Woman dies at Perryville prison after...

Woman dies at Perryville prison after being left outside

There are 17 comments on the Arizona Republic story from May 20, 2009, titled Woman dies at Perryville prison after being left outside. In it, Arizona Republic reports that:

A 48-year-old woman died early Wednesday after being left in an outdoor cage for nearly four hours at Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville. Marcia Powell, who was serving a 27-month sentence for prostitution, was scheduled to be transferred to a detention unit Tuesday.

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Inmate Joe


#1 May 21, 2009
Arizona Prisons are known for torturing inamtes.. im not surprised


#2 May 21, 2009
Inmate Joe wrote:
Arizona Prisons are known for torturing inamtes.. im not surprised
inmate joe...you are so full of shit it's not even funny. you punks whine and complain when you don't get catered to all day long. what happend to this woman is unexcusable and heads need to roll over this, people will have to be held responsible but YOU are nothing but a punk who probably cried 'cause he had to stay in for count for 30 minutes.
Suzy Fancypants

Gilbert, AZ

#3 May 24, 2009
Hey whocares! I'm inmate Joes bitch and you just stop it RIGHT NOW or I'll find you and bitch slap you into the next county!!!!

Roy, WA

#4 Jun 4, 2009
Should be a charge of negligent hommicide for each prison personell responsible
Working With Police

Silver Spring, MD

#5 Jun 11, 2009
Inmate Joe wrote:
Arizona Prisons are known for torturing inamtes.. im not surprised
Written by Montgomery County Police Trainee in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Important news for the public to read for safety reasons:

When the Hells Angels chapter in Mesa, Arizona wanted an individual punished, police say they turned to Paul Eischeid. A woman at the motorcycle gang's clubhouse which is a training center, Tanya Smith wanted to help gang members get money by working as a prostitute. Police say the bikers told her to go into the gas stations with a knife and rob the cash registers and stab the gas station attendants, killing them before leaving. Cops report that Eischeid and other gang members viciously attacked a lady at a gas station, beating and stabbing her and then robbed the place of all the money. Then, police report, they tossed the woman into a car trunk, and drove out to the desert where they dumped her virtually lifeless body. But they weren't through with their fury yet, say police; the bikers took turns stabbing the woman until she was nearly decapitated then urinated on her and spit on her too. Then the gang stuffed cigarettes in her mouth and nose before dumping her into a sewer. The gang left their victim's corpse to rot in the sewer. But a passing motorist noticed something and the gang grabbed the motorist, robbed him, stabbed him to death and then dumped him and his motorcycle but after cutting the wires on the cycle in the river or lake nearby. A judge allowed Eischend to bail out while he waited for his trial. It was a major mistake because the judge happened to be retarted and senile. Eischeid has a body full of tattoos. Eischeid was one of more than 50 Hells Angels and associates arrested in 2003 as part of a major crackdown on motorcycle gang violence in Arizona. He was charged in connection with the murder. Because he had a small prior criminal history and was holding a steady job at the time, a judge allowed Eischeid to bail out while he waited for his trial. It was a major mistake because the judge was a goofball and screwup at the time or was on PCP or grass. Cops say Eischeid removed the tracking device he'd been ordered to wear, and hit the road.
Just Me

Tucson, AZ

#6 Jun 19, 2009
Sherriff joe does torture his inmates. In the matrix, men have been incarcerated shoulder to shoulder with condensation dripping from the ceiling.

United States

#7 Jun 19, 2009
A crime is a crime regardless of who does it. Yes, this woman should of been properly detained, yes, someone should be held accountable. Inmates in this country are treated to a higher standard than the rest of the world. Lets see if the felons of this country would care to do time, in lets say Mexico? Hell the Mexican nationals that are incarcerated here don't want to go back, and why? They have it too good here. I can guarantee, that the prisoners here wouldn't last a week let alone 2.5 years there. What about Russia? We all heard about the horrors of Thailand, haven't we. What about the present country, our country owes so much money to, China. Do you think they going to go okay here's your three hots and a cot? Hell no they would proceed to giving you some "Act right" followed with a few "Hot Ones". Those of you who know what that means, you know where I'm comming from. What do these country and our country have different? Liberalism, yes that is the correct answer, "Liberalism". America is running rampant with "Liberals". Ohhh Please, These inmates today are just over sized children, and if they don't get their way they cry to the "Liberal media" and we as a society bows down and cater to these bunch of cry babies. What about the victims of these cry babies? Who can they write to find the justice they are looking for? NAACP? Hahahaha that's a joke what about CNN? Keep looking. Maybe one day we'll find the answer to that question....

Kingman, AZ

#8 Sep 28, 2009
Back to the subject.. I want to make things straight and speak on behalf of Marcia and all inmates at Perryville. Marcia was well known in the prison by inmates and personel. Everyone knew she was on medication, the kind that cautions against prolong exposure in the sun. What happened was typical among the CO's in the prison. The inmates are constantly treated in type of manner and are told "you are states property-you have no rights". No matter what you've done your still a person. That takes me to what happened to Marcia. Asking for a drop of water and being ignored her, knowing she was on med's, led to her death. All CO's that were on duty and involved with this unexcusable death of an inmate should be held accountable just like anyone else who kills another person. Why do people get thrown in jail if they leave their pet in their car, in the heat, whats the difference. Just because they are CO's doesn't excuse them from what they've done. Even the CO's that quit are admitting guilt but not paying the consequenses, thats chicken shit. As the days go by and nothing get done about it, it will continue behind the prison gates. This is just the beginning of all the untold crimes that happen to inmates behind prison walls. There needs to be some type of survalence at all times for the protection of all inmates and CO's. This isn't the first incident, other incidences have been swept under the rug because they are "just inmates" What make CO's think they are GOD?! I hope this will help Marcia rest in peace, God bless her.

Fort Mohave, AZ

#9 Dec 9, 2009
gina wrote:
Should be a charge of negligent hommicide for each prison personell responsible
You should be charged with negligent spelling and grammar and then sent back to school!

Peoria, AZ

#10 Apr 17, 2010
dont talk shit about hells angels if u dont know ur facts that sounds like a mongols type of work so dont go runing your mounth about hells angels

Lake Wales, FL

#12 Apr 28, 2010
debbie wrote:
<quoted text>
You should be charged with negligent spelling and grammar and then sent back to school!
you need to go to prison and be treated the way that girl was treated and you need the lord jesus christ in your life and have a heart no matter who you are screwing .


#13 May 14, 2010
Ya know how pathetic did this thread become because of a few ignorant,uneducated, self riotous,indignant people who not only tottaly got off the subject but chose to insult others instead offering their opinion. EVERYONE has a right to voice an opinion with out such pathetic response. I spent 2.5 years in Perryville most of what has been posted here about the place is true!! I did my crime and I did my time..PERIOD I have nothing to gain by coming on here and lying about this horrific place..Yea I know I know "it's Prison not a Country Club..Well let me say this I wasn't expecting nor asking to be treated as in a country club. But GODDAMIT I am a humen being who had a good job, paid my taxes, voted every year, college educated( Yea I know lil miss perfect Debbie WOOPDI WHOOPDI WOOO send me back to school) maybe we'll have the same classes because from your response you obviously need some education on manners and sticking to the subject at hand...ok enough now I sound like the rest of you doggin on a bitch who's been there and is telling the truth!!
PerryVille is the equivelent to a broken down no no no a CONDEMED motel six. Not fit for even what some of you consider us subhumens.Wait till the day and I hope it never comes, you or someone you love just may find themselve in Perryville..yea I know ur looking at the screen thinking hell no not me..yea well I said the same thing. I got in trouble once and once only and wound up in Perryville..no victims, no violence, yet there I went. when you find yourself in this position ur whole attitude will change and you will understand the inhumane, degrading, belittling feeling that one is overwhelemed with. I could go on and on but
I would rather my words be heard by people who are open minded and less judgemental because Perryville is NOT fit for any humen!
Brother Brown

Bullhead City, AZ

#15 Jun 8, 2010
CO's like to be tuff on duty, but they all have to go home sometime. Then when you get out and come across them at a grocery store they run and hide. The only people that would wear a badge are the losers that got picked on at school and can't fight without their Batman utility belt. Thats why inmates start riots, to let the CO's know who's really in charge. If you ever go to prison you'll see for yourself just how big of a coward a CO really is. Don't get me wrong, some go to do their job and get a paycheck but some take it too seriously like they're FBI agents. Its so funny. The girls family should find the CO who did this and put them in a cage for a few hours and see how they like it. Fair is fair

Queen Creek, AZ

#16 Jul 3, 2010
First, I was an inmate for 3 years at Perryville. To be left in a cage for 4 hours really is not a big deal. This is a very unfortunate situation. Did it ever occur that she may have had another health issue.
Second, Comparing a mens prison to a womans prison is rediculous. Nothing at all the same.
Third, I did NOT ever kiss ass to any officer. Most of them didnt even know me. My point is, if an officer is (harrassing) an inmate there is probably a reason. Lets be honest, most people go to prison with the attitude they dont deserve to be there or they did nothing wrong.
BULLSHIT- your there for a reason!! Once in a great while there is a person who should not be there. But most more the time, you deserve it.....
So get over it people. For those females who have been incarcerated, lets remember Officer Miller or Officer Smith. If of course you have been to Pedro, Maria, or Cruz....
People should not speak on things they know nothing about. Perryville is not inhumane at all. Those who are referring to Sheriff Joe, thats County jail- WAY worse than prison.
I will not ever check this web page again, so you all have a wonderful life. Try not to judge things you know nothing about.......

United States

#17 Dec 19, 2010
So I was actually incarcerated in Perryville at the time this took place, and it was negligance! There is no denying that, and the worst part is this woman had a lot of mental issues and was supposed to be on watch while she waited for medical to pick her up and take her to complex... It was bullshit on their parts and they all decided to try and make HER out to be in the wrong! We were locked down for 24 hours when this happened I was on Santa Maria and heard a call on the Radios! So all the shit talking about what people think they know, please stop, seriously its pathetic... The prison has since then (not fixing the problem) put a shade tarp over every enclosure and put a jug of water out there as well as not allowing inmates to leave their yards without a water bottle and they can now bring them back in! What they need to do is get these women unpacked like sardines, and treated like humans and I bet they could avoid all of these deaths altogether!

Surprise, AZ

#18 Jun 8, 2011
Correction officers harrass other officers who try to help inmates in marcia powels case.The officers that let this inmate die was probably harrassng another officer not to helpand they have their jobs back.

Phoenix, AZ

#19 Jun 12, 2011
WINSlow prison all of them disrespectful especially peryvile.

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