Ive been living here for a couple years now, and ive had to deal with Troy JR. and Tiffany Scarberry. While Troy is skrewing around with everygirl in town, Tiffany already had her Second child before age 20. Its a shame how Grapevine has lost its good name to these people. They have the money to get a new trailor put in, but not enough to help feed those poor childern. Troy Jr goes around with a STOLEN pair of handcuffs and Uniform of the State Police impersenating a State Trooper. Something had to lead to these two kids acting this way, and I believe Pills has something to do with it. Their house is filled with garbadge already and its only been a month since they got that new trailor. Theres half filled pill bottles with the names of them ripped off, filled diapers everywhere,ect. Troy Jr is 15 and has been smoking for 3 years now, and so has his little sister, Whitney. She is 14 and smokes while her other little sister chews at age 13.
Troy Jr has caused a 14 year old girl to cut herself over him, and he doesnt care. Nor does the family. The Father of these childern had cancer and is a great guy and the Mother is even greater.