"It actually has to do with what I referred to earlier which is we had these big agencies, some of which are outdated. Some of which are not designed properly. President Obama, 2013.

Visit this link if you want to listen to more professorial BS from the biggest finger-pointer president in history, who's signature law is easily the most ill-conceived and mismanaged piece of legislation this country has ever had foisted upon it. I especially like how he claims this program just needed addition "controls" in place. Of course, a progressive's solution is always more control over others.

Eventually he goes on to blame those he put in place to handle this mess while he was off galavanting from golf course to Hawaii, saying, "Number two, is I have an open door policy where I want people bringing me bad news on time so we can fix things." All I can say is the only thing Obama had right in that lie is the "number 2" part.

Unable to stand up and take the blame for this mess, our current progressive celebrity-in-chief falls back on his standard tactic of dealing with everything else that is widely considered a failure of his administration; blame someone else.

Leaders lead and losers blame others, Mr President. This latest cowardly example of your "management style" leaves little to question which category you fit into.