Northwood's own 'Bridezilla': TV seri...

Northwood's own 'Bridezilla': TV series features Megan Cantu as one of its bossy brides

There are 95 comments on the Toledo Blade story from Aug 13, 2008, titled Northwood's own 'Bridezilla': TV series features Megan Cantu as one of its bossy brides. In it, Toledo Blade reports that:

It's hard to say when Northwood resident Megan Cantu became a bridezilla, one of those demanding, fire-breathing brides who wants to control every element of her wedding.

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Hfrom Ohio

Tiffin, OH

#1 Aug 24, 2008
what a B*$ch!! I am embarrased for her to have her from Ohio... if that was my wife to be, she would be left at the alter. If that was my Daughter.. she would be on her own at the wedding.
such a spoiled little brat! she must be great in bed.. because she is not that much to look at, and she admits she is prudish, so she needs to make up for it with her personality.. and she doesn't... i would be surprised if they are still married in 2 years

United States

#2 Aug 25, 2008
What a ***t! It's one thing not to sugarcoat anything but to be a blatant B***H to your friends, mother & fiance is just wrong. I seriously hope this woman gets herself fixed & can never traumatize any children ever with the poison that shoots out of her mouth.
Her friends & family need to grow some balls & put her in her place.

Boston, MA

#3 Aug 30, 2008
I watched this episode the other day.. and all I can say is WOW. I hope this guy knows what he's in for. Like the person said above, she must be good in bed or something.. because she isn't good looking, has a horrible personality, is controlling, and treats her friends like crap. Now that's someone I'd want to marry (sarcasm). I wish her family and friends would put her in her place. Sucks that she has to be so miserable, that's no way to live your life. But oh well, all I have to say is good luck to that husband!

Kansas City, MO

#4 Aug 31, 2008
The rudest, most thoughtless daughter/finance/friend/sister yet. Add her mantra 'I don't have fun' and you've got a really winner here. Yikes.

Maricopa, AZ

#5 Aug 31, 2008
Megan is the reason men are afraid to be in relationships and get married. The simple phrase she screamed, "I own you" is the most ridiculous, heinous thing I've ever heard a woman say. The fact she tried to have his side & friends barred from their wedding speaks volumes about her respect for her husband-to-be. I'm sure what she's not considering is that trying to isolate her husband from her friends will make him run for the door....or into the arms of a woman who is exactly the opposite of this neurotic control freak! She makes me sick to my stomach to watch, and her lack of respect for her friends, parents, attendants, and groomsmen should give that poor husband-to-be a red flag and send him running!! I doubt this couple will last.... People can only stand being walked on and berated for a set amount of time. He obviously deserves better and deserves to be treated like an equal; not a child (what's with her counting?...."3.....2.... " What happens if she gets to ONE!?!) Haha.

Redford, MI

#6 Aug 31, 2008
Like Susan, I was wondering what would happen if she got to one? Would she hit him? Possibly. I think what is most perplexing is why Cory (or anyone for that matter) would marry someone like that. He obviously has extremely low self-esteem or is an extreme masochist. I love the program and have seen some nasty behavior but her treatment of him is the worst I have seen any bride treat her fiancee/husband. I work in the wedding industry and even then have seen nothing like her. Even more so, she wasn't even making nice for the camera; the program said she was a dance teacher and I'm wondering if there was any backlash, I certainly wouldn't want that thing teaching my child. Absolutely deranged.

Cranford, NJ

#7 Sep 1, 2008
Watching last night's episode (Megan and Corey) was like slowing down to take a closer look at a traffic accident. Did I say "fatal" traffic accident? I'm sure Corey will be blissfully happy now that he's married his mother. And dear Megan, well, frightful is one word that comes to mind. Nary a thread of grace or love is woven into that soul. As for the future of the marriage, tune in to next season's first episode of Forensic Files. I can hear the trailer now: "A young bride goes missing...."
Tanya Chicago IL

Chicago, IL

#8 Sep 4, 2008
Was anyone else surprise that this little B**** is a Sunday School teacher? There is no way I would let such a verbally abuse person teach my kids anything whether its about Christian values (which she claims to have) or dance (can't believe she is really a dance teacher). Not to mention, the way she talked to her father? Oh man, all I can hope is that folks from her community see the episode and shame her ass into getting some manners and talking to people (especially those she claims she loves) with some respect. This B**** takes the cake!

Silver Spring, MD

#9 Sep 6, 2008
This woman is disgusting. How can she claim to be a christian when she doesn't have a nice bone in her body. How could Corey marry this bitch. Maybe she lets him play video games all day long and supports him. Otherwise, she isn't even pretty, and she is an absolutely flaming asshole horrible person bitch. Please stop showing us these extreme bitches. Please show us someone with a heart!

Since: Mar 08

Kingsport, TN

#10 Sep 6, 2008
I can't believe she even has friends. She should be grateful anyone agreed to be involved in that mess of a wedding. The girl she bought the "bigger" dress for was very hurt by Megan's cruel little act. I would have to have a gun to my head to treat one of my friends that way. Megan doesn't have much room to talk. She is certainly no prize when it comes to the looks department. Yuck. Corey needs to take a good look at her mother, because there's Megan in about 15-20 years. The counting to three was beyond ridiculous. Well, I hope she's happy. She's made a huge ass out of herself for all to see. One of these days she will regret talking to her father that way. What a Bi*&h!
patricia_in_Texa s


#11 Sep 7, 2008
You have to wonder if this woman will dish out such abuse, especially knowing she's being filmed and broadcast nationally, about her mental illness. Corey just seemed checked out most of the time with his video games, and otherwise, too badgered and beaten up to put up much of a fight. My husband and I both were shouting at the television...RUN, COREY!!! RUN!!!! But whatever you do...DON'T REPRODUCE WITH THIS SICK CHICK!!!!

Seattle, WA

#12 Sep 8, 2008
I am wondering whether she paid those girls to be her bridesmaids bc i cannot figure out for the life of me how in the hell she has ever made one friend in her life, yet alone a whole bridesmaid crew?? The scene with her and the bridsmaid who supposedly was to fat, i could barely watch. Im glad that she confronted her about her being a bitch to everyone but i still wouldnt have been in her wedding after that.

Stuart, FL

#13 Sep 8, 2008
I am not one to condone violence, especially against women, but someone needs to beat this girl. She has to be the most hateful, rude, tactless, vile, disgusting THING I have ever seen. I told my husband that if I ever acted like her, I WANTED him to slap me. I feel sorry for her husband, I think she forced him to marry her, under threat of bodily harm.

Cincinnati, OH

#14 Sep 8, 2008
I agree with all comments above. I was abosolutely dismayed when I saw the episodes featuring the reincarnation of the devil, Megan Stevens. I was also hoping Cory would start running or maybe the his "sneaky bastard" friends would kidnap him. What I want to know is......Where were HIS parents? Someone definitely needs to put her in her place since her family is too scared to do anything about her nasty demeanor.

Henderson, NV

#15 Sep 8, 2008
Everyone's whining about this nasty little skank. And I'll agree that she's an unbelievable scumbag. But the real piece of crap here is Corey. You sorry, weak-kneed, passive, watery-eyed wimp. You deserve no better.
Dumb-asses like you are why c***ts like this can reproduce. Congrats you whiny putz. Your life is over. If you had any actual friends, they'd have stuck a pistol in your ear before they'd have let you walk out with her.

Atlanta, GA

#16 Sep 9, 2008
This marriage doesn't stand a chance of survival! Megan won't have to worry about Cory spending time with his friends because they'll be long gone - they won't want to have to deal with her in any fashion from here on. The unfortunate thing is that most of those folks have no personal boundaries to allow her to speak to them in the manner that she does. Her "parenting" of people is beyond being mean and obnoxious ... it's a sign that she needs some SERIOUS therapy if she wants to have any decent relationships or even keep her marriage together. WOW she was beyond horrible ... I hope those friends realize they have value and worth and seek other friends who will love and respect them in the manner that they truly deserve. I would hope that Cory and Megan would read these posts but, unfortunately, she's in so much denial of how horrid she truly is she will somehow find a way to blame all these posts on Cory.

Monroe, GA

#17 Sep 9, 2008
Megan is an abusive person. She really needs some professional help. In the episodes, she abused her parents, fiance, friends, Cory's friends, & probably the film crew. I'm surprised she didn't tell them how to do their job. She is the queen of denial. She obviously hates herself so much that she can't look at herself & see how horrible she is. Cory get out of this marriage, Cory, 1...2...

Bronx, NY

#18 Sep 20, 2008
Cory has no backbone and deserves everything he gets. How could he allow her to talk to him, his friends, her family etc like that? But a person can only treat you the way you allow. And since not one of them had the courage or balls to stand up to the b**ch they deserve her behavior and tantrums.

I believe while walking down the aisle her father was thinking "Good riddance" and to Cory "Good Luck Suckerrrr!!! NO BACKSIES!!!"

Tampa, FL

#19 Sep 21, 2008
What a dumb b****. Poor guy. And what is with her counting. Cory is NOT 3 years old. I hope they don't have children. One demon is enough.

United States

#20 Sep 21, 2008
Wow.. this marriage is doomed. First thing his friends are going to do is get him to cheat on her. And he will do so happily. She has issues and lives to demasculinize men. I am gonna guess someone molested or raped her because she has major issues and if she doesnt get help she is doomed.
I dont think she loves Corey. Not once did she look happy to be with him. She married him to have a wedding. That was it. They will be divorced before the wedding is even paid off. Mark my words.

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