Grand Terrace candidates explain busi...

Grand Terrace candidates explain business priorities

There are 18 comments on the San Bernardino County Sun story from Oct 19, 2010, titled Grand Terrace candidates explain business priorities. In it, San Bernardino County Sun reports that:

The city should encourage local shopping, networking and more businesses, candidates for mayor and City Council agreed at a forum Tuesday.

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GT Neighbor

Redlands, CA

#1 Oct 20, 2010
Doug Wilson, Sally McGuire, Bea Cortez, and Tom Schwab are all a part of the "Don't ask, don't tell" bregade to keep information and development in Grand Terrace theiri secret while they run up Redevelopment Debt. They just don't understand the finances. At least that is what I use to tell myself. Now I know, they just don't care. Build Build Buildl - Pay the developers tax payers money to build. We don't need the citizens to know what you are building, just build. It doesn't matter if the building stands empty. We don't need tenants because we believe the Federal Government will give us more money if we run up Redevelopment Debt.

The only hope we have in a balanced budget is Walt Stankiewietz, Sylvia Robles and Sandoval.
Don't forget that Bea Cortez is responsible for prosicuting Jim Miller and loosing the only honest council man we had.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#2 Oct 21, 2010
Perhaps it is because you are just a 'neighbor' that you don't see the err in your opinions.... perhaps not. There is no 'brigade' at work in Grand Terrace other than a small group of hatefilled fear mongers that hide behind the moniker Grandpa Terrace. If your only view of Grand Terrace comes form these Cyber Bullies than of course you would be led to believe that the RDA issue is the only thing happening and our town is filled with freshly built but now vacant buildings, however that is not at all accurate. As far as the new version of the three amigos being able to balance anything at all, what is the support for that point of view. What have any one of them done to show they have any qualifications what so ever to over see a city and its citizens/finances/growth/prosp erity etc etc etc? Walt's 'wholesale' business hasn't been a huge source of revenue for Grand Terrace over the last 20 years and he has NEVER been the big supporter of the community he is now trying to say he is! Walt ran the H/R Dept for a company that went into BANKRUPTCY and for the last 20 years has run a mom and pop shop, what could he possibly have to offer this city or ANY city in the management capacity?
Grand Terrace needs many things; Business Retention, Business Attraction and Cultivation, Job Growth, Self Investment, Youth Appreciation and Encouragement.... What is does NOT need is a bully that screams at anyone who disagrees with him and whose only capable of pointing out the problems and not offering any real solutions.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#3 Oct 24, 2010
I nearly changed my mind about ole Nardo during the candidate luncheon the other day, nearly. During the meeting I was almost impressed with Nardo's response's, almost... He made some valid points and I was starting to be impressed with his views until...... When the last question was being read you could almost see the wheels spinning in his little mind, the question could have been "what is your thought on the relationship between space aliens and broccoli" and it would not of mattered! Nardo had no intention of answering anything, he wanted his 5 minutes and he was out to get them no matter what. He jumped up and before the question was even finished loudly proclaimed, "I believe I have already addressed that so I would like to use my time by saying what I want to say"! He went on to yell, "I DISAGREE WITH YOU, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU...." and on and on and on, while jabbing his meaty, slimy sausage of a finger at all of his 'enemies'. With no respect to the forum or its rules he yelled on for well over his allotted time taking a page right out of the 'Stanks-a-bit' play book, after all rules are for suckers right? What a loser. Really, I was shocked at how much I was willing to rethink my position on this guy thinking perhaps I had jumped to the wrong conclusion and maybe he was a decent guy after all. Whew, I was nearly wrong but not quite! I was right all along by saying NarDON'T vote for Nardo! I'm just saying.

Bellflower, CA

#4 Oct 25, 2010
Neither Walt or Sandoval have any real plan, nor does either have any real qualifications to be involved in running a city but they can sure yell loudly! Pointing out the problem is not fixing it and what we need is someone with solutions! Sally was right on the money when she said we have been too focused on the past issues, looking backwards so intently that we allowed a major business partner slip away. How many more could we lose while we argue about who done it and where is the 'missing' money? Forward thinking is what we need, and we need it now.
Voice of Reason

Bellflower, CA

#5 Oct 26, 2010
It was written recently, in defense of Walt, that he spend 20+ hours a day here in Grand Terrace at his place of business, which is why its ok that he used hiw work address to register to vote (WTF?) and why he knows what this town needs. I have to ask, what in the hell standing behind a meat slicer for 20 hours a day has to do with solving a city's problems? If you are going to say that he 'talks to the people' and has gotten a feel for what this town needs I ask, WHAT PEOPLE is he talking to? The same 4 or 5 customers that get their lunch from him each day? THAT'S what makes a great leader now? The guy claims to have real expertise in Human Resources, although I read the company he worked for filed for bankruptcy back in the 80's, and yet it took him over a year to question things like the RDA and his stipends. Now he says that he voted under 'bad advise' and took for granted the word of the City Manager' so his poor decisions aren't really his fault at all. Now though, luckily for us all he knows better, how? Did you cut into some 'magical salami' that revealed wondrous and all powerful knowledge unto you Walt? It really isn't surprising that he failed to show for a real debate, he has no real position. Once he has finished screaming about the 'missing money' he's done, finished, kaput, that's all folks there aint no more! You make a great sandwich Walt but your baloney stinks!
GT Neighbor

Redlands, CA

#6 Oct 29, 2010
Voice of Reason, you have no reason to your voice. If you have been on the receiving end of the Schwab/Berry Ferre/Cortez attacks, you would either cower or find a way to educate those who want to know. Guaranteed Wilson, Cortez, McGuire, McNaobe are all willing to run this city into debt, build vacant buildings and take the developers money and run. If you don't like the choices, I understand. Anything has to be better than what we have had. Walt is willing to pursue the truth. Sylvia Cortez understands that we cannot continue to go into debt and understands the crys for support of our families and children. Sandoval is waking up to the fact that there is corruptin in Grand Terrace and wants to help. Neighbor or Citizen, I don't miss much.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#7 Oct 29, 2010
While I'm sure you believe in your position whole heartily Neighbor, its not Walt's commitment that I question as much as he ability to pull off his promises. The problems facing this city are not 'part time' politician types. I dont claim any expertise in politics or accounting, understanding a budget etc which is why I dont claim to have a better answer. I just think to blindly hope that anyone at all can do a better job is a scary proposition.
"Anything has to be better than what we have had." Be careful what you ask for because sometimes when you actually get it, it may be be what you thought it would be... I'm just saying.
the skinny

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#8 Oct 29, 2010
"The city should encourage local shopping, networking and more businesses" Wow, they are all rocket scientists. be "just like Palm Springs", BRILLIANT, why didn't the rest of us see it! Grand Terrace is in great hands!

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Oct 30, 2010
Randy Makes apoint. Gramps can agree with.
"Anything has to be better than what we had."
But are we sure Sally isn't a clone of Schwab/Ferre dynamic?
The City Council needs to back the Correction of Managment and Accounting Practices that City Manager Betsy Adams is struggling to put in place. Cleaning up the Mess left behind by Schwab/Berry is needed before we move on to other things.
Sally McGuire's nevermind the past move forward, build with everincreasing debt, and inflation of property values as her economic mind set will just drive the city into deeper problems.
Her past close associations with Schwab/Berry put her credibility into question on dealing with or allowing for the corrections to be enacted.
In conclusion, a HR Manager has little to do with the financial decisions of a company. Walt has shown that he desires to Aid Betsy Adams in cleaning up the past accounting and management of GT and moving forward with a clean set of books, plans and contracts.
Bernardo Sandoval and Sylvia Robles also have this as their goal, plan and Contract.
It only serves Schwab and a few others to continue to perpetuate the accounting and practices that have caused the city so much of the trouble it now faces.
We have to spend money paying off the 4.9 million Schwab took from the RDA to pay City Workers/Service Contractors and for things like flashing signs, and roadway islands. Over the 30 years he worked for the city his bloated income alone could account for as much as 3,000,000.00 of that money spent and not properly accounted for.
Betsy Adams needs a council interested in moving forward but doing so on a solid foundation. She has hard decisions to make, even including a personal assesment as to can the City pay her what the Council Gave her as a salary.
This is an important election. Other cities will recover faster than GT because they have a broader economic base other than just retail and food. They attract business by having reasonable rents and leases. They attract business because of people having money to spend on things other than inflated house payments.
If Grand Terrace wants to roll the dice and guess what Sally or Richard or Doug would do as mayor, that is their choice. However, non have tried to explain their case sufficiently to assure they want to move away from Schwab Era Management and Accountiing methods.
In the remaining days they are welcome to try by contacting the Blog at [email protected]
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#10 Oct 30, 2010
And yet again, Gramps, the question that begs to be asked is just how much time Walt will indeed be able to devote to the 'proper' management of our city? By your own admission he has voted many times in th just recent past based on 'bad advise' and taking others word for granted... what has changed, what is different now? If he is still going to run his business full time he will simply have to rely on the word of others to make decisions that will have a great impact on the future of this city. Oh wait, that's right, he's under YOUR wing now! Of course, now that you are guiding him with all of your combined expertise we should look forward to great things.... Oh wait, how do we know you even know a damn thing again??? I'm just saying.
GT Neighbor

Redlands, CA

#11 Nov 1, 2010
Maryetta Ferre said they didn't need to know and understand the facts. That is staff's job". That is the mentality of the "don't ask, don't tell" bregade. After loosing the only honest council member we had Walt stepped up. Not many want that job. He has a financial understanding of sorts. What he doesn't understand Sylvia can explain. She has an extensive understanding of how government works.

Canyon Country, CA

#12 Nov 1, 2010
Right Neighbor, after 20 years of 'slicing meat and making sandwiches' Walt is our mythical savior! He is going to find all the wrongs, correct the injustice and balance our budget in the few hours he has available between making my lunch and getting the menu ready for the next day! I understand the frustrations a lot of us feel however Marge, Cynthia and Patrica aren't any better than the current group of do nothings, they pull strings and influence from the shadows like they actuall have knowledge or experience in complex city management issues when in reality they are simple bitter old wall flowers that no never went to the prom so they want us all to share in their lonely, empty hate filled lives. Sally is a beath of fresh air and will be a great Mayor! Walt, FINISH MY LUNCH ORDER!
GT Neighbor

Redlands, CA

#13 Nov 3, 2010
And how do you know that Ms Tina? What is your expertice in their resume? I think you have to spend some time in someones shoes or in this case in their audience to see who someone really is. The movement in Grand Terrace for change came about because the "powers that be" traded families and citizens for developers.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#14 Nov 3, 2010
Get ready Neighbor, to see what horse trading is all about! As hard as the Millers lobbied their new fair haired boy about town they have some serious favor repaying to do! Heck she (Margie) shopped his council seat so hard Rob Blagojevich is now HER biggest fan! As soon as they (the Gramps org) get Sylvia on the council, look for the reign of terror to begin. First look for them to campaign for closing the Chamber of Commerce hard by pulling the city funds, eliminating the only non partial paper in town and making the City News the official paper of Grand Terrace. Next look for city events to be catered by non other than El Pasta! And they are already exploring avenues to stall and perhaps even block our new Staters! Yes, we only have ourselves to blame as less than THREE THOUSAND of us actually voted so there is no room for complaint! I just wonder how the Millers and the rest of the Grandpa Terrorists will hold up under the same microscope they have shown us how to use on all their 'enemies'? I'm just saying.
Randy Blue Mtn

San Bernardino, CA

#15 Nov 10, 2010
Yes folks, you read it here first. At the City Council meeting it began, the folks that our new Mayor works for have begun their anti business reign of terror on our nice little town. I'm just saying.
Grand Terrace Taxpayer

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Nov 14, 2010
Randy Blue Mtn wrote:
Yes folks, you read it here first. At the City Council meeting it began, the folks that our new Mayor works for have begun their anti business reign of terror on our nice little town. I'm just saying.
I pay my taxes and fees. Jacobsen/Staters should pay theirs. That's fair business/government. I am sure you were mad that Walt voted the way you thought he wouldn't. If you did your homework you would know Walt is pro business and now that the field is clear for finishing up the development asap. You need to study your GT history Fella.

Since: Nov 10

San Bernardino, CA

#17 Nov 17, 2010
Staters SHOULD pay taxes, in fact they should pay everyone's taxes, also they should pay for street upgrades as we need them, sewer lines that may or may not be needed, new shoes for all residents of Grand Terrace. They are a big company, they have plenty of money, and if they don't think that its a privileged to even be building their store in our amazing and wonderful little town well they can just leave!
By the way, Walt did just what I said he would. Which is the direction his boss pointed him in. I'm just saying.

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Nov 20, 2010
Staters Should Pay the same Development Fees that are required of nay other development and at the same rates. If not needed the fees will laps and be returned to Staters after a period of years.

If Staters fees are ok to waive thane all development fees should be waived That is only fair.

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