How far is to far, when government steps into people's everyday lives? Congress Democrats were speaking, on the FDA, regulating smoking. Sheryl Crow, is asking for people to not "spare any squares". Sheryl Crow speaking out on the amount of toilet paper people use. Obama says simply, "There are things you can do individually, to save energy. Making sure your tires are properly inflated. But we could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires, And getting regular tune-ups. You'd actually save just as much!"
Democrats are gushing over themselves on "no new drilling." Demanding tax payers for conservation, investing in "new and clean technologies" and stating "more people should be using bicycles and public transportation." Today, the Democrats voted to not stay on Capitol Hill (again), over the next days. Rather than, staying to solve and have an up/down vote, on drilling. A step President Bush has already taken, which immediately started the prices of oil to drop. Yet, Congress also has to lift the moratorium. The Congress will not vote on the act, allowing new drilling (76% of Americans want).
Against the people's voice and overall majority thought, Congress (at a 17-19% approval rating, the lowest of all time) and Senate wasted tax payer's time and money.
Seven Things Either on the Congressional/Senate Floor, or Worked On:
1. Working on fast food acts, not serving people who are to heavy for their height.
2. In the last two days, making sure to take the time, to honor last year's Hiesman Trophy Winner.
3. Several meetings in Congress on Impeaching President Bush (when he has 5 months left, in his service to the country)
4. A revamp of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which oversees toy safety
5. Attempting to invoke cloture on a House-passed bill (HR 6331) that would delay a 10.6% reduction to Medicare physician fees.
6. Bill aimed to get some 17 year old kids, "preregistration," and allow some to vote (boosting the youth vote, which Obama and Democrats would prosper from).
7. Looking to for an "Iraq Pullout" (in early '08) vote, while President Bush promised to veto
Seven What The People Wanted Done, By Over 65%(most over 76%):
1. Pull the congressional moratorium off of the off shore and other drilling.
2. An up/down vote on the 73 judges, President Bush has put forth, over a year ago (yet no vote has happened, and it will not happen, as Democrats are hoping Obama wins, allowing him to select 73 new liberal/democrat friendly judges, for life).
3. A bill and working solution to the sanctuary cities, illegal immigration, and immigration civil rights violations (for the illegal immigrant being paid, less than minimum wage, etc..)
4. A COMPLETE resolution from the FDA and CDC on the Salmonella Case (which effected up to 30-50,000 people, but making 1300 sick for sure)
5. A tax bill that continues credit or deductions for research and development, state and local sales taxes, tuition, children and charitable contributions.
6. A bill to eliminate new pay cuts for doctors who treat Medicare patients.
7. Important measures giving direction to the FAA and the Defense Department.
Just the "Macro" side of this election will dictate whether big government (Obama), where the CDC, education, health care, immigration, etc...etc... will be in the hands of huge government agencies, built by higher taxes. Some, may want that. John McCain is looking to keep the decisions of the people's lives, to themselves and big government out. McCain is for drilling, nuclear, wind, solar, shale exploration, and every kind of new and clean energy possible. Barack is not for nuclear, drilling, and will only say that he is for new, clean technologies (without any real policies for energy stated, he is a question mark). Americans are on the clock to research.
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