Friends doubt Foley Killed his wife

Friends doubt Foley Killed his wife

There are 372 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from Mar 7, 2009, titled Friends doubt Foley Killed his wife. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

DeeDee Foley was found shot to death in her home in February. Michigan State Police investigators told 24 Hour News 8 Friday a suspect was in custody.

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Neighboring Town

Coldwater, MI

#41 Mar 8, 2009
To "ohyes":

I believe "Dee Dee" are Dar's nickname.
Sad and concerned

Bradenton, FL

#42 Mar 8, 2009
This whole thing is soooooo very awful! I cannot put my mind around it, it all makes me sick and my stomach turn! I hate the fact that this could happen to such a great family! We will never know what was going on in Tom's mind, and we will never know what he had to deal with at home! Regaurdless, their son's life is ruined! What a terrible thing for a young boy to have to carry around with him for the rest of his life! I cannot stop thinking of Heath and how sad and hurt he must be! Our small town is in shock and this sort of thing doesn't happen here! Hopefully we will find out on Monday what the heck is going on....I hope something comes of all this! I do not think her changing her name has anything to do with this at all, why would it? She was a wonderful friend, teacher and person, maybe as the public we can keep good thoughts fresh in our minds about her and carry them through for her son! He is really going to need our prayers and support through this all, so if you want to do something....pray for Heath!

Kirkland, WA

#43 Mar 8, 2009
sorry richar wrote:
Richar sorry you are so one sided. You must be the only person who thinks he is innocent. Did you know Tom bought the shotgun that killed his wife. Did you know about the insurance Policy that Tom took out on his wife after she donated her kidney to her neice. Did you know about Tom's affair with another teacher at union city schools. Did you know how he lied about his timeline. Did you know that his son was a witness to the gun shot. Did you Know Tom told Heath to go out and play before he went to take him to the game shack in Union city. Did you know Heath was outside for an half hour while Tom shot his wife and staged the scene. Did you know Heath went inside and asked his dad what that noise was and was told everything was fine and to go stay outside. Did you know Tom lawyered up shortly after Dar was killed. Did you know how Tom faked cried to teachers at union city. Lastly Mr. Richar do you know about all the EVIDENCE, motive, forenics, the weapon, THE FACT THAT TOM BOUGHT A SHOTGUN BEFORE THE MURDER AND HID THAT FACT FROM HIS FAMILY. Did you know that gun was used on Dar and they have the weapon. Do you think police and prosecutor's would charge him without any real evidence. Isn't it weird that he came to Mr. Richars house first and wanted him to come with him to his house to check on his wife. Did you know Tom said he left his wallet at home and would not turn around to get it. He went out of his way to his mom's house to get cash and go to Meijers. Did you know he went to meijers bathroom and disposed of evidence there. DId you know its all on tape at meijers. THE POLICE DID A GOOD JOB, THEY HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE, AND ON MONDAY MORNING IT WILL ALL BE LAYED OUT. Mr. Richar TOM KILLED HIS WIFE! DEAL WITH IT! Tom scammed the entire community. Again police just don't make arrests based on nothing! They have a case.-Colin-
You sound like an insider, or an accesory. Which is it?

Coldwater, MI

#44 Mar 8, 2009
pray for thats not a given is it? you dont need to tell us that, the poor kid has got to be so devastated.

Rockford, MI

#45 Mar 8, 2009
I don't know this family at all, but just would like them to know that I pray for them as well as everyone person involved in this tragic case. The sad thing is now the child is without both parents. He is the one right now that needs all the love that everyone can give him. As everyone knows, I am going through something like this, as the mom of Troy Brake.. It is so hard for both sides of the families, the victim and Toms. There will be people who dont know either one of them that will say very ugly things about them. We have heard it in the case we are going through, so just know that I have added you to my prayer list. My heart especially goes out to the child left behind.

Rockford, MI

#46 Mar 8, 2009
Mike-Hastings wrote:
<quoted text>
You sound like an insider, or an accesory. Which is it?
wow. How does someone know so much about the things this person was saying?

Greenville, MI

#47 Mar 8, 2009
MrMunkey wrote:
<quoted text>He is INNONCENT until proven guilty! Rumors fly when things like this happen! Wait until ALL the facts are out before you pass judgement is what I say! God will be his judge just like he will be ALL OF OURS TOO!!!
hey munkey're leaving something out: he will be judged here First, jailed if guilty(sure looks like it there munker), jailed for good, and then God will sort him out with all the other 'great, sensitive guys'.

Rockford, MI

#48 Mar 8, 2009
sorry richar wrote:
Richar is Toms friend mentioned in the article. My knowledge is fact based. Many people were interviewed, information was shared to facutily, and facutily at the school shared information with police. Union city is a small town and we all know what happend. The man that sold Tom the gun has talked, and lastly Tom opened up his big mouth to lots of people. And as far as where I was at the time of the murder; your wife knows.
Is he the one that was interviewed on tv. I didnt catch his name, but just say some of what he said.

Syracuse, NY

#49 Mar 8, 2009
To give you an idea of Dar Foley, she changed her name because she said," You can't say Dee Dee without smiling."

Coldwater, MI

#50 Mar 8, 2009
Tom is a nice guy....very nice. I am also not convinced. I have known him for over ten years, and he is one of the nicest people out there.

Troy, MI

#51 Mar 8, 2009
Always the husband .. He did it ,,, low life dirty scum bag.
all together

Grand Rapids, MI

#52 Mar 8, 2009
ohyes wrote:
<quoted text>why cuz they happen to perhaps know what happened? and you dont?

Coldwater, MI

#53 Mar 8, 2009
Let's not forget Innocent until proven guilty, and if he is guilty, maybe he was driven to insanity....obviously, no one in their right mind could do this. Praying for Heath through all of this.

Coldwater, MI

#54 Mar 8, 2009
We need to treat Tom the way we would want to be treated if such a horrific thing happened to us.He is innocent unil proven guilty. As a close friend I know that DeeDee was not always nice to him. She could even be verbally abusive at times.She did not want him to get a job outside of the home. She wanted him a stay at home Dad so she could control him. HIS NAME WAS NOT EVEN ON THEIR CHECKING ACCOUNT! She had to sign every check he wanted to use on groceries on anything else. Dar hated Tom's family. Tom begged Dar to let him take Heath with him to his family functions. Dar would not let him. It's almost as if Tom was an abused husband. Such a sad ending...I can't believe it. I am so sad for every one and will continue to pray for Heath AND Tom.

Coldwater, MI

#55 Mar 8, 2009
we live in a society of perfection. ours kids wouldnt do anything wrong! right? and how could such a nice person be guilty! right? and its never my child! right? go figure, he might have been so nice but did you ever see his bad side? EVERYONE HAS ONE...i am nice too but dont cross my path..were all humans and choose to take control..nice or not! Get a life if you think NICE makes a person not prone to lifes mistakes!!! You need help..being naive gets a person nowhere in life!

Grand Rapids, MI

#56 Mar 8, 2009
MrMunkey wrote:
<quoted text>He'd gone next door because he didnt know she was lying in the house DEAD! It is Possible! I SAY INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ALSO.EVERYTHING ISNT ALWAYS THE WAY IT APPEARS OR SOUNDS!!!
thats right mrmunkey everything isnt always the way it apprears....WAKE UP!!
Dear_Colin_Sorry Ricar

North Little Rock, AR

#57 Mar 8, 2009
There are only 2 possible scenarios regarding the post you put up (#6):
-1) You know what you're talking about because you're involved in the investigation or are the friend/spouse of someone who is and doesn't have enough class/brains to shut up. If this is the case you should think a tiny bit and STFU!!
-2) You are some total A-hole loser and spouting BS you pulled out of thin air to try to get attention. If this is the case you should think a tiny bit and STFU!!!
-You WILL be reported to the DA. The last thing anybody wants is for the case to be compomised by a loose lipped idiot if any of what you posted is true.
-There is a common link to both of these possibilities that you may not have had the sense to realize: THINK A TINY BIT AND STFU (A-H)!!!
Another Tom fan

Britton, MI

#58 Mar 8, 2009
If you think he did it you are wrong. I you think the branch country police department can get something right you are wrong.

Coldwater, MI

#59 Mar 8, 2009
Another Tom fan wrote:
If you think he did it you are wrong. I you think the branch country police department can get something right you are wrong.
you dont even know the how can you guess? the Michigan State Police handled this NOT Branch County Police..


Since: Nov 07

Rockford, MI

#60 Mar 8, 2009
Another Tom fan wrote:
If you think he did it you are wrong. I you think the branch country police department can get something right you are wrong.
Ok, its Branch County Sheriffs Dept. and they didn't do the investigation, MSP did. And BCSD would have done a good jb as well.

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