Patrick Oliver

United States

#1 Oct 15, 2010
Polotics is an ugly arena to start with. After coming across the blog of Grandpa Terrace i truly find it ugly. I read several post and was hoping that intelligent people do not read this to help make their mind up regarding voting. i have lived in Grand Terrace my entire life and was dumbfounded by the large number of accusations that were not researched or so biased towards his own agenda. A sub category of frustration is citizens who sit on the side lines and refuse to take action to make our city better and would rather create drama. I have always felt that any Blog that does not allow you to question the writer and take part in a health exchange is not a reliable resource for information not to mention the "hiding" behind a fictional name is a bit cowardly. Any one who has good information to share does not have the need to hide their identity. Grandpa Terrace im sure you have some great stuff to share so put your name down and make your blog so we can have intelligent conversations.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#2 Oct 29, 2010
As read the views of Mr Oliver it occurred to me where I have seen Grandpa Terrace's type of all out harassment and public persecution before; from the KKK! Back in the old days a group of terrorists that determined that only they knew what was right and only they could save the world took it upon themselves to make the world a better place. They wore sheets and hoods over their heads so that decent folks, folks who played by the rules wouldn't know who they were, therefore couldn't be prosecuted for doing wrong. Technology has given these type of scum a new way to hide in the shadows while doing their horrible works of hate, the Internet. Its being called out all over the country as wrong and despicable but our little home grown group of local terrorists, the Grandpa Terrace organization continues to soldier on, ruthless making personal attacks against any one who dare oppose their views, let alone uncover actual fault. To shift the focus off the real issue of actual laws having been broken by saying that it was only discovered after Bea went to her friend Mike and 'pushed the issue' attempts only to diminish the real issue as unimportant. I have many law enforcement friends myself and I don't know a single one that would simply take it on my word to go and arrest some one. Not a one. Jim would not have been ARRESTED for noting at all! If there wasn't a real issue it would have written off as the crazed accusations of a mad woman. To launch this all out hate campaign against her only to skew the point is horrendous and can only be called what it is, Cyber Bullying KKK style! When she was verbally assaulted in the women's room of a bar by a drunken trailer trash hag and then followed around town by this drunken mouth piece of Grandpa Terrace she was afraid as any normal person would be and when she tried to ensure her own safety the Grandpa Terrorists labeled it as 'stifling free speech'. Then they followed it up with an online attack on her personally and any one associated with her saying that by being a friend of hers you must also be 'against free speech', they have used the public's right to know as a lame excuse to post whatever they like about this woman with no recourse. They are not a judge, not a jury, not even legitimate journalists and now they have demanded that all candidates submit, SUBMIT their records to the almighty Grandpa Terrace lest you be called out as 'anti' transparent'. They recently validated themselves by showing how many hits the hate site gets as if to say that views some how equate to agreement. They are trying to say that if lots of people read their hate filled, vile words it must be ok. Well its not. It wasn't ok when those horrible people posted the video of that young man back east and he was so hurt and felt he had no other choice but to take his own life and its not ok for you to hound a woman into oblivion in our town either. The two acts are one in the same, Grandpa Terrace = Cyber Bully. Bea may have made mistakes, heck who hasnt, but is NOT the role of Grandpa Terrorist to play judge and jury for us. I'm just saying.

Canyon Country, CA

#3 Nov 9, 2010
Randy makes some great points and now the Granms group has attempted to become more 'open' with a facebook page as if to validate their idea that everyone is indeed less intelligent than they are! Although there is now an actual forum to post upon the only way to post would be to first like them and then been seen by all fans of the page, once again allowing them to stay in the shadows while any in disagreement stand in the light, and can be found.... more than just a 'bit' sinister if you ask me.
Grand Pa Terrace

Los Angeles, CA

#4 Nov 17, 2010
First of all lets agree TerraceTina and Randy of Blue Mtn are fictional names like Grand Pa Terrace.

If anyone wants to communicate with grandpa the email is [email protected]

The documents are posted on line or where to find them are on line also. It may take some folks longer to read Council Agenda Packets than others but now they are on line. In the past the people hand to go to the City Hall to read the documents or pay for copies. The blog posted those that were and are sent to it.

The issues, documents and opinion come from email input. Yes when city officials or contractors act badly their conduct is pointed out and documented. as it reflects on all of Grand Terrace if these individuals are representing us. They may be under duress to support bad decisions in order to cover up their own bad acts.

The blog welcomes questions via email if there is an issue you have a problem with let us know.

Since: Nov 10

San Bernardino, CA

#5 Nov 17, 2010
since we are all in agreement, lets agree on some other items shall we?
Grandpa is NOT your Grandpa.
He is also not alone. Grandpa is a group, a small but ferocious group, of folks that believe only they know whats right for Grand Terrace. Where they only relating opinions toward that goal there would be no problem however, if it was boring no one would 'tune in' to hear what they had to say. So, they have utilized the 'any exposure is good exposure' way of expose journalism to increase viewership and hopefully get their views/directives/doctrine read by many more than just their small, albeit loyal, following. If it bleeds is leads so to speak, so sensationalism has become the method of approach. Over the past 5 years they have made recommendations as what 'they' would like to see happen at City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings etc and when one dares oppose the almighty Gramps there is heck to pay. They will be electronically persecuted, humiliated and slandered by these 'unsung leaders' of Grand Terrace.
Over the last months of the past election it slid from slanted political commentary and ventured into the land of cyber bullying, and they have given notice that the slide into the dark recess of moral decay because it has made their hit count jump through the roof. Now they have their magic bullet for increased exposure of the Gramps doctrine, they believe they can really get things done!
Yes there are many pen names, more in use by the Grandpa Terrorist organization than others, but after all whats good for the goose should also be good for the Chihuahua right? I'm just saying.
patrick oliver

United States

#6 Nov 25, 2010
Grandpa Terrace, your reply of "welcoming comments via email is pathetic" if you were confident in you position you would post your name and have the arena be an open forum and not hide behind a fake name as well as having comments being submitted through a channel that you control what is posted. I have said this before it is very sad to see a group of people like you sitting on the sidelines stirring the pot rather then focusing on making the community of Grand Terrace a better place. so finally step away from the computer for a bit, climb out of the basement of your parents house and be productive in the community. Not only benefit Grand Terrace but also build your self confidence enough so you would feel comfortable using your real name.

Since: Nov 10

San Bernardino, CA

#7 Nov 27, 2010
Although well put Mr Oliver, its not Gramps himself that is to worry about. Gramps is irrelevant as is who the person really is... it is far more worrisome the folks that Gramps answers to. As he has stated many times he is just the gatekeeper, the one that clicks the little button to actually post the views/agenda that the Grandpa Terrorist organization is promoting. You are completely correct that they fully control the flow of information and response, so it isnt really a 'forum' as much as straight up propaganda to further their cause. They are right about one thing, kind of. There was an 'old boy' group of sorts that had been at the helm for a long time. Now we have a new clique in charge but the difference is simple. The 'old boys' that got this city up and running at least cared about Grand Terrace and its residents. They made mistakes sure but at the end of the day they wanted Grand Terrace to be a great little city. This new regime cares only for the residents of the blue house on the hill and the rest of us just have to deal with it.
Gramps will always hide behind his/her electronic white hood and sling his slanderous barbs at those who dare oppose the will of the almighty Grandpa Terrorist, of course there will always be just enough actual fact so that he can always say its legitimately 'newsworthy'! By hiding he/they can offer opinion about decisions that need to be made that may effect us all with their implied knowledge of all things management and yet remain not accountable for any of the outcomes, real or perceived. He/they can tell us all how the City Council SHOULD do things without explaining why it is that he/they should be listened to at all. From the shadows he/they can be quick to point out failures and loudly shout "you should have listened to us!" without the fear of reprisal because those that do express opposition simply don't get posted on the blog anyway.
Dont worry too much about old Gramps, hes just a minion. The somewhat dim witted, although computer literate, servant of the real monsters of Grand Terrace. I'm just saying.
Tom R

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Dec 2, 2010
All this about Grandpa Terrace. Who cares Randy Blue Mtn isn't a real name. Nor is Terrace Tina and Mr. Oliver your name may be real or not... Who cares.

I went to the GrandTerraceNews blog and found it to include documents and news paper clippings and opinion(s). I don't think it is a bad thing to have some control over what is posted. A blog should have a gate keeper to keep out unwanted advertizing, and links and bad language. That is ok with me.

As far as Grand Pa working for some one or one particular group, that isn't clear from the blog. There are clear opinions on who should not be in GT Politics or Management and the case is well defended.

The facts on that blog may be those you would like to read but they seem to be backed up by documents more than any news paper has the space to provide. Of course anyone can draw their own opinion of what the facts mean or what action should be taken in light of the facts. To call Grand Pa Terrace a minion, or a terrorist is unfounded.

Randy, after looking at your blog, and all your posts I have to question what is your purpose and goal other than to spread hate and now self identified fear.

Grand Pa Terrace and the others who post there clearly read the City Council Agenda Issues and are active in informing the City Council during Public Comment time of Council Meetings. What do you do to make your city run better for all the citizens?

I will continue to read GrandTerraceNews and form my own opinon and plan of action or civic participation. I will test the water for you and will send him an email and see if it is posted.
Tom R

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Dec 2, 2010
The email was posted and a reply was given with a tone of respect. I will continue to read that blog. Thanks for directing me to it.
Tom Roberts of GT

Menifee, CA

#10 Mar 16, 2012
This is not a fake name (and no I am not Tom R from LA no offense to Tom R) and I live in GT.
It's well known that I am an opinionated fellow here so here is mine.

Grandpa terrace (and/or his group) have always been cowards who do NOT invite open healthy debate about anything. He (they) have always expressed themselves as the voice of Grand Terrace even though many in GT do not subscribe to their tactics or ideas. Sending you an e-mail Gramps is NOT debate it's your own form of censorship.

It does little for our community.
That said - reading and buying into their concepts IS A CHOICE! I can tell you that Gramps does not speak for all Terracinians as many of us believe him (them) to be cowards hiding behind the limited debate forum of a locked blog.

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