2010 Florida Governor Race Election R...

2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today

There are 3163 comments on the thenewsoftoday.com story from Nov 3, 2010, titled 2010 Florida Governor Race Election Results a " Rick Scott Wins | The News of Today. In it, thenewsoftoday.com reports that:

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David Harbin

United States

#2240 Aug 5, 2013
In fact the VANPAC bombing of Judge Vance also deprived me of a fair hearing and EnBanc at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.
That was were I spent most of my 15 minutes arguing to exhume corrupt IRS Agent/Defendant Russell Raymond Ervin whom I had met at the White Western Men's Club and who they found dead/murdered/sheepdipped just days after being served with my third amended complaint by U S Marshals.
The White Western Men's Club runs Panama Citym Florida......and much more....
David Harbin

United States

#2241 Aug 5, 2013
The Medical Examiner, WILLIAM SYBERS, had just been convicted of murdering his wife KAY SYBERS, too.

The 14th Judicial Circuit ME shops for corrupt MEs to cover up the Mobs murders, drownings, suspicous "accidents" and Arkancidings.

What does another corrupt Judge say?
David Harbin

United States

#2242 Aug 5, 2013
Can't wait to call you to testify too.
El Jefe Innocentie

Spring Hill, FL

#2243 Aug 5, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
Can't wait to call you to testify too.
If you testify I'll brag and tell on yer nag

Picture it>>>>>

Dave gets 5 for HorsePorno
David Harbin

United States

#2244 Aug 5, 2013
Picture this in your minds' eye:

Under subpoena Topix provides perv corrupt Cointelpro Operative Stalker Judge's IP.

Spring Hill, FL

#2245 Aug 5, 2013




Spring Hill, FL

#2246 Aug 5, 2013
NOTE ......


David Harbin

United States

#2247 Aug 5, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
Picture this in your minds' eye:
Under subpoena Topix provides perv corrupt Cointelpro Operative Stalker Judge's IP.
And poof.......there goes your pension....and your double dippin' at the Boss Hog trough.

United States

#2249 Aug 6, 2013
David Harbin wrote:
Picture this in your minds' eye:
Under subpoena Topix provides perv corrupt Cointelpro Operative Stalker Judge's IP.
What we need is a replay of this story with a lot more arrested added to it!!

Spring Hill, FL

#2250 Aug 6, 2013
YUK is a _______

Did U Know

United States

#2252 Aug 8, 2013
WE have found a great PUBLIC CORRUPTION WEBSITE which of which the link is blocked by this website probably because it shows governbment documents as public officials lies and crimes committed against the taxpayers.




here is the website [ lake X posed (dot) COM ]



Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#2253 Aug 8, 2013
Must be one of those secret websites....lol....
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2254 Aug 8, 2013
Let us try to focus on the issue.
Latest on gov. Rick Scott’s harassment of the citizens of Florida’s voters. What better way to advance the “Austerity” policies of the republicans?
Gov. Rick Scott is eager to take advantage of suppressing the voters rights. His previous attempt met with disaster at the cost to the taxpayers. Once again state officials have been ordered to contest citizens rights to vote. All in the name of integrity! It is viewed by the voters as harassment from a partisan republican governor.
Uproar from the voters on the long lines of 3to 6 hours has faded and or ignored by the republicans in Florida… His defense is “The Supreme Court has allowed our secretary of state to start working with our supervisor of elections to make sure our sacred right to vote is not diluted,”. Failing to recognize that voters observe republicans to be the instrument of voter rights dilution.
Growing list of states, including Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Alabama will take delight in obstructing their citizens rights of vote with shorting the voting time at the poles and obstructions to voters applications. Identical measures that gov. Rick Scott and his republicans pursued for the 2012 elections. Taxpayers will be given the bill to build the infrastructure to suppress voters rights and the following law suits that will follow. Conservative integrity?
Hispanics and now a growing number of Cuban Americans are recognizing the attacks by republicans on their basic fundamental rights as citizens. Invalidating the immigrant group’s lawsuit demonstrates the depth of the immigrants slide to second class citizenship.
Gov. Rick Scott will now increase his attacks by involving elections officials and state officials…. Senator Bill Nelson views this as “Governor Scott seemingly is bent on suppressing the vote in Florida, with his latest move coming as an unfortunate result of the recent Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act,”
Integrity lacking by gov. Rick Scott may yet come back to haunt all the republicans for years to come. Gov. Rick Scott’s last attempt to remove citizens from their rights to vote went like this. Gathering 182,000 names that taxpayers paid to investigate for their citizens rights to vote was soon whittled down to 2,600 . Taxpayers paid for further investigation and that 2,600 was whittled down 198. More taxpayer funds investigating this discovered it was less than 40! Mr. Steve Schale summed it up “It’s a solution in search of a problem,”
Taxpayers paid for that mud raking and any lawsuits that may have or will be spun off that republican fiasco. Republicans undaunted supports gov. Rick Scott’s to once again harass the citizens of Florida of their voting rights. Senator Marco Rubio {R} applauds the review efforts of gov. Rick Scott. To continue to harass Florida citizens rights to vote.
According to the Department of Homeland Security the data base from which gov. Rick Scott will be using is NOT a “comprehensive”. Probability of increasing taxpayer cost to investigate and any potential law suites that may be derived from this malevolent tactic of the republicans.
Lori Edwards, the supervisor of elections in Polk County and president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections, is concerned about why would gov. Rick Scott chose a tactic that has proven to be erroneous, as to its results. Ms Edwards sums it up “It doesn’t seem like a prudent way to proceed with something that you have already botched once before.”
Gov. Rick Scott and republicans are exhibiting their desperations. Grasping at straws at taxpayers expense.

But Ms. Edwards said she was perplexed about why Mr. Scott chose to return to this issue so quickly.“They are rubbing their hands together and saying,‘Let’s go at it,’” Ms. Edwards said.“It doesn’t seem like a prudent way to proceed with something that you have already botched once before.”


Did U Know

United States

#2255 Aug 8, 2013
Well the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians would apparently sure like for it to be a secret.

They don't like people spreading their crimes and dirty laundry around like Snowden did!
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2256 Aug 8, 2013
Of course if one wants to go off course then I submit the following; on the “austerity” of republicans.
I was against invading Iraq from the start. This solidified my speculation the republicans have imperialist dreams. Reminded me of Vietnam when Nixon crossed the line and started to invade Laos and Cambodia. Ironically both republican administrations had blank checks for their wars with no exit strategy. Now I speculate the other two infamous republican fiascos. 1st being the 1929 Great Depression and the 2nd , 2008 Great Recession. Little bit of research and the same principles for these destructive economic results were due to rise in inequality and deregulation.
Putting all of this together I get imperialism ambitious ideologies manifesting with the republican party. Then discovering present republicans ambitions for inequality to our economics solidified that I’m correct as to their goals. The Tea was the glazing that made it obvious to the naked truth of what they represent.
UN’s Gini observation for a nation’s inequality in economics distributions supports my contentions. USA presently is at .47 up from our 1980 .4 status to inequality to the populace. Sweden is .3 Netherlands .31 for a couple of examples. Africa and Latino America .5 and above. Scale is defined as 1 being complete inequality and 0 being totally equal..47 and increasing puts us in the neighborhood of Turkey and Iran. Higher the inequality the higher the probability for the formation of oligarchies with their tyrants and dictators, emperors, etc. etc…
2014 coming up ladies and gentlemen your choice.. No vote will only allow this inequality to further increase. Vote for inequality will accelerate it. Vote for more equality and it may slow it down for the wealth of propaganda is with the oligarchies, at the present. Push for inequality has been going on for over a century. It will take some time to bring it to a standard of .3 .
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2257 Aug 8, 2013
Obamacare another off course reply for those that desire it.
Are you pregnant? Under the present republican plan of Health Care you can expect this…
Renée Martin pregnancy in Laconia N.H. was a wake up call to her and her husband Mark Willett both professionals with Health Care Insurance. Her present policy does not cover maternity! Soon they began to question each cost factor. Epidural anesthesia with the option of a birthing tube labor became a serious decision. Additional investigation as to what the actual cost of maternity care was vague to non existence. Inquiry to Hospitals finance offices had little help. Giving Ms. Martin a range of $4,000 to $45,000 ! Actually the “average” cost is slightly above $37,000 in the USA. Ms. Martin discovered many of the arrays for maternity have no fixed price if any. Midway through her pregnancy she received a bill for $935 for an ultrasound that she had already paid a radiologist to read the scan $256, which took 20 minutes. After extensive stressful negotiations bill was reduced to $655 from the $935 billing.
“I feel like I’m in a used-car lot,” Ms. Martin replied.
Sticker shock on pregnancy can be attributed to how the cost has tripled since 1996.{N.Y. Times, Truven Health Analytics} Four Million annual births now cost the USA over $50 billion. Other developed nations through out the world have fractions of that cost to their Health Care programs. Additionally they provide all the same quality technological and primary care that the USA offers on their most expensive maternity procedures.“It’s not primarily that we get a different bundle of services when we have a baby,” said Gerard Anderson, an economist at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health who studies international health costs.“It’s that we pay individually for each service and pay more for the services we receive.”
As of 2011, up to 62% of American women with private insurance and not through an employer denied or excludes maternity care. Those that do have them are feeling the cost as their deductibles and co-payments accelerating. All the while certain pregnancy related services become excluded. 2004 to 2010 vaginal births cost rose 49% and Caesarean sections by 41% Out of pocket expense quadrupled! Three Health Care groups hired Truven for that analyst as well as to the average total price of delivery. Which is as follows; Vaginal births $30,000 and $50,000 for the C-section. Insurance paid out an average of $18,329 and $27,866 end of report. Survey by Childbirth Connection reported that the women’s out of pocket fee average $3,400 .
In the other developed nations there s little to no charge for maternity care. They consider it vital to ensuring the health of future generations.
Ireland free maternity at public hospitals and a small fee for deliveries in private hospitals. Switzerland, France and the Netherlands have an Average price for a vaginal delivery of $4,000 of which the mother pays very little of that due to strict regulations and price settings. France, one example of many in the developed nations, have their mothers remain for up to a week to recoup where in the USA 1 to 2 days and out they go.
With Obamacare we can rein in this messed up maternity nonsense. Republican’s Austerity ideology does not work is evident in all factors of our cultures here and through out the world.
Bernard Forand

Cape Coral, FL

#2258 Aug 8, 2013
Now a little closer to the gov. Rick Scott issue.
Another Stalin in the making?
Here in Florida it is more subdued. Recently Gov. Rick Scott gives us an example of one that was allowed to come to light. Imagine how many have been shaded from the light.
Our Ricky has just opened a door for removing any voters rights to elect their representatives. Try beating that..
Political corruption has once again reared its head in Florida with Gov. Rick Scott. He now claims authority to, at will dismiss what the voters voted for. Transferring a republican legislator that opposed his penal sell off and Rick’s desires on the property insurance issue. Republican Mike Frasno has been removed from his constituents voted legislating official seat to be a tax collector. If the constituents of Frasno desire him to be their legislator they must reelect him, come 2014. Double jeopardy on the voters rights? This should be taken to the Florida supreme court for their ruling as to its legality. With this strategy what are we the voters to anticipate for the future? Governors will merely take opposition to their administration and remove them to some obscured position denying the voters their representatives, that they voted for. That opens the door to all forms of anti democracy corruptive scenarios. Will the President of the U.S. now gather up the Tea members and assign them to some obscured ambassador position. Example; Senator McConnell to be Antarctic ambassador with Senator Rand to the Artic and Senator Ted Cruz to Russia. Then replace them with more favorable representatives to his causes.
Gov. Rick Scott has once again demonstrated why Florida is ranked as number one most politically corrupt.

another bushwhacker

United States

#2259 Aug 8, 2013
Bernard Forand wrote:
Now a little closer to the gov. Rick Scott issue.
Another Stalin in the making?
as number one most politically corrupt.
When Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott was first spending that 70 million he claimed was his own money to buy the governor's job he left out the most important part of his RESUME.

While he was on the campaign trail dragging his momma around and telling everyone how he got his start in business in donut shops never once did he say anything about the faact that as a lawyer he had worked for a big law firm in Dallas, TX where he become involved with the Bush's Oil Businesses and that he was in fact a partner in the Texas Rangers with George Walker Bush. That is where he got his start buying hospitals and in fact Rick Scott and Jeb Bush are still partners in some south American Hospitals.

Rick Scott is just another wolf in sheeps clothing.

If not for his partner George DUBYA he would be serving life in the federal pen for MEDICARE FRAUD!

Instead thanks to his connections with the Bush criminal family empire he is nothing more than another BUSHWHACKER!

Spring Hill, FL

#2260 Aug 8, 2013
big ' shoot his mouth offs ' posters at it again

shooting mouth off - run for office is better
common core hore

United States

#2262 Aug 9, 2013
Jeb Bush blasted actor Matt Damon on social media for the Hollywood A-lister’s decision to send his own children to a private school after publicly campaigning about the importance of public education.

Here is what Jeb Bush tweeted on Monday:

“Matt Damon Refuses to Enroll Kids in Los Angeles Public Schools. Choice ok for Damon, why not everyone else?”

If this is not proof positive this man is on a mission to destroy the Public School systems of the USA what in the world is it? They are in high gear to destroy public education as we know it!
If the people do not organize in support of those who want to save our public schools this nationally organized Bush effort is going to undermine and destroy the Public School System of America!

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