lay offs in Glenwood IL police depart...

Oak Forest, IL

#42 May 10, 2010
Thanks for that information. I came back to Glenwood after moving to AZ for over 5yrs, and I must say I have noticed the change. I mean you cant even walk to the up the street to the store without being asked if you need anything(meaning DRUGS!) Thats crazy and i mean right next door to 3 schools. I went to the police department as a concerened citizen and was told oh we know about it and we try to send a police car up there every now and! I am seriously rethinking my move.
concerned resident wrote:
The Mayor Durkin ,his village administrator and the trustees need to close a "budget gap" within the village. Therefore they want all the departments to "cut" expenditures. The police have been hit the hardest. They are planning to vote on a hiring freeze and it is confirmed they want to lay off 3 to 4 officers as soon as possible to meet the budget. They must first do a village wide freeze from hiring to start to lay off. The police, from what I have heard are already down 3 to 4 officers. I know that at some times only 3 police officers are on the streets at one time. The trustees, the village administrator and Mayor Durkin are trying to hide from the people of the Village of Glenwood that if this lay off happens the villlage will only be protected by two officers at any given time. This is not acceptable. What if the 2 officers are on a call for kids fighting after school at Brookwood JR High...and there is a home invasion on Illinois street in the estates (opposite side of town) with violent offenders wielding guns....then there is a train blocking the officers from responding to the other side of town. I guess that is a gamble Kerry Durkin, the trustees and the new village administrator are willing to take to make their names as the "crew that saved Glenwood from the red". The public needs to know that police are going to lose their jobs and they are going to be in danger. Ask the Mayor about the new cart paths at Glenwoodie Golf course that they are going to put in ( it is owned by the village). Ask the mayor what they are going to cost ( I have heard hundreds of thousands of dollars) Do tax payers want to pay to keep police or get new cart paths for Glenwoodie golf course. Hmmmm How many of you golf?

Chicago, IL

#43 May 31, 2010
And your elected officials want to cut the police department's minimum staffing to 2 officers. That would mean 1 officer on each side of the town, answering calls if they can. Keep electing them.
Brookwood Pt resident

Chicago, IL

#44 Aug 22, 2010
I support law enforcement. Little question they have a very tough job in a time when neighborhoods, such as Glenwood, must deal with felons, dirtbags and other soiled characters that scoff at the law.

The SE quadrant of Brookwood Point, Glenwood, has its share of losers who simply hang and wander the streets during late hours, with minimal challenge from patrolling squads. I suspect Glenwood police often more concerned with keeping the losers happy than enforcement of bad behavior of ordinance violations.

Glenwwod has many law-abiding citizens, but the infestation of undesirables in recent years and what they dump into a community goes unchecked with little recourse for the law-abiding to live with it, short of moving.
did you ever think

Alsip, IL

#45 Aug 23, 2010
i know noone like to see gangbangers with their asses hanging out of their baggy jeans walking around the neighborhood. no one dislikes those hoods more than the police. what do you expect the police to do. the se quadrant of brookwood point is filled with shitty apartment complexs and the "infestation of undesirables" you speak of are the residents of those complexs and this town. better realize this is glenwood and those "undesirables" are glenwood residents. this town is a dump incompetent leaders. the only thing left to do for glenwood is to buy the town a tombstone.

Chicago, IL

#46 Aug 23, 2010
Fire the chief!
Sick of this

Chicago, IL

#47 Sep 3, 2010
I am a long time resident of Glenwood and not very happy. Mayor Durkin and the board just approved $18,000,000.00 dollars in bond issues over the next 20 years. I understand it is to pay off the current bonds on the golf course and village hall including other improvements. To me the village is not paying off the bonds but extending them. I understand that Mayor Durkin approached the Cook County Sheriff’s Department to take over the policing of Glenwood because we did not have enough money to pay our police officers. But now we are taking the bond money and purchasing new golf carts, a new club house, buying property from a failed development and giving away $10,000.00 to each of the next 10 purchasers of condominiums at the failed Nugent Square project. The golf course hasn’t made money in years nor will it now. The owners of both properties are close friends of Mayor Durkin and donated largely to his campaign for mayor, a nice payback for their contributions at the cost of the taxpayers, What is wrong with this picture? Free golf and drinks at Glenwoodie mayor? You and the trustees will now be able to drink and golf in style at your new club house for free at the cost of the taxpayers of Glenwood. To think that former Mayor Maggio had the golf course sold but you and the rest of the board would not let her complete this transaction. Let’s see, if you would have agreed with her all current bonds would have been paid off and we would have about 5 million in the bank to pay for a rainy day. Mayor Durkin, I am stuck here in Glenwood but I have more to say and believe me­­­­­­­- I WILL.
Sick of this

Flossmoor, IL

#48 Sep 14, 2010
The Board of Trustees and Mayor voted to increase the fee for a city sticker so we would not need to lay off officers and now they say that the increase was necessary because of less revenue. Our water bills have doubled and they say the Village is broke. Cannot afford fire works on the 4th and cannot afford a police depatment. Lets see.... if you are broke do you borrow 18 million to build a 2.5 million dollar banquet facility at the Golf Course and buy new golf carts. Do you give $10,000 to the first 10 to purchase a condo and Nugent Square, the list goes on and on. Villa de Bruno and House of Lynwood closed because there were not enough banquet bookings. This Village has never been in such sad shape. The number of home breakins have increased and now they want only 2 officers per shift. What happened to our Community Service Officers that put 6 sets of eyes and ears on the street at little or no cost to the village. This has to STOP!!

United States

#49 Nov 24, 2010
I warned all of you about this in 2007. Today is the last day of yet another Glenwood Chief of Police. Apparently Brian Smith like Joe Falica before him won't play ball with Durkin and his cronies. After serving Glenwood for 25 years it's sickening to see the Village of Glenwood sink deeper and deeper at the hands of Durkin. Follow the money.
looking in


#50 Nov 24, 2010
WOW Brian was a great chief too. I heard they are looking at a guy from Evanston now?????
Great news

Chicago, IL

#51 Dec 1, 2010
Karma came back for the ex - chief. I am ecstatic!!!!!!
Falica who

United States

#52 Mar 14, 2011
Falica was a douche bag who sold his officers out.... Falica was so far up maggios a$$ and thats why he got the job from Welsh. How about those "falica days" where officers got extra days off. Smith was a real Chief and now I got to work for an evanston gang specialist! Last time I checked evanston didn't have a gang problem it was Chicago. Maybe I can get an award now too!

Lansing, IL

#53 Mar 23, 2011
open the courts!

Lansing, IL

#54 Mar 23, 2011
can u please let my children play basketball at the parrk again im tired of seein them at home and at the dry park
losing officers

Denver, CO

#55 Mar 23, 2011
I hear a good officer just left glenwood. What happened? Who was it?

Lansing, IL

#56 May 23, 2014
this village has gone to the dogs. I am not a proud citizen of this community anymore. the mayor and the chief needs to go.
Will resident

Frankfort, IL

#57 Jun 13, 2014
Glenwood is wasteing money and the high taxes run all the businesses out of town and the police never helped me anyway everytime my house was burglarized also many of my friends who are glenwood residents there houses have been robbed and theres many other things like kids smashing my windows for fun? Or breaking in my shed and stealing all of my kids bikes they never really helped me so i wont see much of a difference

Since: May 14

Matteson, IL

#58 Jun 13, 2014
Will resident wrote:
Glenwood is wasteing money and the high taxes run all the businesses out of town and the police never helped me anyway everytime my house was burglarized also many of my friends who are glenwood residents there houses have been robbed and theres many other things like kids smashing my windows for fun? Or breaking in my shed and stealing all of my kids bikes they never really helped me so i wont see much of a difference
I can see why nobody helped you....can't understand a thing you are saying!!!!

Midlothian, IL

#59 Jun 13, 2014
Go part-time

Since: May 14

United States

#60 Jun 14, 2014
wait wrote:
Go part-time
I understand the philosophy of part time, but do you honestly think the town would be better off financially??? Just like state or federal government, the more money they have the more they spend. Take for example the Democrat machine of Illinois. They implement a temporary income tax hike to pay down debt and what do they do??? Open up more spending and now want income tax hike permanent. Same old government bullshit!!!!!
Hope and change

Chicago, IL

#61 Jun 14, 2014
They can fire them all,

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