Elephant Gun wrote:
<quoted text>dumber than hammers??? hey stupid the guy in the IRS you're talking about was appointed by bush and he is a republican. So whats dumber than a bag of democrat hammers? republicans. hey fools the republican party is scared of the tea party. out of fear they will divide up the party they started this targeting to keep the tea party from destroying their election chances for 2012 and as usual the gop failed. rotflmao
Hey Elephant Dung, has it crossed your mind that it doesn't matter who appointed this IRS employee? It only matters who he happens to be working for now, along with the other IRS employees who are currently looking for employment elsewhere because the Obama administration is looking for convenient low-level scapegoats to throw into the sacrificial pyre.

I suppose to a wad of backward-thinkers like progressive liberals, ALL that matters is that they can attach Bush's name to any scandal Obama and his band of merry henchmen are involved, regardless of whether it makes a whit of difference.