Why does Cricket Broadband SUCK so bad?
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#23 Mar 25, 2012
bestfriend wrote:
<quoted text>
I just said alright, apparently you know it all. Your probably just jealous you couldn't accomplish as much as she has. Your probably some 50 year old loser with no life living in your mothers basement with your crap cricket phone.
you at least jut admitted that cricket phones are crap...that is a good start...

maybe you are sticking up for our friend because you being in chicago and she in the st louis area..you two probably have a good weed business between you both....

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#24 Mar 25, 2012
I stated in my first post I never have never will have cricket, I'm pretty sure that was saying how shity it is, without actually saying it. I actually live in Edwardsville? No idea where your getting Chicago.

“Try my Troll House cookies!”

Since: May 10

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#25 Mar 25, 2012
you IP is saying that you are from chicago...

but edwardsville is just as much a shit hole as chicago i suppose...

the stench of greedy attorneys resonates throughout edwardsville...

and you are merely a fly buzzing about...

Omaha, NE

#26 Jul 19, 2012
I used to live in Granite City (Near the Granite City/Madison cut off) And We had pretty good service there. But The people working at the Cricket store on Nameoki were just rude. One time apparently our payment did not go through so we called them up and we got through the first time but they hung up! So we called again and they would not answer. Eventually we called the BBB and got a free month. I live in Collinsville now and Cricket doesn't work at all in the part of town I live so we had to get Charter. Anyways if you live anywhere around GC, you really just shouldn't get cricket. But if you have no other choice, don't pay it at the store on Nameoki.

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#27 Jul 19, 2012
Cricket SUCKS and we now have Charter. Not saying pefect, but WWAAAYY faster and ALWAYS Service unlike Cricket which was Very Weak. And it really is about the same price for better quality. I'll NEVER use Cricket again for NOTHING.

Philadelphia, PA

#28 Sep 27, 2012
I bought Cricket WiFi 5 days ago. From the start I realized that I had been ripped off. Now i'm pissed off. The service is lousy and the product is lousier. I called their outsourced customer service, and they told me that I had used up all of my 8GB data allotment. I told them that my usage on my computer on their modem said that I had only used 4.96GB. That did nothing to help my situation. My speed is so slow that I can't stream any video. I checked their service agreement and found out why they don't care. In our desperation to be connected, we signed off on this crap. They can slow us down anytime they seem fit. I going to get Comcast, which I should have done in the first place. Comcast has a monthly unlimited plan with no contract. Instead of us all getting upset, maybe we should get together and file some kind of action against this terrible company.

Saint Louis, MO

#29 Sep 27, 2012
Really? Someone was actually stupid enough to ask why cricket broadband sucks so bad? Because you get what you pay for.

Using cricket is like wiping your ass with one ply toilet paper.


#30 Nov 27, 2012
Do what I'm going to do,Shut the Freeken thing off.Get a Land Line for DSL.Cricket does suk and they should be turned into the BBB.Do I here a Class action Law suit?

Granite City, IL

#31 Nov 27, 2012
But you do get what you pay for. I bought a crap phone that was supposed to be high end for $150 and payed the $45 for unlimited everything and my calls went through half the time.. Same with texts and the internet was creepin slow. I went with at&t for two years, now i am with tmobile. Now i have a phone that can give my laptop wifi when the charter internet slows down. Nice things cost more but they are better.

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#32 Nov 28, 2012
Charter has not given me any problems and is CHEAPER than crappy Cricket. Cricket does need to be shut down. There are too many other options to take rather than them.
just me

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#33 Dec 19, 2012
People don't. Understand cricket offer so much things but nothing better I call it junk service

Troy, IL

#34 Dec 19, 2012
I've heard Wal-Mart's pre-paid wireless plan is the same price and actually works.

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#35 Dec 19, 2012
truth wrote:
I've heard Wal-Mart's pre-paid wireless plan is the same price and actually works.
Straight Talk? I know 2 people who have it and they like it. Haven't had any big problems, ya know EVERY service has thier glitch thing. They pay $45 a month for unlimited everything with Android phones.

Portland, OR

#38 Apr 12, 2013
I can't call my mom, sister or employer contacts. I t either doesn't ring..or goes straight to voice mail. Idiots.

Portland, OR

#40 Apr 12, 2013
Don't sign up for ther service. You will be dissapointed.
Tony Pelamela

United States

#41 Jul 31, 2013
I found this forum by entering "Cricket Broadband sucks! I've had a cricket phone for several years and was and still am happy with the price and service. Broadband is another story. The price is too high if you use the internet to study tutorials. Most of the time the videos won't stream worth a damn. I live in Selma, CA and service is horrible here. And to top it off, the only girl from the cricket store that knew what she was doing,left. The ones that remain are uninformed about their business and rude. And cricket charges you extra for EVERYTHING. Even when you make a payment at the store. What the hell is a metro fee? After this month...Goodbye Cricket!

Grapeland, TX

#42 Oct 27, 2013
Cricket coverage area is what I am talking about, getting charged for 4g and do not get it. We are 1 hour south of a major metropolitan area and we do not have it but we pay for it. I am talking about wireless. Signal sux pretty bad too. It used to pick up alot better but not anymore. Was wondering has anyone ported and gone anywhere else? I mean with your phone and #,
Ohio Cricket Sux Too

United States

#43 Feb 25, 2014
I found this thread by google cricket broadband in attempt to find a number for a real person.

1). You get what you pay for? Bullshit! I am not getting what I paid for!

2) disconnects and speed problems are not just usage related.

3). Customer service/tech support is non-existant.

Cricket is just a crap company with unreliable service.

For the high and mighties telling others that its the customer fault for using cricket: AT&T is comparable to cricket rates. I switched to cricket for the extra usage amount. When your speeds constantly flutter from crap to manageable, that extra usage is irrelevant. Call AT&T and you get results, call cricket and you want to put a bullet in your head!

For those that have options like dsl/cable.. Why even bother with cellular Internet?

I just use my laptop now and go to lowes for free/fast Internet :) not like I use it much to begin with.

To all cricket victims past/present, I feel for ya!

Greetings from Ohio :)

San Antonio, TX

#44 Apr 11, 2014
My parents had the Cricket broadband a few years ago. When it was first installed, it was working great. The internet was really fast and there was no problems. After a year in their service, the internet got really slow. I remember my dad was paying around 50 dollars for the service. He called Cricket to see what the problem was. According to them, we only had an amount of internet usage we could use before it turned really slow. The problem wasn't resolved. My dad went to talk to them, but the representatives didn't seem wanting to help him. It was because Cricket was "changing" the towers. My dad just ended up canceling Cricket and switched to AT&T. Cricket has really bad service and signal.

United States

#46 Jun 12, 2015
the 1 the only me wrote:
How can a business charge sooooo damn much for a service that sucks? Take note that it took me 20 minutes to get to this page and post this, that's straight from connection to here. I am seriously considering calling the BBB and Attorney General and asking if it is legal for them to charge an ungodly amount for something that they apparently can't provide and why they do not take complaints serious. They literally call us LIARS when we tell them the problem. We pay them damn near $60 a month for SHITTY SERVICE. And noone can tell us diffrent, have had it for 3 months and it's soooooooooooooo SLOW and it will disconnect cause it apparently wants to. And why isn't there a place to write to Cricket to complain, call the 800 number & all you get is foreigners who can't speak english worth a shit and tell you that we are not thier problem. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE, not!!!! I* HATE CRICKET & WARN EVERYONE ABOUT THEM,they don't like you and never will.
Hello, I read your comment,and I believe everything you say. They are a bunch of foreigners who try to get more money than give you.I am sick of this slow shit,and so tired of this slow speed for what you pay.

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