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Doctor Laura

Grand Rapids, MI

#751 Aug 18, 2010
More than likely, Terri is trolling the waters. Two reasons for my arriving at this diagnosis. Breast enhancement GALORE, and not wearing her wedding ring. You know girls, the "tell-tale" signs. You'd ALL scream bloody murder if you noticed one day that your husband wasn't wearing HIS ring. Yes, I know there are couples who choose not to wear them and they are in the minority,(can we say "minority" on Topix anymore?) But, the MAJORITY of married people in this country DO. Terri doesn't remove her ring "because it feels weird when she golfs", or it "messes with her spray-on tanner". Rather, better than half the time she's on-air throughout the year, she opts not to wear it. I guess her husband must not give a sh1t either.

Yet, Terri extols the sanctity of Christian values and her marriage above all else anywhere you run into her in public. I hear her squawk about it ALL the time. That my friends, is the definition of a hypocrite...one who crams their beliefs and values in your face and down your throat at EVERY chance, and practices the opposite themselves. She is a 40-something who thinks she's "hot" in a wanna-be twenty-something body, and she can't pull it off.

After DVR-ing the EightWest program yesterday, I would like to ask "Grim" how much MORE skin Rachel Ruiz was showing than was Terri. Are we talking millimeters here? Neither one was too racy, if you ask me. I'm thinking "Grim" has the hots for both, and can't have either one!

But I'm sure he'll LEAP at the opportunity to correct me because I'm wrong. He thinks he's very good at that.

Now...go take on the day!
Bone Head

Jenison, MI

#752 Aug 18, 2010

Time to fling mud at Suzanne Geha and a few other newswomen in our area!!

“Knocking at your Door”

Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#753 Aug 18, 2010
The whole point of me bringing up Rachel yesterday was to show that Teri does dress more conservative than a lot of other women in the news.

I have nothing against Teri or Rachel.
Bone Head

Jenison, MI

#754 Aug 18, 2010
What about that childish looking outfit Suzanne Geha had on yesterday (08/17) at the 6 oclock news? She looked like a 4th grader wanna be!

“Knocking at your Door”

Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#755 Aug 18, 2010
Bone Head wrote:
What about that childish looking outfit Suzanne Geha had on yesterday (08/17) at the 6 oclock news? She looked like a 4th grader wanna be!
I did see what she was wearing. LOL

Mulliken, MI

#756 Aug 18, 2010
RACHEL RUIZ dresses like a PINATA


Charlestown, IN

#757 Aug 19, 2010
Terri, we are sorry to inform you that your job on television requires something more professional than your Victoria's Secret lingerie or your golf camp khakais and tees.

Whoever put you in charge of your own attire, should be fired!

Since: May 10

Location hidden

#758 Aug 19, 2010
Bone Head wrote:
Time to fling mud at Suzanne Geha and a few other newswomen in our area!!
Emily Richett...a great big waste of fluff ! No reporting qualities whatsoever. Dense as a forest. She's always pretending to be "hip" and "in the know".

Channel 3's Judy Markee needs to be put out to pasture as well.

Grand Rapids, MI

#759 Aug 19, 2010
Agree with Dr.Laura.

Terri looks like she is wearing her mommy's dress-up clothes.

She belongs in a peep show.
Aunt Millie


#760 Aug 19, 2010
Boy you people just cant Terri DeBoer dress attire go. All you need to get a life and show some respect to a nice easy going considerate person that she is. She looks great, dresses very nice, and is fit to look good in this attire she has chosen to wear. Keep up the great job Mz DeBoer, you been in this business for a long time for a good reason. Now all these yuppies, kids in this young generation have no respect for older people at all. Grow up kids, gt a life and move on.

United States

#761 Aug 20, 2010
News flash, Terri:

Push-up bras are for hooker....not meteorologists.

They went out in the 80s.

United States

#762 Aug 20, 2010
Hey, Terri,

When the fabric between your breasts makes a horizontal line, your top is too tight.

Try the next size larger for a better, more finished look.

Too-tight tops make middle-age women look trashy.
Did Not Get Memo

Grand Rapids, MI

#763 Aug 20, 2010
I thought this thread was about "Who are some of West Michigan's hottest news anchors?" "Hotness" is for the most part, based on appearance. So what's wrong with disagreeing with those who think Terri DeBoer is attractive and dresses appropriately? It's an open forum.

Obviously, the majority feel that Terri DeBoer isn't one of them.

Lauren Stanton needs to come out of the sun. Her hairdo makes her look like a cocker spaniel. And STOP flicking it out of your eyes. Find a scissors and get it CUT !

Hally Vogel needs to go FIND the sun. A pasty white complexion is hideous on television OR in public, for that matter.

Lauren Unger needs a little more polish, but will make it eventually.

Hailey Frances...obviously a veteran. Appealing and doesn't use a "whining" tone when reading the news. Seems to enjoy her job. Feel sorry for her having to work with Christian Frank.

I agree that Emily Richett looks very high maintenance. Not to mention, not very bright. Difficult for her to use complete sentences and not act like a "Tween".

Lambrini Lukidis....attractive and a good anchor when she gets the chance to be on-air.

Valerie Lego...needs to take some of her own healthy living tips. She looks rough! Needs the number from the infomercial to order some anti-aging cream.

Sarah Brodhead...air head. Needs cosmetic work to her forehead. Granmole's cousin?

Suzanne Geha...a case made for always staying close to a bathroom.

Judy Markee...just retire already. Who's older? You or Helen Thomas?

Midland, MI

#764 Aug 20, 2010
Terri dresses like a professional...but professional WHAT I cannot say!

Today, she looked like a beach umbrella.

Dewitt, MI

#765 Aug 21, 2010
Yesterday, as our houseguest from Silicone Valley channel flipping to catch the weather, he saw Terri in her tight, orange sweater.

"Whoa Daddy," he said, "Who's the middle age chick with water balloons in her sweater?!"

LOL, Terri!
Gonzo Gonzales

Grand Rapids, MI

#766 Aug 21, 2010
Since we can't FIND 5 things of any interest or relevance to do in Grand Rapids this weekend, my Top 5 list will consist of these items for you thrill seekers.

1). Head on down to the Speedway station on Michigan Ave., pay 75-cents at the air station, and watch Terri inflate her chest.

2). Watch Maizey Jackson hang her clothes outside on the line at her home on Griggs Street.

3). Participate in "Scanner Bingo". Listen to police scanners to pinpoint where the next Grand Rapids teen is gunned down.

4). Watch 2 teens and 3 hookers roll a hubcap down Division Ave. with a stick.

And just so I don't offend the douchebags of Grand Rapids...

5). Pay over-inflated prices to an over-hyped concert of some sort at the Van Andel Arena. Then go get hammered at the B.O.B., and bitch at your husband that he doesn't make enough money to satisfy you.

Have a great weekend everybody. Follow me on FacePlant, or find my Top 5 list every Friday and Saturday at GetOffYourLazyAss.com

I'm going back to stare at Rachel Ruiz for a while.
Heywood Jablowme

United States

#767 Aug 21, 2010
Terri is hot ass momma !!!!!!

Lowell, MI

#768 Aug 21, 2010
Hey Terri! Was that orange spray paint you were wearing Friday a Halloween costume?

Hastings, MI

#769 Aug 21, 2010
Miz Deboer looks like the (desperate) Housewives of NY.

She needs to let those babies down.

Morgantown, IN

#770 Aug 21, 2010
Terry looks more like MTV's Snooki....except the NJ brat has a good excuse to look like a hooker. She is 20 something.....not 40 something.

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