Seneca Nation vows to fight law

Seneca Nation vows to fight law

There are 204 comments on the WIVB Buffalo story from Dec 15, 2008, titled Seneca Nation vows to fight law. In it, WIVB Buffalo reports that:

Its an issue that ignited heated protests in the past, taxing cigarettes sold by Native Americans.

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seneca nation employee

Salamanca, NY

#23 Dec 15, 2008
KKK wrote:
How do you plan on fighting, your goverment is a joke you finnaly got what yo deserved.
Funny how you can talk your crap you don't live here or work here, I see IL plates every day coming to the seneca nation casino and our store to buy our cigarettes.
Sad living in NY

Rayville, MO

#24 Dec 15, 2008
seneca nation employee wrote:
The governor did not think this through at all. He has put my job and the jobs of every nation employee in jepordy because this state can't seem to keep it's hands out of places that they don't belong. I love working for the seneca nation, they are very good employers, they are the best paying employers in this area. I hope they do burn tires or do whatever they feel they need to do to take care of this situation. And I will be right there with them on their side every step of the way.
yeah, you love working for the nation because you get so many paid days off such as indian day, sni presidents day, sni anniversary, and they wine and dine you. For example, the christmas party, last year you all got a $100 dollar visa gift card plus a nice dinner at the McKinley park inn, and this year you got a $25 One stop gift card and and a $25 walmart gift card. The nation just wastes their money!I live on the rez and my wife works for the nation, thats how I know...... And as for the marshals, HA, what a joke.... They can't write tickets, hell, they don't even carry any type of weapons..... So, yeah, I know about rez life!!

The treaty was written to make indians tax exempt, not non natives. So, by the state imposing taxes to non natives, the treaty is not broken... Natives will still be tax exempt, they just can't sell non taxed items to non natives..

So honor our treaties means NOTHING!! They will still be honored for natives.....

And by the way, I heard your job is next for lay offs!!!

Gloversville, NY

#25 Dec 15, 2008
Ok Nys wants to tax,thats fine give the Natives back all the land stolen so we can tax evrybody on our land. All of Nys state belongs to the native americams. Guys like KKK and Stephen can bring there asses back where they come from, wait there own countries didn't even want them so they came here with thier hatred and disease. Idiots yes they are, so don't listen to. Govenour Patterson I belive you are making a mistake,and it will be you and you only who will have to answer for it.We know you have no ethics admitting cheating on your wife, so you would have no Idea what a treaty or vow was. Well I'm certainly glad you will only be Govrenoer for a little while because re-election will be out of the question. A man who commits a crime against marraige and the law shouldn't hold office!
Jimmie duh Griff

Lewiston, NY

#26 Dec 15, 2008
Dey are taking da biz from my towel heads 'C' stores on the East side that get $9 per pack.. 50 cents fur das 'loosies'
Jimmie duh Griff

Lewiston, NY

#27 Dec 15, 2008
ckl wrote:
the governor has no right to tax cigarettes sold on indian land. it goes against the indian treaties
<href> We Don't Smoke That Shit </ref>
LaurieGunsolus- Salamanca

United States

#28 Dec 15, 2008
Is it really beyond New York State's ability to honor the treaties with the Seneca Nation? You know it's a fact that anyone signing a contract with New York State is expected to honor it to the letter! Or else... So, why does the state feel it is exempt from honoring the contracts (Treaties) with the Senenca Nation? The Seneca Nation has done more for this area than Albany ever dreamed of. It is disgusting!!! I had really hoped to see better from Patterson than the same old Albany bull!
gary buffalo ny

Buffalo, NY

#29 Dec 15, 2008
the state is desperate they can find no other way but to tax everything.I hope the indians do fight this,without violence of course.This tax will not solve the debt our elected officials have caused.HONOR THE TREATY THATS WHAT AMERICANS DO.

Windham, ME

#30 Dec 15, 2008
originally patterson against taxing the cigarettes which were sold by the indians, apparently he is no different than the other governors. as in the past all treaties which were made with the indians have been broken, we are not any better than our ancestors in that regard. i hope that the indians stand up and unite against the government that wants to keep them suppressed.
Charisse Jimerson


#31 Dec 15, 2008
How dare you advertise past expressions as present happenings! We have done nothing but help and uplift this country. We believe in serving our country! Does our country help us? My YOUNGER sister is over in Iraq to serve the US, what is the US or NY doing for us? Taking away that freedom? You expect us to pay a debt that you owe??! We could help yea, but you have betrayed us. You expect us to just hand it over. Who does that?! We would love to live harmoniously with everyone! but you try breaking treaties, which IS breaking laws. How would you feel? I just wish you would no longer portray these past expreiences as present ones, as they are no longer true feelings and actions. We are more than that. We are a true, soverieng people!

Windham, ME

#32 Dec 15, 2008
Stephen wrote:
<quoted text>
I want you to re-think & re-write this, ok? Can you do that?
Why should we leave them alone??
What can they take back??
What does NYS use??
OK. I'll be waiting.
Why should we leave them alone? A treaty was made which should be honored or is our government so untrustworthy that when they make a treaty with a sovoriegn nation it is a falsehood? The indians own Salamanca and have leases with the people that lve there maybe they should just tell them all to leave tonight why not it is the same concept, or what about Grand Island it is also theirs block the bridges let people off but not back on it does not belong to us i hope that they take it back along with everything else that they own!
dan clouden

Buffalo, NY

#33 Dec 15, 2008
i think new york state SHOULD LEAVE THE INDINS ALONE they should collect taxes from all the citizens who come here and get tax free busineses and then sell it to a family member for more free taxes, when we signed the traties and the indians wanted to sell tax free gas and ciggaretts we laughed at them and said sure go ahead. it seems whenever a western new yorker finds away to save a few dollars in this tax raising state the government takes it away, just like when all the jet skiers use to launch for free at the foot of tift street they deceided to put a look out there, that land was vacant for years but now they have to pay to launch somewhere else, it's no wonder people leave this area. LEAVE THE INDIANS ALONE AND HONOR THE TREATIES, what are we teaching are future generations
Enough already

Endicott, NY

#34 Dec 15, 2008
It is true why should non-natives get away without paying taxes. I was always told the treaty stated that the goods were to be made by an indian on indian soil and sold to an indian. Most cigarettes are not made by indians and are not being sold to indians. Why should the state not tax cigarettes being sold to non-natives. I would rather have non-natives pay taxes like they should then have funding for the schools cut. Natives and non-natives alike all attend public schools. The state plows the snow on the res. By not paying taxes the non-natives are just making the native rich and making it so the non-natives have higher taxes.

Centerville, IA

#35 Dec 16, 2008
why doesnt ny state look at other ways to collect money other then stealing from the indians. like the messed up welfare system and all the minorities scamming it and living off it without any intention of working. its no wonder everyone wants out of ny, it is the highest taxed state in the country. the state government makes me sick. your all disgusting money hungry assholes


#36 Dec 16, 2008
This will only accomplish two things.
1. It will put Native Americans out of work.

2. Black market cigarettes sold by criminals with
terririst ties will get a real big boost.

I will not start buying my cigs at the corner store......I will start rolling my own.

I refuse to pay such a rediculously high "sin
tax". If the government would just apply a reasonable tax, they would collect more money in the end because people wouldn't go to such great lengths to dodge it and the government wouldn't have to go to such great lengths to enforce it.

Also, Paterson, you, of all people, should have some empathy for the Native American People and the way this country has treated them. HONOR THE TREATIES!
It is just plain disgusting to try to underhandedly circumvent the treaties and deliberatley harm Native American's livlihoods.
Paterson----how dare you whine about a SNL skit about you----it didn't cost you your job or your home. You are pitiful and disgusting.
NY going to the dogs

Buffalo, NY

#37 Dec 16, 2008
why does new york keep going after the indians? maybe if all the high ups would leave the call girls alone new york wouldn't be so broke. what happened to the idea of upping the deposits on beer can's and bottles?? no one returns them, they all go to the landfils so why not try getting some of it there? i really like how someone gets into office and they sure raise their wages, but want to cut and take away from everyone else. if new york would buy my house i'd get the heck out of this state. this state makes me sick
NY going to the dogs

Buffalo, NY

#38 Dec 16, 2008
JIM wrote:
State troopers are crapping there pants,they do not want to fight indians.Indians kicked the crap out state troopers 10 years ago.Rumor has it Indians have truck loads off old tires to burn, next to thruway.
i am not a seneca but what they are doing to them is wrong and i have some tires i can throw in :)

United States

#39 Dec 16, 2008
Patterson does as he's told to do by NYC politicians. You don't expect them to cut benefits for the non-working class now do ya?
richard w hamilton

Buffalo, NY

#40 Dec 16, 2008
I think it is time to reduce the state work force.
We can't keep looking to tax more people. We also should not pick on the Senecas If things dont change
there will be nobody left in the state of new York.
merle przybelinski

Jamestown, NY

#41 Dec 16, 2008
state should honor treaties and leave the senecas alone. bad enough they are attacking farmers on burping cows, an act of nature.
richard w hamilton

Buffalo, NY

#42 Dec 16, 2008
It is time to reduce the state work force. We cant
just keep taxing people that is not the answer. We also need to stop picking on the seneca's. We have done enough in the past to shame our seleves we
should not continue the same practice

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