Pappasmurf2252 wrote:
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I would put every put every last dime I have on betting you don't speak like that in person. That keyboard doesn't improve your intellect. You are a scared, nerdy sociopath who is nothing more than a mere cyber bully. You stroke your own ego by calling yourself the Awful Truth and acting like you are truly someone when the fact of the matter is that you are actually a nobody. You feel that nobody pays attention to you in reality so you have built this facade on the Internet to make you feel like you matter. Let me fill you in on another thing, I am the same person here as I am sitting in my office chair. I tell it like it is regardless of where I am. If you made an actual contribution to society you wouldn't have this f*cked up mentality that you do. You are one twisted little bastard. Don't worry about responding to this, I'm getting off of this forum because you have pissed me off you little dip shit. Congratulations.
Excellent, accurate post Pops!