder, Dicalcium Phosphate and Water.
Gelatin comes from cow hooves; I'm not sure how you get Kosher Gelatin? Does the Rabbi bless it as they cut the hooves off the cows? Glycerin inhibits the absorption of nutrients. Many capsules are made of this and it has been shown that much of the nutrients in gelatin capsules never get absorbed in the body because the gelatin makes a barrier that won't allow the absorption.
should probably cite your sources. I know where this came from, but good to see you take

Ardsley, NY

#403 Jul 12, 2012
Body by vi is not much more than a high priced slim fast or a boost shake. Is it healthy?? Yea it is actually. Is it over priced?? Very!

Louisville, KY

#404 Jul 12, 2012
Does it work does it not work? Who cares making money off of your friends is the lowest of low!

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled" - Mark Twain.

And as for price it cost me a friendship!
Rona Clark

Hillsboro, OR

#405 Jul 13, 2012

Orlando, FL

#406 Jul 14, 2012
Hii wrote:
This thread has been up for over a year now. There should be a ton of overwhelming result photos by now. Can someone link me to those. I'm not interested in 90 challenge. I want to SEE THE RESULTS WHO HAS LIVED OFF THESE SHAKES FOR 8+ MONTHS and see how their bodies have changed. I am not at all interested in the money opportunity. I want to see the results of the product. With thousands joining monthly and the countless success stories there has to be atleast hundreds who made it past 6mo with this product. Slightly skeptical but still interested and would purchase if could see numerous results.(multiple sites of 10+ success before/after)
Not many make it past 3 months much less 8.. its so overpriced not many can afforid it to keep up.. only the master manipulators who go out and rob friends and family the best make it past the first few months.. its a cult like mentality.. they prey on the weak.. taking advantage of so many americans who are out of work and overweight.. shame on anyone who is associated with any of these scumbags!!

Sulphur, OK

#407 Jul 14, 2012
I've been drinking the shakes since July 2011 and have been promoting the Challenge since October. I've lost fat, gained muscle, and gone from a size 8 to size 0. My husband has lost 65 lbs and gotten his diabetes under control. My son, who is an elite cyclist has lost 14 lbs, gained power on his bike, had a great season, and upgraded to a Category 1 cyclist. That is just what Visalus has done for our health. As far as our finances, I'm making a significant income and driving a BMW that I get a bonus to pay for. I also would like to address the people on this forum that think Vi is "so expensive". It cost less than $2 to have a shake (which is a meal). What are you going to eat that cost less? I get my product free every month, as do several of my customers. Those friends of mine, that I'm "duping" into buying from me are saving money, getting something healthy, and some of them are even doing it for FREE!! Most of you have no idea what you are talking about.
This stuff is worthless

Lincoln, NE

#408 Jul 14, 2012
I did the shakes for 5 months . The last month was because I couldnt send it back . The 1st month I lost 10 pounds . over the course of the next 4 months I gained back almost all the 10 I had lost. Its all BS . I lost weight at first only to have my matabolism slow down shortly after. I was hungry all the time . If folks are seeing benefits its because its in thier minds. Its a weak protien shake not an amphedimine . You will not get great results unless before you started this you were eating grossly more calories than you needed.

I gave this stuff every chance . I was optimistic about it till I ultimately came to the realization that its garbage.

Sulphur, OK

#409 Jul 15, 2012
This stuff is worthless wrote:
I did the shakes for 5 months . The last month was because I couldnt send it back . The 1st month I lost 10 pounds . over the course of the next 4 months I gained back almost all the 10 I had lost. Its all BS . I lost weight at first only to have my matabolism slow down shortly after. I was hungry all the time . If folks are seeing benefits its because its in thier minds. Its a weak protien shake not an amphedimine . You will not get great results unless before you started this you were eating grossly more calories than you needed.
I gave this stuff every chance . I was optimistic about it till I ultimately came to the realization that its garbage.
"If folks are seeing benefits its because it's in their minds." That's ridiculous!! How about the scales, the clothes size, and the bank account! It absolutely drives me crazy when people complain about gaining their weight back. Your not going to gain weight unless you are eating too many calories and not getting any exercise. It's not a magic pill. You can't drink a Vi shake with your hamburger and expect to lose weight. If you don't stick with the program you can't complain when it doesn't work out. Also, it takes us years to put on weight, we can't expect to lose it overnight. Stick with it and it will work.

Marietta, GA

#410 Jul 16, 2012
Idiots wrote:
I seriously wonder about people who fall for this shit. Don't know whether to feel sad or not. On one hand you deserve it, on another you're too stupid to realize you're being fleeced into a pyramid scheme. I just hope you don't get listed as a co-defendant when the shit goes down BECAUSE IT WILL. Have you ever once heard of a pyramid scheme that worked out? You're putting your legal future at risk when you pimp this product out.
Hmm...let me see. Amway got in trouble for being a pyramid scheme initially, now they own the Orlando Magic and have been around for several decades. Multi-level marketing is not illegal and it is not a pyramid scheme. Google the difference, educate yourself. AVON, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Advocare, and many many others are similar companies that involve multilevel marketing compensation plans. Please educate yourself, instead of reading forums full of opinions from uninformed people. The products sold by ViSalus have helped so many people that I know personally, as well as helping me lose weight and get my energy and my life back. The business side is not for everyone and just with any other business, you are not guaranteed success. 95% of all businesses in the U.S. fails and just like any other business, this is YOUR business to run. Many skeptics will stay on the sidelines watching the rest of us driven folks do something about our health and our finances.
the good neighbor

United States

#411 Jul 19, 2012
Hillarious wrote:
<quoted text>
Remember hydroycut and metabolife and the many other dangerous ephedra-based products? Those used to be sold at my local area Kroger store!:-) Trying to determine if a product is good or bad shouldn't be based upon whether it's sold at GNC or Kroger.
Ever buy household items (toiletries, etc) from like millions do? Unbelieveable...buying deodorant from a bookstore - that sounds like a scam!
Are you grasping my sarcasm yet?
In case you haven't deduced it yet, I actually am on the Vi-Shake, a weight loss product from Visalus. And SHOCKING, I am not (nor have I ever been) a seller/retailer of these products. Moreover, I'm not some fat slob that would obviously see an immediate impact from taking anything because their eating habits are atrocious to begin with.
I'm in my early 30s, run several miles daily (five days a week), have a balanced diet that includes 6-8 glasses of water a day (purified for the poster that made the snarky comment about water in the products), and don't drink carbonated beverages. I supplement with two Vi-Shakes a day and they have had a significant impact on my overall health since I started using them.
The problems with forums like these is that there's no camera to see who is hiding behind the computer screen making these accusations against a company with great products. I usually picture someone who is likely overweight, sipping on their diet coke (deluding themselves into believing the diet will somehow offset the bag of doritos sitting next to it), letting wild accusations fly with no basis of education or credibility behind what they say.
To be completely honest, ephedra was not the culprit that made those products dangerous. It was the average, stupid consumer who cannot read directions and those that have the typical American problem of over consumption. Ephedra is a safe, plant based stimulant that can be very helpful in the appropriate circumstances, for the appropriate candidates, much like the coca leaf.

Secondly, any company that has to spend massive hours to reverse bad PR (go ahead, google "body by vi scam" and see all the Sellers "truth" videos) is one that sends up the pyramid red flags.

Lastly, if you are concerned about your health before your weight, as you have indicated, certainly you will know that these shakes send your body into "survival mode" by starving it of both carbs AND fat (and just a side note for the all the sheeple that thinks a huge list of vitamins equals healthy: most vitamins are FAT soluble, meaning you need to consume fat to get the vitamins). This will do one of two things, depending on what you do; if you stop the shakes at the end of your challenge, you will have a rebound effect. You will likely gain most or all of the weight back, feel tired and sick, much like those who withdrawal from smoking or doing drugs. The second option is to continue long term with the diet, at which point your body will start to consume your organs (because, realistically, you're body had already broken down a great deal of your muscle mass in the first 90 days).

The best lifestyle solution is better whole foods. Eat grass free dairy and meats, hormone free poultry, wild meats and fish, lots of whole organic fruits and veggies, and mind your sugars and processed grains. Even with limited exercise, this lifestyle change will prove useful. Just remember HIGH FAT, MODERATE PROTEIN, GOOD CARBS (less grains, more beans).
kat j

Washington, DC

#412 Jul 24, 2012
Steve C wrote:
<quoted text>
You lost 50 LBS on Vi and you switched to WW?
Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't getting your VI for free be a better alternative considering your success with using it and the fact that it works?
I'm just using my brain is all.
Well Steve, wouldn't that require her to have 3 ppl sign up for the shakes under her so she could get hers for free? Maybe that kinda thing isn't for her...if WW is maintaining her goals LET HER BE

Ashland, KY

#413 Jul 25, 2012
You will lose weight on this if you diet and exercise also, just like anything else. I prefer watching what I eat. I would be interested in seeing some before and after pics though.

Grayson, KY

#415 Jul 26, 2012

Actually it's all a hoax it's very un healthy

Ashland, KY

#416 Jul 26, 2012
I've seen a few pictures on Facebook of people that have lost weight, but they are also in the gym everyday. I get tired of being hassled by people to try these shakes. I have tried them, for 90 days, I lost 10 lbs and was in the gym or walking every day. I can do that without an expensive shake. I wasn't that impressed with the taste or the results. I didn't find the shakes to be filling. I see pictures of the big conferences they have, their flash mobs and "Carlton Banks" I think that's all ridiculous.

Richmond, Canada

#417 Jul 27, 2012
ljm wrote:
<quoted text>
Sorry Friend Pyramids are illegal and are shut down. You also sort of describe the 9-5 job. Hmmm let's see upper management gets all the money and those on the lower end get what's left over. I work for a place that we were told there was no money for pay increases, yet we found out the director got a 6,000 raise. hmmm and lets see we have an employee who is barely off welfare. Yep - now that's legal.
Pyramid schemes, these days, don't come out and say they are pyramid schemes. No, the call themselves Multi-level marketing or network marketing. And this constant comparison of a 9-5 job to a pyramid scheme doesn't make any sense. In a "legal" 9-5 job you don't have to pay someone to get that job. You don't by in to a 9-5, but you do in a pyramid scheme. Furthermore, in no legal 9-5 job are you required or motivated to recruit people in order to increase your earnings. That, again, would be what pyramid schemes do. Finally, you can't blame upper management for earning a higher salary than an entry level position. Upper management often have more education and qualifications than those people applying for entry level positions. That is not to say that you can't work your way up from an entry level position to earn more, you can and in a legal 9-5 job it's not contingent on you finding someone to take your entry level position. That, one last time, would be a pyramid scheme.

Chicago, IL

#419 Aug 6, 2012
I actually tried one of these shakes a few days ago. My aunt has been using it for 3-4 months and has lost a good 30#s....

I just wanted to take the time to mention the MAIN reason I believe that this shake does well compared to many others.

The biggest reason these shakes do well; THEY TASTE WONDERFUL!!! I've tried things like slim fast and junk like that, and frankly, they TASTE like crap.

Another point, is that these shakes allow variation. The shake I tried was 2 scoops of the product, a strawberry packet, and a whole banana.
It was soooooo tasty.

So, I just wanted to give props to the elephant in the room.:)

Chino, CA

#421 Aug 20, 2012
I know a lot of people who sell Body by Vi. They have BMWs and make good money. The products do work if used correctly. I know many people who have lost weight using it, including myself. Of course it is not going to work if you drink two a day and then eat crap the rest of the day...the people who say it does not work are doing just that. It's not a miracle is a meal replacement. Meal replacements help restrict calories, and restricting calories works.
Most businesses are a pyramid in some way, btw. Look at real estate. A broker makes money off his agents...pyramid. This is how sales works.

Lethbridge, Canada

#422 Aug 20, 2012
Tawny wrote:
<quoted text>
I find it hard to believe anyone is making $25,000/month considering if that was the case EVERYONE would be doing it, give your head a shake, if you believe them then you deserve to lose your life savings
My sister has been selling this for 2 months now and has made 10 000$ plus qualified for her bmw. and if EVERYONE was smart enough they would be doing it. You will never believe that anyone can make that amount because you yourself are not doing it. I hope you lose your life savings or at least learn to think before you speak. Idiot.

Cloquet, MN

#423 Aug 22, 2012
BBV success wrote:
I personally am on BBV AND am a distributor(just signed up today) i know several people who are on it and some distribute as well. It WORKS all the people i know lost 10+ lbs in their first 4-5 weeks. Don't talk smack when you don't know what you are talking about. Ps. NONE of the BBV kits cost $400 per month. The standard two shake a day plan is a mere $99 so shut it.
I used the product as directed. I even was gullible enough to attempt my luck at distributing it. That is 500 dollars I will never see again. I gained weight with it and made zero money. It is a scam. Please read this article. It tastes like CANCER!! Oh yeah that is right... it is carcinogenic! So you shut it, I wouldn't feed this crap to my dog let alone try to sell/kill a family member or friend.

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