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#1 Apr 8, 2011
I have a good friend who went to EJ Noble today with some severe symptoms. She was told that there was nothing wrong with her and sent away! The fact of the matter is that she has a comp case against them and they REFUSE to treat her.(do they realize that this is illegal??) As far as im concerned, shes not missing out on anything anyway. I wouldn't bring my dog to that hospital if it had a broken toe nail! They treat people like shit and anyone who goes there is automatically treated like they are a drug addict. It's a sad day when you can't get help from a hospital.

She ended up having to take her life into her hands and drive herself to Ogdensburg Hospital where they are doing extensive testing on her as we speak. EJ Noble has put her in danger as well as others by sending her away and making her drive! In her condition, she should not have been driving! She could have had an accident and killed herself or someone else. She would have been better off going up the road to Tim Monore to begin with. Most of the Doctors there are not fit to be there. They work at EJ Noble because they cant get jobs any where else. For real doctors, EJ Noble would have to pay. Thats why any good doctor that has ever been there is gone now.

Hey, but who wouldn't want to go to horny Dr. Moon who is mostly worried if his female patients have boyfriends or not? I was told that he had many complaints against him that are sexual in nature at his past job and thats how he ended up working for EJ! Im not sure if that is a fact or not but I definitely believe that the beat nick is that way. I have been to him before I knew better.

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New Hartford, NY

#2 Apr 8, 2011
A few agreements and a disagreement
I do believe for the most part EJ Noble is a disgusting Scum Hole. You could give that place a through cleaning top to bottom and it still wouldnt look clean when you were done, I don't think it would be so bad if it wasnt so old. It just needs to be updated and have new floors put in and the walls a repainting.
Another agreement that there is a lot of mistreatment by the doctors. Al-Hussein is the worst. I don't know anyone that actually does like him! Hes a horrible doctor who has misdiagnosed not only me but my kids as well almost every time we have been to the ER on a weekend. When Monday comes and the dr. office is actually open and they tell me something completely opposite of what he did I always ask myself why i wasted the time going in the first place. I only go because sometimes there actually are some decent doctors on. Moon, Lang, and the younger one Mike? I think not too sure of his name/last name. I like all of them.
Disagreement...My child sees Dr. Moon and I absolutely love him. He is an amazing Doctor and very good at what he does.
Agreement... A LOT but not ALL of the good doctors have left... We will all greatly miss Dr. Kumar that is for sure.
Be kind

Utica, NY

#3 Apr 8, 2011
To Disgusted - I can understand your concern for your friend but why be so cruel and bash all the Doctors that work at Gouverneur hospital. That is so wrong!! There are many Doctors that work there that give their all to their patients. For instance Dr.Reason is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.

Syracuse, NY

#4 Apr 8, 2011
Dr. Reason is a quack!!! He makes his patients wait ungodly amounts of time to see him and he has no idea what he is doing as a doctor! The hospital's problem is Canole!!! Has anyone ever looked into how much that guy is costing the hospital in a year?! He needs to have his hospital credit card yanked and let him start paying for his own meals for starters!! Get rid of him...he does nothing! You'd think with the money he makes he'd buy himself a neck!

Watertown, NY

#5 Apr 8, 2011
Ya know, I was there today when your friend came in. There was nothing wrong with her, other than she need a good bath and a scrubbing of her nasty butt.

She is just your typical welfare rat looking for free drugs to sell.
Gouvy girl

Utica, NY

#6 Apr 8, 2011
If you're all so worried about it and who's doing a good job and who's not, try BEING a Dr. or being the person in charge of an entire small town hospital. Ohh what? You arent smart enough to be a Dr.? You dont have the education to be in charge of the hospital? Then quit BITCHING.

To disgusted if your friend had such a problem tell her to file a complaint.

As for everyone else, ANYONE around has favorite Dr.s and Dr's they absolutely hate. Its how it works. Its why we have more than one Dr. to choose from. Some people ADORE one Dr. while another despises the same. To each their own, as for your opinions fine, have them but all anyone wants to do on this site is bash our community and be ungrateful for what we DO have. Its sickening. If you dont like the hospital, heres a little tip for you..... DONT GO THERE! We're lucky to have what we have in our small town. Be grateful and if you have a REAL problem, file a complaint.

New Hartford, NY

#7 Apr 8, 2011
I so agree with the people who think EJ noble is a dive whole. My grandmother is a patient at the nurseing home. They treat those patients horrable most of the nurses not all but alot of them are careless. Ive been in the lunch room with her and and the nurses that ahve to feed some of there patients sit and moan and grown about how badly they have a headace or how bad they need to get home there tired blah blah blah. I was 8 months pregnant slipped on ice went up there on christmas eve and there was no dr so the dr on call came from watertown in the blizzard and when he got there reaked badly of alcohol he rammed his fingers around never did a sono or nothing i wasnt feeling the baby move the nurse even looked at me and kept saying she was so sorry. My aunt was shipped there she had a brain anarysm it took them 5 hours to get her out of there and to syracuse later she died if she would have been shipped asap on arrival she would have had a 50% chance of survival. My uncle 4 weeks ago came in the er with stomach pain they did nothing finally decided he needed surgery but wasnt able to tell us why or on what later we found out they gut a few inches of his intestines! I wouldnt go to that hospital for nothing. I have a couple aunts that are nurses there and I know several people that work there and i still feel like that place needs to be investigated! The staff are rude at times make you feel useless the dr half the time arent real dr they are some bs shit idk but i dont like it either!

New Hartford, NY

#8 Apr 8, 2011
However there are people that come in there ouch this and boo hoo that wanting them to give them some drugs so i understand where they get off sending them out the door but there are serious cases that go unattended to!

Oriskany Falls, NY

#9 Apr 8, 2011
The bigest problem is a the useless welfare "People" that come there expecting to be treated like a queen. Stay the hell home, take care of yourself so real sick people can he helped.
good care

Memphis, TN

#11 Apr 12, 2011
I have always recieved good care there! I have had children and surgeries! The nurses have always gone above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I am lucky to have recieved wonderful care there. I was close to home and I would go there in a second!
Thank you EJ Noble staff, Dr's and nurses! Some people still appreciate you!
Walter JD

Potsdam, NY

#12 Apr 13, 2011
I am a rsident of Gouverneur and I have had two instances where I was rushed to the EJN emergency room in severe pain. I was fortunate enough to have been properly diagnosed, treated and made comfortable until I was transported to Syracuse where I required major surgery that could not be performed anywhere in the North Country. If I had to have traveled any longer for treatment I may not have made it. Thank you E.J. Noble for being there also the Gouverneur Rescue Squad for their timely response and care.


Utica, NY

#13 Apr 13, 2011
When my cousin, Jessica, was 16 she took a shower and smelt something strong like a litter box and her mom took her to the ER right away. She had a cyst on her tailbone. The doctors told her she had to have surgery right away. They cut her open and thought they took out the cyst. She had a hole right above the top of her butt. They packed the hole with gauge and put medical tape over it. A few months later it opened and she smelt the smell again. It was bleeding. Her mom took her to Ogdensburg Hospital. She refused to take her to Gouverneur again. She had to have surgery again. Since then she has had 5 or 6 surgeries. A few months ago she had surgery. This time she went to Liverpool. That girl is 19 now and we're all hoping it heals over. She is graduating this year and I hope that she can have a good recovery for a graduation gift. She deserves that much. She would have had recovered if the Gouverneur doctors knew what the hell they were doing.

My great uncle Donnie Horton is in the nursing home right now. My aunt Sue works in the Dietary. Aunt Sue is also Jessica's mother. She goes and visits him every time she has a break. She went to see him one time and he had pooped in his pants and he said it was hours previous to her visiting him. THE NURSES LET HIM SIT IN HIS OWN SHIT FOR HOURS! What the hell is wrong with this hospital. He has thought about killing himself because he's there. Our hospital needs to change or people aren't going to go anymore.

Wasn't there a case a while back about a nurse getting fired because she was abusing patients in the nursing home?
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New Hartford, NY

#14 Apr 14, 2011
Pilonidal cysts are very common and it is typical of a pilonidal cyst to reoccur I dont know your cousin but it is also more likely to reoccur in anyone whom is overweight; It has nothing to do with the doctors or the surgery its very common for them to reoccur. As far as your uncle. I dont know about the sitting in his own shit part. That would not surprise me there are some very LAZY nurses in the Nursing Home; but what does that have to do with the subject at hand, We were all mainly discussing the hospital part and especially the ER and Doctors. I know he is no longer allowed metal silverware because he tries to kill himself. But it isnt because of the nursing home. I know him and he would be like that in ANY nursing home. He is used to being outside and walking around; not cooped up all day with nurses telling him what to do and what he can/cannot eat!

&& for those bashing Dr. Moon I happen to think he is a GREAT doctor. Both of my kids and myself see him. At the most I have waited 10 minutes in his waiting room But usually no more than five! He has been great with all of us and never once been perverted towards me. Everyone has their own opinions of every doctor. Mine is that Moon & Reason are the best ones there. Although you can wait ongodly amounts of time in Reasons waiting room! He just has way too many patients and can't keep up with them all!

Utica, NY

#15 Apr 14, 2011
My grandmother went to see Uncle Donnie yesterday and the first thing he said to her was "Get me out of here, they are mean to me". All the nurses do is complain about how bad their life is. Instead of worrying about themselves they should be taking care of the patients. IDIOTS! This hospital is a joke. Instead of adding another addition that isnt going to do any good they need to get people in there that aren't complete assholes to the people in the nursing home. If he hurts himself I will be sure to make sure that the hospital is faulted. Its nothing but a bandade station.

Oriskany Falls, NY

#16 Apr 14, 2011
So why don't you take old Donny boy out of the nursing home and bring him home to your house to stay.
I know

United States

#17 Apr 14, 2011
maby karma really does come back around! maby donnie boy is finally suffering for touching little kids along with his sicko sister shirley.He;s just mad cuz nobody is touching his ass anymore.
Registered Nurse

Oriskany Falls, NY

#18 Apr 14, 2011
I used to work at the nursing home and I know that there are a few nurses that are not the best for the job. While I was there a nurse, whom i know to still work at the nursing, was put on probation at work for verbally and once "that I know of" physically abusing a patient. Its a sad thing that the board and president of the hospital would put up with that kind of behavior.
On another note I agree that some Drs here are good and as with any one person with an opinion, others I would pass on. But I now work at the Canton-Potsdam hospital and you can find the same thing with the Drs... Some ppl like them and others prefer someone else!
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New Hartford, NY

#19 Apr 15, 2011
Once again, your uncle wouldn't be happy in ANY nursing home. He is used to being out and having his freedom. Also, if you want people to take you seriously at least learn how to spell its band-aid. I will agree there are some lazy aids in that nursing home but take a look around; its like that in just about every nursing home around here. If your uncle was to hurt himself it is because he doesn't want to be in ANY hospital. It would not be of any fault of the hospital so go ahead and try faulting them. You wont get very far on that one.
just me

Edwards, NY

#20 Apr 15, 2011
I can tell you that the ER dept bedside manner isn't the greatest!! The ER is too small!! Hopefully they will make it bigger with a little more privacy when they get the new addition!!
In the know

Watertown, NY

#21 Apr 15, 2011
so Danielle, are you going to take Uncle Donnie home with you?????

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