Fred Tharret charged with 4 felony's ...
Hatepatheticpeop le

Ithaca, NY

#24 Oct 19, 2012
Boy this FU CK sounds like that whore Lindsey LaTray, or it could be her pot head , thief boyfriend Jake Service! Talk about lies, what about all the ones you told Freddy you would screw him, and whatever else a whore would do for money? And True, sounds like the same person. Freddy may be an ass, and maybe his wife should see the light about him and Lindsey, but she is far from fat, and she is not an ugly person, and that's coming from your own mouth Linsdey. I don't believe the Family Dollar had taken food stamps 5 years ago, but I could be wrong, have to look into that one! Sandycreekgirl, you maybe right on the other names, they all sound like the same person, this Trina chic, and Lindsey should hook up together , the act just alike.. Hahaha

Ithaca, NY

#25 Oct 19, 2012
Trina and Lindsey, together? Hahaha, funny shit

Ithaca, NY

#27 Oct 19, 2012
I work hard for a living,and fred is a piece of crap,slumbum is what he is,go sue someone else douche bag

Dexter, NY

#29 Oct 19, 2012
wow wrote:
u ppl need to stop Fred is not on welfare and didn't have a fraud for disability like its any of ur business anyways north country now made a mistake and its being removed so why not do something useful with ur lives and get off ur a$$ and get a job instead of ranting on here about other ppl and there life when im sure half of u on here are on some type of welfare! Fred isn't a slum lord he puts more into these places then he makes if they wouldn't be safe enough for his own kids and grandkids then he wouldn't rent them out! So unless u know the truth or hear it from Fred or see it with ur own eyes stfu!
Really? Northcountrynow made a mistake? How about the Watertown daily times and the Ogdensburg journal... They made a mistake too? Wahhh wahhhh poor Fred. It's about time he got caught up with. They don't call him Fast Freddy for no reason. He's a con artist!!

Ithaca, NY

#30 Oct 19, 2012
Brooke quit defending your welfare trash parents. His fat ass got arrested, theres no way in hell u can defend that. Oh wait, you probably say he did nothing wrong right? Tharretts are perfect. Ya right. Your house in fullerville was condemed it was such a fcking dump, and their trailor should be to!! If hes so rich tell me why he lives in a mobile home?? He goes around bragging about his money. His fraud money hahahahaha
#31 Oct 19, 2012
hes a scumbagg looser and the ppl that defend him are the ones sucking his meat stick . u guys that defended him and therett himself are all slum lords... how can u be "nice" and put people out on the street . with no where to go and nuttin to do.
BoobVille Booker
#32 Oct 19, 2012
well there is a lot of people trying to figure out who others are on here saying bad things about mr.faggot freddy. ahahaha. looks like the truth hurts... and i would like to add. they only look like they have stuff because they like to take from others. they take people to court and try and lie to get their stuff... TAMMY is A FAT C U N T....and FRED is a low life cum guzzleing cock sucker.....and there son what a piece of work. i dont know whats wore his smell or how he tries to get girls to send him naked anyone would want to send him that he is too fat and smelly hahaha

Hermon, NY

#33 Oct 19, 2012
I havent been on this site sticking up for my parents but now i will! and if u read the f*cking papers u will see what hes being investigated for he hasnt been charged with dumbass and our house in fullerville condemed maybe if u drive by it u will see someone is living there and ya they might live in a moble home doesnt mean they are dirtbags there is plenty of ppl that have a moble home that have money! and scummy tharretts id loved to know who u are since u know so much more about my family then i do ! so everyone just leave my family alone we have been threw enough and dont need this crap if u have something to say feel free to come to us in person instead of hiding behind a computer cause truth be known ur the one prob on welfare and sit on ur ass doing nothing but running ur mouths about something u havent got a clue about!
really pissed off sister

Ithaca, NY

#34 Oct 19, 2012
why dont you come to jumbos tonight and say sh*t about my sister to my face you f***ing scum bags keep saying crap like this and watch what happens. unless your chicken sh*t
Read it again

Ithaca, NY

#36 Oct 19, 2012
He has most definitely been charged Brooke. We can read. You although either cannot or maybe its the comprehension of it all thats a bit much for you. You may want to read it again.

Gouverneur man charged with felony forgery

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 10:14 am
GOUVERNEUR Leroy T. Tharrett, 44, Gouverneur, has been charged with four felony counts and two misdemeanors following a state police investigation of an alleged property dispute.

Tharrett was reportedly held after he was charged Wednesday with two counts each of felony forgery and criminal possession of a weapon and one count each of misdemeanor forgery and offering a false instrument for filing. He has since been released.

The investigation began with a complaint received on Oct. 3.

give me a break

Syracuse, NY

#37 Oct 19, 2012
for all you scum ass loser's if anyone was kicked out of places it's your type of people that make it look bad for us working folks and as for tammy you don't know her as well as you think you's do. you's call there place a dump don't let that scare ya come over and show your face's unless your to chicken shit too show up i'am ready for a show. oh i forgot you's can only run your mouth on here my bad

Ithaca, NY

#38 Oct 19, 2012
No one should be judging anyone,as we weren't put on this earth to judge.there will be a judgement day for all,so live and let live..the only ones that know the truth is Fred AND GOD..LEAVE it at that..If u can't SAY anything nice about anyone,try saying nothing at all.....

Moravia, NY

#40 Oct 20, 2012
Allen Aldridge wrote:
why dont people keep their nose in own business about fred tharrett he has fixed my place up and he worked for what he has just back off and leave him alone .
You tell them Allen!
We all grew up together & NEVER have I known this fmly to be corrupt, or to be found dishonest!
Unless YOU were there when the 'FACT'-ual dispute took place, and are a member of the law enforcement team that 'FACT'-ually did investigation, YOU should not radiate your ignorance in such a public forum.
To show just how ignorant you ppl truly are, you even went after his fmly which were never even mentioned!!
What a sorry bunch of uneducated riff-raff that can't read, retain, or forward information accurately.
Groovy Gouvy is a pittle-ass backwater full of lying, coniving, backstabbing, petty, gossipping wastes of life!
They have nothing better to do but sit on their FREE computers, sucking up the FREE heat/electric, txtg on those FREE cell phones, eating the FREE takeout food.. all the while thriving on their FREE SSI CHECKS & on that FREE GREAT NYS WELFARE GRAVY TRAIN.
BOTH are provided by ppl like Fred, his fmly, and other hard working "poor" souls like my fmly!
"He who lives in glass houses ought not to throw stones."
(for those smart ppl.. it means what it reads.
for the idiots, it says YOU only SAY what you know,
so "IF" Fred is guilty,
the only way you'd know it is that YOU ARE GUILTY OF IT, TOO!)

Ithaca, NY

#41 Oct 20, 2012
I thought we were in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty . Seems everyone is guilty first anymore . Thing is they never post if you we're found innocent . You never know ..........&$$&$:$4$$( &(&874$:!$$:&: &&

Ithaca, NY

#42 Oct 20, 2012
Haaaaa wrote:
I thought we were in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty . Seems everyone is guilty first anymore . Thing is they never post if you we're found innocent . You never know ..........&$$&$:$4$$( &(&874$:!$$:&: &&
Because you are never found innocent, it is either guilty or not guilty!
BoobVille Booker
#43 Oct 20, 2012
looks like someone hit a nerve hahaha
Caleb johanson

Ithaca, NY

#44 Oct 20, 2012

Its amazing why a welfare rat would think hat using big words would make you smart.

Go back to collecting your state check and stop breeding to save us working people.

East Syracuse, NY

#45 Oct 20, 2012
does fred own any houses on hailesboro st in gouverneur if so does anyone no the house numbers

Moravia, NY

#46 Oct 20, 2012
Caleb johanson wrote:
Its amazing why a welfare rat would think hat using big words would make you smart.
Go back to collecting your state check and stop breeding to save us working people.
Actually, I'm a well-established businessman from Burlington, VT!
So you need to check yourself because there are much worse things than not passing your piss test to get your foodstamps!
Liable, slander, defamation of character, and aggravated harrassment are looking pretty cut and dry from what I read.
The more you say on this public forum, the more there is to show the officers and judge, to prove that very point.
So, please do keep spewing your misinformation about someone you have never met, and quite clearly don't know!
And once again, showing your blatant disregard for having the facts in order before blowing off your insults of ignorance.
And with this, I will no longer need to trouble anyone further by responding another time to someone of lesser intelligence than myself or anyone else originally involved in this matter, WHICH IS BEING DEALT WITH BY PROPER, KNOWLEDGABLE AUHORITIES.
ppl r funny

Edwards, NY

#47 Oct 20, 2012
Drama. Dramma.
All I can say is that people need to grow up. If you can't say things to people's faces then you have a problem. Their isn't one of you out their that is perfect, so keep the comments to yourself. Talk about karma, yes you all will get it at your feet one day.

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