Neighbors, Race Fans at Odds Over Noi...

Neighbors, Race Fans at Odds Over Noise at Metro Speedway

There are 26 comments on the Fox4KC story from Jun 2, 2010, titled Neighbors, Race Fans at Odds Over Noise at Metro Speedway. In it, Fox4KC reports that:

For some people, the Grain Valley Speedway is a great place to watch a race on the weekends.

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Kansas City, MO

#1 Jun 2, 2010
the race track was there first...i have to listen to the football game noise from a high school they were there before me...i haven't said a word about it. Or should i compalain and see if they move the high school ??
To the homeowners...go talk to the people that live near kcir or the airport(kci) see what happend there...

Oak Grove, MO

#2 Jun 2, 2010
HELLO WOODBURY SUBDIVISION.... THE TRACK WAS THERE FIRST!! And if it wasn't well UM I BET IT WAS BEFORE YOU BOUGHT YOUR HOUSE...If you didn't know before buying your house, that is your mistake not the tracks. This is a story that should not even made the news.
green gold

Lees Summit, MO

#3 Jun 2, 2010

Lees Summit, MO

#4 Jun 2, 2010
If the track was there before that over weight blond who complained bought her house, then she is out of luck. By July she will be sweating too much to hang out on the deck anyway. Hello air conditioning and TV, good bye deck. It's a shame that people who buy a house close to a race track and know about it complain later. Idiots!
2 Cents Worth

Kansas City, KS

#5 Jun 2, 2010
Racing is as American as baseball, hot dogs & apple pie. Sure, race tracks can be closed down
and the highways can pick up the slack, like in the good old days. They'd STILL be safer than they are now with inattentive cell users, texters, and
those who love to drive 15MPH BELOW the speed limit.
Why don't you complainers MOVE - todays housing market is a buyers market!

Kansas City, MO

#6 Jun 3, 2010
If the track was there before the houses, then shame on you for not being smart enough to look at the neighborhood before you bought the house. Either move or shut up, it's not the race fans fault that you are stupid!
Race Fan

United States

#7 Jun 3, 2010
I always love how the race track takes all the blame for noise, yet there is never a word said about the sand drag track right next to the speedway. When we have been at the Speedway racing those sand drags overtake the sound of the cars on the track. The track has a 11pm curfew yet the sand drags can and usually do go well into the morning.

Kansas City, MO

#8 Jun 3, 2010
whine whine whine. that's all anyone does anymore. it's not like it is an everyday, all day occurance. people are having a good time and your community is making money for it's poor budget. the way people are complaining about every little petty thing these days, we will soon have to shut off our cars and coast into our driveways so as not to disturb the idiot next door that has no life and no friends. does that give you a clue as to why you have no life and no friends? get over it or move.
Melissa Bryant

Kansas City, MO

#9 Jun 3, 2010
Just one question...if you don't like noise, why would you buy a house near a race track?
New resident

Independence, MO

#10 Jun 3, 2010
We bought our home in November - no one mentioned we would spend the summers listening to a race track.

We are 5 miles away and you can still hear the track. My biggest complaint is that the noise some evenings is after 10pm. According to the website, this will happen almost every single summer weekend.

Olathe, KS

#11 Jun 3, 2010
The whiners need to stop whining. The track was their first... Didn't they check out the neighborhood before you moved in. Why should the people and employees that enjoy the track give up their life due to a few that should of reasearched the area before they moved in. If they don't like it they could take their snooty attitdue and move. sks- I agree with your post.

Kansas City, KS

#12 Jun 3, 2010
Which was there first? When you buy a home near any thing that is noisy then don't complain when they make noise. People should know what is in the neighborhood BEFORE they buy. How many years was the raceway before the homes were built? If you don't like the noise then you should move or you should have NOT bought there in the first place.

United States

#13 Jun 3, 2010
I bet these "WHINERS" and "COMPLAINERS" sit and
watch Nascar Race, or Arca, or what Races are on on the
weekends. We frequent this speedway and many more,
and this is the only one that has a bunch of bitchy
people, who just want to cause trouble. You bet they do not complain, when there is a football game, or
parade, or FIREWORKS on the 4th of July. Maybe Grain Valley should stop FIREWORKS... I agree with the former posts, "IT WAS THERE BEFORE YOU MOVED INTO YOUR HOME". SO SHUT UP AND BE AN AMERICAN.
KS Jayhawk

United States

#14 Jun 3, 2010
I agree that the race track was there first so it should stay. I don't care what month you bought your house, get out and check out the entire neighborhood before buying. It may have been winter when New Resident bought their house, but come on, Grain Valley isn't that big that you couldn't have driven around the town more and noticed the race track. Plus, there are signs directing you to the race track. Why don't you go to a few races on Friday night and Saturday night and see what racing is all about. There is a 10 year old that races on Friday night's, go see him. It's a lot different then NASCAR, and I like it a lot better. You just might become a fan. And like people say, if you don't like the noise, move.

Saint Louis, MO

#15 Jun 3, 2010
Dear fox news. Before you report on a story you should research it first. There has already been sound test conducted. The findings on the test were that it raised the noise in that neighborhood less then one decible. Just as a point of fact normal conversation is 60 decibles and a lawn mower is 90 decibles and a firecracker is 150 decibles.
The point is that some people like to complain. The story should have been based around how some people don't have a realistic veiw on the world around them. As a point of fact I am a fireman so I have an idea how tax dollars effect the city and its services it provides. There are very few things that bring revenue into a small city such as grain valley. And number one attraction is that track without it for the city to function property taxes will increase or city services will decline.
My point is what will these people ever do on the 4th of july? At 150 db they will all be boycoting America and its traditions. The track givings something for the youth of the town and surounding towns something to do as opposed to being bored and getting into trouble. Hey wile you are at it why don't you go ahead and do a story on Kansas Speedway, Arrowhead(which every time on tv they say the noise is hard on the other teams) and the Royals less we forget the Sprint center. If you want a news story go after the big dogs as opposed to picking on the little man. With all the recessions, oil spills and wars in this world can't you let the average joe have some weekend fun and try to forget about the problems on the world for just one night?

Chicago, IL

#16 Jun 3, 2010
The race track brings in tax money just like every other business does so if they shut down the race track then they should raise the personal property on the people that are complaining about 1500 more and now we will see what they think about that so go buy your family a boat and camper and go camping all weekend and drink all your wine and get the cheese on the way to the lake cry babies

Blue Springs, MO

#17 Jun 3, 2010
I live right across the street from the Woodbury addition and the cars cannot be heard most of the time, so quit whining you frizz headed fake blonde! Let people have their fun and you mind your own business, do I complain about all the screaming kids that I can hear coming from the Woodbury pool ? Nope! Its summer so let it go and have fun, stop being a busybody and tryin to ruin others fun!!!


#18 Jun 3, 2010
The addition is over 5miles from the track and north of I-70. The interstate traffic noise is louder at that point.
2 Cents Worth

Kansas City, KS

#19 Jun 3, 2010
New resident wrote:
We bought our home in November - no one mentioned we would spend the summers listening to a race track.
We are 5 miles away and you can still hear the track. My biggest complaint is that the noise some evenings is after 10pm. According to the website, this will happen almost every single summer weekend.
Are your windows closed with the A/C on in the summer? If not, try it. Even when I'm
outdoors I barely hear any noise from the Kansas Speedway - and I live closer than 5 miles. I have a hard time believing that more race noise (music to me) comes from your GV racetrack than from a field of 43 NASCAR drivers at Kansas Speedway. You sound to me like one of those people who complain just for the sake of complaining. Lighten up.
Love Racing

United States

#20 Jun 3, 2010
What about Whiskey Tango, If you hear the race track you should hear all of the drunks since the track is that close to your house so is the bar and I-70. Heck lady get a life and a clue!!! Grow up. Grain Valley is producing a thing called revenue!!! And that is something that we all need right now with the economy is down. You and everyone else should be happy that someone is bring some enjoyment to this dreaded world we live in right now.

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