Maybe what they ought to do is furlough a bunch of cops, then use their stripped down squad cars as city cabs and then pair the cabs up with a community service that provides designated driver services for free to people who have consumed alcohol and don't want to drive a car home from the bars. Then, when these cabs aren't performing that public service, they can chauffer people convicted of third offense convictions and higher as a public service so that multiple DUI offenders don't have a need to get in a car at all, much less after consuming alcohol. Further costs could be saved by re-employing the furloughed police officers at 12.00 an hour and part time status, saving the municipality the costs of insurance and paying the furloughees what they made as cops.

It would be possible to fund this service by using Obama math and realizing all the savings in money society will enjoy by using police officers and city police cars to prevent drunk driving and drunk driving property damage, personal injury and fatalities.