Schools To Get Blowed Up By Terrorists, Says Man Who Really Really Wants To Carry Gun At Schools

Matt Davis is a renaissance man. He’s a former GOP spokesman, a columnist, and a fan of armed insurrection. He also sounds like a raving paranoid.

It is against the law to carry concealed weapons at schools, but Matt Davis cares not for these burdensome rules that deny him the right to protect his children from purely imaginary threats.

My worst fear: Dozens of terrorist sleeper cells, with five or six men each, would activate roughly at the same time and attack designated schools across the country. I’d be at work, and I would be helpless to retrieve my children and keep them safe from maniacs.

I imagined further that, from a terrorist’s point of view, these attacks would have a dramatic, profound effect on our collective psyche: No parent would allow his child to return to school to long as they were not secure from violent, lethal attacks. Our economy and economic security wouldn’t just hiccup; it would collapse.

From that point on, whenever I went to school for some reason (a forgotten lunch; a teacher conference; etc.), as I approached the school I would instinctively feel my right side for that which I knew wasn’t there: A handgun.

What an injustice! Matt Davis was denied the right to defend his children from a sleeper cell of terrorists attacking their school while he was dropping off their lunch! It’s unconscionable.