obama is a real winner
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Herndon, VA

#1 Feb 18, 2013
come on obama... get ur shit together. get off the golf course and get behind that damnnn chair where u belong... actually do your job for once!!! while you are hangin with ur buddies playing a worthless and useless game there are hundreds of people dying, people starving, and people in great need of help... you look like you dont give a shit while your putting it up with that cheesy smile on ur face... dear mr president, you are a fake, no good for nothing, piece of horse shit!!! and i HATE you! thank you for not giving a flying fuckkk!
dont care

Herndon, VA

#2 Feb 18, 2013
1.* President Obama introduced a healthcare bill that forces Americans to buy a service.* This
he claimed was not a tax, and simply a penalty.
* He continuously reaffirmed that that was the
case, despite the fact that more than half the
population thought the bill was in violation of the
constitution.* When it came time for the court to decide whether it lived or not, the President's
lawyers argued that it was legal because it was
a tax and congress has the power to tax people.
* Now the President is denying it again.* This is deception. 2.*The President has used Executive privilege to allow his Attorney General not to turn over
documents related to the Fast and Furious
scandal.* He is obviously hiding something from
everyone.* If he can't give up at least half of
the documents, you know that something big is
happening behind the scenes.*** 3.*The President has made some very clearly politically motivated over the course of his term
in office, arguably more than any president in modern American history.* The most recent of
these was his recent temporary immigration
reform.**He had promised that he would have
done it much earlier when his party controlled
both houses of congress. But no, he had to wait
until the election year so he could gain more support among Hispanic voters before they
forgot. 4.*The president has almost doubled our national debt in just 3.5 years, something that
has never happened in American history.*
We've accumulated more debt in the past 42
months than all of the previous 232 years of this
republic. That's impossible to overlook. 5.*This president is also involved in the leaking of some of our most confidential secrets.* It's
certain they either came from someone high up
in his cabinet that HE choose.*Regardless, he
only launched an investigation after
conservatives demanded he do so.* Wouldn't
most people want an it to start immediately to insure that the *traitor to our government could
put in jail as soon as possible and not do
anymore damage. 6.* President Obama is absolutely terrible at diplomacy.* He's convinced the Iranians that
the US won't stop their nuclear programs and
we'd never attack them unless they attacked us.
* An Israeli ambassador even said "they aren't
afraid of us"!* You know that the president is sending a weak message when any nation isn't
afraid of the world's superpower. 7.* The President has flip flopped more than once on the issue of gay marriage; this shows
that we can never know what he truly stands for. 8.*Unemployment is higher than when President Obama first took office and income is down.*These stats should be much better.*
The president has been limiting economic growth because he has been limiting economic
freedom for the job creators. 9.* President Obama has been supporting environmentalists by giving them tens of billions
in funding and subsidies despite the much more
pressing concerns *that can't be solved without
government and are much more practical to fix. 10. The President has refused to work with the other party on anything.* He's always late on
passing the budget because of this, among other
things.* It's very possible to work with the other
party, you just have to compromise on some
things-Reagan did it very well.*President Obama can't just blame the Republicans every
time the Feds don't act fast enough.* This is
one of the prime indicators of a good president, and Mr. Obama lacks it. In short, President Obama is a selfish, unethical, deceptive, and just all around bad leader.* I'll say it in the words of Sarah Palin:*Obama lies, freedom dies.

Greeneville, TN

#3 Feb 18, 2013
He's doing awesome! We have a great President! You are just another whiney Republican LOSER!
dont care

Herndon, VA

#5 Feb 18, 2013
Actually i am a demorcrat!!! im all about poor people being able to better themselves. but obama is keeping them from doing so bc obama dont know how to handle the budget and make things better for us poors. how can he possiably be doing a great job when over half of america are still living in poverty? how is he doing so great by allowing mexicans to come out of hiding without the fear of getting deported just so they can steal our jobs?
dont care

Herndon, VA

#6 Feb 18, 2013
and its not just mexicans, its every illegal immigrant. mexicans just comes to mind when i think illegal!

Charlotte, NC

#7 Feb 18, 2013
He's awesome!

Villa Park, IL

#8 Feb 18, 2013
Hey I don't like forced health care especialy crappy healthcare...but hey even the president gets a day off . And as far as you nut jobs saying he is just letting iran build nukes is insane ...there intentions are clearly for energy they had to build em under ground so they wouldn't be blown up... israel is just mad because they don't want to see em better there selves ....I say we quit listening to them sit back n see what happens besides ....ask yourself if you had nukes would you fire em knowing you would get one shoved right back down your throat ... iran is a smaller country and it would be obliviated if atleast 3 hit it. So it wouldn't make sense for them to nuke anybody themselves...
dont care

Herndon, VA

#9 Feb 19, 2013
I understand what u r saying by they would get nukes thrown right back at them. but if they hit the right place with a big and powerful enough nuke they wont have to worry about them getting thrown back.
dont care

Herndon, VA

#10 Feb 19, 2013
and yeah everyone is entitled to a day off, but if im not mistaken he just got back from a vacation.
he is a winner

Greenwood, SC

#11 Feb 19, 2013
He won the election, electoral votes and popular votes! Go Obama!

Tazewell, TN

#12 Feb 19, 2013
They are not stealing your jobs. They are doing the jobs that you think you are too good to do.

United States

#13 Feb 19, 2013
chubbyfunster wrote:
...They are doing the jobs that you think you are too good to do.
Would you just SHUT UP, you STUPID IDIOT.

I get so SICK of hearing that MINDLESS line.

Who did the jobs BEFORE we were OVERRUN with Illegals?

Houses still got built, tobacco got cut, yards got mowed, and everything else MYSTERIOUSLY got done.

Gosh......wonder how?

dont care

Cambridge, MA

#14 Feb 19, 2013
lmao... agree

Tazewell, TN

#15 Feb 19, 2013
Actually I am a college educated woman who is anything but stupid. You however, pathetic as you will be in my prayers.
my two cents

Richmond, KY

#16 Feb 19, 2013
dont care wrote:
and yeah everyone is entitled to a day off, but if im not mistaken he just got back from a vacation.
A 12,000,000.00 vacation .... that the taxpayers paid for...
my two cents

Richmond, KY

#17 Feb 19, 2013
chubbyfunster wrote:
They are not stealing your jobs. They are doing the jobs that you think you are too good to do.
Hey Chubby .... If you actually HAD a job... you might actually understand this conversation..
dont care

Cambridge, MA

#18 Feb 20, 2013
Heck, im a educated woman also... what does that have to do with the price of beans??? besides the fact that if u are not educated u cant afford the damnnn beans... it should not be like that... at all.. but it is... there are no jobs out there now that so many illegals have came over and got them... there are ppl turning 18 everyday, out there bustin their assssesss to find a job that isnt out there anymore.

New Tazewell, TN

#19 Feb 21, 2013
Actually two cents you don't know the first thing about me. But like all the others you want a perfect white America. Good luck with that. Don't you have a clan meeting your late for?

New Tazewell, TN

#20 Feb 21, 2013
People come here from other countries trying to have a better life for their families and themselves. Much like all of our ancestors. I would be willing to bet have of you running your mouths don't have a clue the red tape and hoops they have to go through to become citizens. It takes a good 10 years or longer. And if the local cheap farmers and other under the table employers would stop hiring them then you wouldn't have anything to complain about. But to ahead and attack me. One who sees how the locals are here toward anyone with any hint of pigment to their skin. Be honest. It's not that they are illegal and working that bothers you. It's that the company or employer chose to hire them instead of you. Had you been of equal color or creed in your eyes this wouldn't even be an issue.

Cambridge, MA

#21 Feb 21, 2013
yeah... sure we will go with ur statement!!!! its all about color... go ahead and pull the race card since its the only one u have left in the deck.

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