Michael Vorce arrested in Chicago on ...
Len Westdale III

Littleton, CO

#23 Sep 2, 2008
michael g wrote:
<quoted text>
You're not that guy who was selling the $40 car insurance are you Lenny?
Whatever. Yes I used to sell insurance but never scammed anyone. Who are you and why are you sooooo scared to say your real name and quit calling me Lenny. My name is Len.

Len Westdale III

Littleton, CO

#24 Sep 2, 2008
Coward, coward, coward

Flushing, MI

#25 Sep 3, 2008
Would your father be proud of your use of the family name there, Lenny?
Old Rocker

Hudsonville, MI

#26 Sep 3, 2008
Callie Siwarga wrote:
judge thou lest you be judged ****. I am sure that we have all done things we know are wrong and are ashamed of. Maybe we should spend our time working on ourselves instead of beating down people who are already in need of help. Ever hear of forgiveness?
Yes, we have all done things wrong, but most of us haven't done things wrong with lots of zeros on the end. A crook is a crook. He certainly didn't waste any time taking his scam to another state did he.

Yes, he needs help. About 20 years in the pen might help him see the error of his ways.

United States

#28 Sep 3, 2008
And just out....the salon co-owned by James Jett downtown - Studio 64 - has now closed and a dozen more people are unemployed.

These guys don't deserve anybody's support.

Since: Jul 07

Grandville, MI

#29 Sep 3, 2008
Why in the he.ll wasn't this idiot in jail for the charges here.

Can anyone say losers?

Richmond, VA

#30 Sep 3, 2008
So much for online applications. He should have stuck with the "in person" approach that worked so well for him in W.Michigan. Although a little on the insane side, Vorce must have some smarts and a lot of guts. Are these guys too impatient to go through all of the steps necessary to gain wealth?

Lovington, NM

#31 Sep 3, 2008
This guy is running a close second to Kwame.
Michael Vorce

Tulsa, OK

#32 Sep 3, 2008
Thanks Len for being my friend.
Hey everyone, James and I are going out this weekend on the boat. Anyone want to go?

Since: Jun 08

Location hidden

#33 Sep 3, 2008
Never questioned Mikes family. He lost his way all right. I do not blame his family. I blame Michael Vorce.
Len Westdale III wrote:
I was never given ANYTHING. Whats your real name sameolstory. My name is Len Westdale III. I am from Grand Rapids. Talk bad words behind your fake name. You are wrong for not putting your real name. As for KCGR same thing. Mikes family are really great people. You are deeply wrong for saying otherwise. Mike has lost his way, I know this. We all have done things that are wrong. With support and help WE ALL GROW to be better people. Again, my name is Len Westdale III and I am happy to call Mike Vorce my friend. Mike never gave me anything but friendship nor would I have ever asked for anything more.
Julie DeVoe

Detroit, MI

#34 Sep 3, 2008
Well then...Although I do appreciate your intent Len, I have to disagree with your assertion Michael Vorce is a good person and needs "our" support. It is evident that he needs some reality therapy and unfortunately it has been very slow in coming. I had the opportunity to speak with his father when he was principal at my sons school. I was called to the office and told in so many words that being a single parent was no excuse for my son to not follow the rules and that I would need to have consequences for his behavior and step up to the plate-unless I thought that I could live with him becoming a criminal. Kind of a blame and shame scene. Anyway-my son is not a criminal-in fact he is a paramedic and a responsible member of his community. My point is, even on an elementary level, some sort of socially acceptable behavior is expected. Even sanctioned. How on earth can we coddle and allow this man to continue to rip off people and expect any other behavior ? "you are a good boy who did a very bad thing" I just can't go there. That he was free to bilk folks in Chicago only attests to the sad fact that there were no consequences for his initial behavior here. Is his friend Jett also a victim ?

Castle Rock, CO

#35 Sep 3, 2008
Bravo Julie.
Happy to see him burn


#36 Sep 4, 2008
Len you are out of your mind

Yes Mike’s parents are good people and I feel bad that they are going through this

Mike on the other hand is a dirt bag.

I worked for Mike for a short amount of time a couple of years ago, and was asked to resign after a few short months in no small part because I was questioning his money dealings and other strange behavior The good news is I kept all bank records and most all my emails with Mike and looking back at it all shows a pattern that wasn’t exposed at the time

I have watched this piece of crap ruin lives and businesses without even a thought for all the people he hurt along the way

He has put a few people into bankruptcy because of his actions

If this man is your friend I would guess that the FBI will be knocking on your door soon and have some questions for you

His thievery is now in excess of 20 Million dollars He has more than lost his way, he has gone over the edge

Mike needs to be stripped of all personal possessions (this is what seems to be most important to him) and put in a hard core prison
He has ruined more lives than you can imagine

Mike has changed the landscape of getting loans for pleasure items for many years to come
He has single handedly cut Macatawa Banks stock almost in half, and has forced businesses out of existence

Again, Mike’s parents are no different than any other parent
They love there son and will stand behind him no matter what but this is NOT there fault. Many kids go bad with having great parents and role models I am sure they are devastated Lets not blame the parents the blame goes to the dirt bag Mike Vorce and his latest cling on buddy Jett

Len your friend (Mike Vorce) can go straight to hell and you can drive the bus that takes him there if you are such a good friend
Happy to see him burn


#37 Sep 4, 2008
What is really interesting is that these idiots stole the identity of a lawyer who is also a CPA!!! Not only are they criminals but they are dumb criminals

Stealing a lawyers identity is just plain dumb

Loveland, CO

#38 Sep 4, 2008
Len Westdale III wrote:
Hey people the Vorce family are great people. Leave them out of your mean words. Mike is also a great young man who has lost his way. He needs support and deserves it. My name is Len Westdale III. I live in Grand Rapids. If you say mean things own up to them.
Len, you are out of your mind. The Vorce family should be left out of this, but Mike should be prosecuted to the hilt. He is a mastermind thief all his money is stolen from banks, shareholders and now innocent people. Identity theft is a horrible thing to put someone through he has done it in the past and is still trying to pull it off today. How he is not in jail for his West Mi crimes is unbelievable to me....I hope he suffers for his crimes. No more party time for him and his fake friends in Grand Haven!!

Spring Lake, MI

#39 Sep 4, 2008
Someone help me understand why this guy wasn't locked up the first time.
Turning my life around

Grand Rapids, MI

#40 Sep 4, 2008
SpringLake wrote:
Someone help me understand why this guy wasn't locked up the first time.
The only person(s) who can answer that are the prosecutors in the US Attorney's Office for the Wetern District of Michigan. Why didn't they file charges, or have a grand jury issue an indictment? What were they doing for the last year and a half? Why no visible prosecutorial action? I think they owe everyone an answer to your question.
From the GR

Denver, CO

#41 Sep 4, 2008
Don't listen to Len Westdale, he's one of Mike's "Crew members." I've known Mike and his family since college. His family and his brother are good people. They aren't responsible for Mike losing his mind, but he has lost it. First time, shame on you, second time, shame on us. He has made one too many mistakes and needs to pay for his crimes. Yes, CRIMES he has committed. I'm pretty sure if I walked into a bank and robbed them of any money, much less the MILLIONS MIke did I would already be in jail. Get over it Len, he's a scum bag, end of story.

United States

#42 Sep 4, 2008
Mike is my friend too. I don't think what he has done is right by any means but I am a true person and wouldn't ever turn my back on a friend! I agree he has a problem. People are entitled to there own opinions. I respect nothing mike has done in terms of the money he's made,as I'm most don't. However, as someone who cares for him I would hope that people can show some respect in what they say at this time being that he does have a problem, a family and a support group who only has hope in there hearts for him to get better and not make the same mistakes. These comments will go unread by mike himself I can assure you of that. The people who will be effected by our "entitled opinions" are the innocent friends and family who are sad for the mistakes he has made. Although mike has hurt people, when someone is addicted to something and has a genuine problem it makes the dynamic of what is happening somewhat different for those who care about him. I know its hard to have empathy for someone whom you don't respect and as I said your entitled but please try to be respectfull of the family members who are reading this and have done nothing wrong to any of you. Thankfully we have the press to report half the truth to all of you, making it so easy to hate people we hardly know! Calling his girlfriend a skank is a pathetic low blow! Do you laugh in the face of all sad people or just the ones you have been jelous of? I said my peace so comment back all you want. Mike has friends and so does Stacey whether you all like it or not!

United States

#43 Sep 4, 2008
Is his friend Jett a victem? I hope someday you are able to stop being such a psyco and get over something that was said about your son in highschool! Grow up lady!

As for "Jett'.....
I hate him with all the hate I have at the moment and yet still feel the need to tell you to back the F off! Being a parent I would expect a little more empathy from you. James is a boyfriend, a brother, a grandson and a son. Why do his parents have to hear a sad story about you followed by a new twist involving "Jett"...

And more importantly, why does Mikes family have to read this and feel like there son victemized someone? If you read or heard any of this Mike had little to do with it!

Victem...Ha! You would be better off staying away from the nancy drew books and pick up the press. Jumping to conclusions from a half the truth would be a good start for you.

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