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This is insane

Ann Arbor, MI

#29 Apr 10, 2011
AMEN to that...West Virginians are good people who keep to their own unless we are called out, so come on down Ohio people.
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Same ol same ol

Harrisville, WV

#31 Jun 19, 2011
You want to know about the GFP and especially the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf (a Cal Patty press replacement since Cal Patty got shut down for violating Wordpress' Terms of Service)? Check out , especially the article entitled "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". Lots of verifiable claims there. Not just name calling, cursing, and tantrum throwing, but well researched and clearly written claims with links so you can verify the info yourself.
Dave Ramezan and Dan Bingman are venomous hateful people with nothing better to do than stir up trouble due to some old grudges.
Free Press NOT

United States

#32 Jun 19, 2011
Loved your site...nice to see them get some of their own medicine. Take it to them.

United States

#33 Jun 20, 2011
If you haven't read the truth about Dan B. on you need to is the funniest thing ever! A 58 year old man in his mommies basement creating havoc. Pitiful. Quite the ally for Dave R.
Well now

United States

#34 Jun 20, 2011
I think its refreshing to read something besides the old tired "and a good time was had by all"s. Central WV doesn't have anything that remotely resembes an actual newspaper. There is no investigating, no analyzing information, no desire to illumunate any injustices or do anything besidess kiss ass and retain the status quo. If something rattles your cage then maybe your cage needs rattled.
Mrs Fields

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#35 Jul 1, 2011
Actually Jim moved back to Santa Barbara where he lived for many years, and I have read your site, and you don't argue issues, only attack people so you are sort of a fake version of GFP and Revenge of the Ghost Wolf which is a website of a book that was just optioned. But, I don't expect you to understand what that means. Also, you people in West Virginia are the only ones that make reference to Jim as Dan and that was even written in the latest court documents which I read and thought were hilarious.

Soon, you will all be made fun of as hillbillies that have gone wild, but I can't reveal that secret, but it will be something to record for the future. Also, you were given notice that had something to do with a copyright violation and you chose to ignore that and since the Glenville Democrat is a business and you run that copy cat site from the chair of Cassandra Huff, it appears the owners of the newspaper may have cause for concern, and I would like to be a fly on the wall that day.

Your friend Pat Ward is in some trouble for in your zest and zeal to bring forth false facts and your copy cat site on the orders of the prosecutor for Gilmer County, Ward was violating interstate commerce laws and defrauding google and the Gilmer Free Press with running a program designed for one purpose and that was criminal. Ward had a program coming right out of Waco Oil that clicked on the google ads and google logs logged his ip and that info was recently sent to the FBI who have investigated this matter and know who all the players are in Glenville that are involved:

Pat Ward - Waco Oil and Gas
Leslie Ward - Glenville State College
Cassandra Huff - Glenville Democrat and Pathfinder
Connie O - Gilmer County Commission
Palmer Stephens - WV Radio group and WBRB overnight personality
Gerald B Hough - Gilmer County Prosector

The FBI know that threats were made against Dan and Ohio Law Enforcement and the Ohio Courts referred the matter to the FBI who are fully aware of IKE MORRIS and his involvement and the illegal actions of Gerald B Hough and the case that was brought that has been proved false. The Ohio courts investigated the Supreme Court papers and noticed that it was stated that Jim was sent to PRISON for a year, but it had to do with a misdemeanor conviction. That was a big red flag, and so what I found the funniest after reading all of this was your reference to hits, well hits mean clicks on a website, when someone logs on to a particular website it is called a "hit" but you backward people in WV on this very topic claimed it was some murder plot. You have no idea how ridiculous and funny you sound to the world. Yeah track my ip back from when I logged onto your retort site and you didn't even get the meaning of my comment, it went way over your head. I absolutely accused you of running a hate site,which it is, and I turned you in for it. They are right you argue NO ISSUE at all. Why not pick an issue brought forward by the GFP which I read every day, or the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf site and argue an issue. You barely get 50 hits a day on retort, but I hear the Revenge of the Ghost Wolf pulls in a thousand or more hits in a day many times and GFP gets as many as 20,000 hits a day! West Virginia people used to be some of the nicest people I have met. But Glenville doesn't seem to have any of those left. You all are pathetic with your constant HATE! Yes you run a hate site, and when I made the comment you just didn't get it, and I thought that was funny and I have sent many to your site, and you still can't get more than 50 hits a day. CLUE 50 hits means people clicking on articles on your site, or logging on to wordpress and going to your site, just to be clear. I will be watching both sides of this, and I notice other argue issues, and all you people do is publish lies and hate which is a typical Glenville move. I know, I have spent a lot of time there, for I plan on doing some writing of my own.

Charleston, WV

#36 Jul 1, 2011
odd posting

United States

#37 Jul 2, 2011
That is the ramblings of a mad man...Dan B. himself. Very creepy how he is always so interested in the teenage daugthers of the Gilmer County people. Very creepy indeed. If I was D.R. I would be careful around this guy.





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Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#38 Jul 12, 2011
While I have never really checked out the GFP other than seeing the occasional obit on there (pretty sure) cause i lived in gilmer county when i was a lil kid out of state investigator/outsider looking in if you hate this state and gilmer country per say so much why even come to this site ? Stay in Ohio where you are probably hated just as much also. Ohio has its own hillbilies and pillheads with underage pregnant wives you could be going after. How did anyone on here break the rules of the forum they are just speaking their minds and you will need alot more than what is posted on this site to actually get an ISP to give you info on an IP of someone.

Plus in one of your posts did you admit to selling some illegal substances to people in another state than your own ? That would be interstate trafficking which last I knew was a federal offense. Not something I think a private investigator would be doing.

Also for supposedly being an investigator i think you really should invest in a spellcheck program.
Mrs Fields

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#39 Feb 18, 2012
GFP SUX from Salem, WV is most definitely Cassandra Huff who we find lives at her mothers farm in Bridgeport and does a lot of prescribed medication from the doctor, and also smokes a lot of marijuana, which give her the dazed and confused for so long look, when she trips into town and submits reports about the schools in Gilmer County under the name of Abigail Adams.

Really what do you think of one who has turned on her former supporters. According to underground sources in Glenville, she is not wanted anywhere, and now has made more than one enemy.

It appears the retort site is dead with only Gerry Hough at the controls, who now has to wonder who it is that will be on the November ballot against him.

Hinson checked out some of your other comments,and could not find the misspelling you complained of on this page, but it appears to any reasonable person reviewing your data that; you truly didn't get that prep school in before taking on college or the armed forces did ya? You are a want to be, never accomplished anything type, as your profile will reveal, that should be an open book for anyone to take the time to absorb it all.

Bridgeport, WV

#40 Apr 11, 2012
It is getting crazier by the day

Ardsley, NY

#41 Apr 25, 2012
How can Dan aka Jim stand to look at himself in the mirror. Has he no shame???

United States

#42 May 2, 2012
I use to read the GFP, but then it turned into a mirror of topix's. I mean its not a bad blog, if u choose to overlook the comment section, were everyone is pissed of about everything. It comes off kinda of high schoolish. Everyone at work are kinda turned off about the blog, and fearful that they will be the ones blasted in it. So, I don't know. Working in the county, and listening to some of the people I deal with, besides mickey metz, dan ramzon might be the second most untrusted person in the county. This dan guy, is he the one that does the gilmer county hate blog revenage of the wolf or something. If so, that guy really hates gilmer county.

United States

#43 May 2, 2012
Do not comment on that blog. I attempted to comment on a story on the blog, and it wasn't postive to that paticular story. The post never made it to the free press.
Cant You Tell

Glenville, WV

#44 May 8, 2012
The psycho from Ohio is the same one that has the Ghost Wolf site. You can tell by the potty mouth. There are people who truly care about Gilmer County and are fighting to restore a good name to it...It's my home and by casting my votes today, I have the chance to put people that have good morals and are fair in office. We'll see how that turns out.
Well now

Fairmont, WV

#45 May 8, 2012
Good luck.
Live Here

United States

#46 Jul 20, 2012
As many times as you people have tried to hack the Gilmer Free Press unsuccessfully should be a testimony to David Ramezans trustworthiness. If it bothers you so much to be disagreed with I wouldn't post a comment or read the site. The articles are current and to the point, who gives a darn who writes them. Some are always looking to shoot the messenger to avoid discussing the issues. Having a free press is the closest thing to open communication I've seen around here ever. No one in this world is lily white and if you'd use that as a subliminal threat against him or his family you are as low as whatever you refer to. You must like that kind of thing, you're the expert on the subject. Stop trying to run one of our most successful and popular businesses out of business. That's your goal isn't it political pawn?
Shirley Corley Ball

Lumberport, WV

#47 Jul 20, 2012
Out of State Investigator wrote:
A true Gilmer Countian from Rochester NY. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. But, I will say it is people, shit talkers just like you that IS THE PROBLEM.
The Gilmer Free Press published evidence and facts, what part of that do you not understand or you an uneducated drug addicted hillbilly like about half the dumb asses in the State of WV...
Keep you bitch ass in NY where it belongs and STFU homo.
The Gilmer Free Press got FACT via INVESTIGATIONS which included testimony, secret audio tapes.
Now how it that ruining lives? You mean telling the truth on CROOKS that hold public office.
You are part of the problem bitch and we have a long reach. We will reach out.
We are all watching from a state away and we are very connected to what is going on - on a daily basis.
You have some serious criminals in WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA Y'all just get pissed off when you run into someone you can't buy.
Buy this punk ass!
I don't think you know what you are talking about. Most of everything that they write is a lie! The Nut Case who started writing this crap spent so much time in jail. That this is the only thing better he has to do with his time, because he is a nut case.
Reply to Shirley Ball

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#48 Jul 28, 2012
Well, surely Shirley you have a lot of nerve showing up here, and only just now saw this or someone would have already been over to your house up Bull River Rd outside of Grantsville to collect several thousand on the car that you stole from the car care center in Big Bend. The State Police gave Trooper Smith of Glenville orders to find the car, and YOU are the one that took it, a VOLVO that your people were given 400 cash to fix, you meth freaks took the cash and stole the car and you have nerve to show up on here.

Why don't you reveal the facts, about how your husband Gerry Ball pulled a gun on you and FOR WHAT? Was it because he found out about you being on your knee's and doing a little silly hillbilly willy!

Got that right, NOTHING GFP or RGW writes about is a lie, for ALWAYS the articles are backed up by documents and court record. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A COURT RECORD IS or is it because YOU Shirley Ball have NO EDUCATION and are a real embarrassment to the whole entire BALL family which is disgraceful. You wouldn't know the truth if it slapped you in the face, and there is a certain female that has witnessed all you have done, and has volunteered for that duty next time you want to tell some tall tales and she is right here next to me.

YOU are a complete and utter idiot and facts will prove that out because YOU will be going back to court before the year is out, and we will insist charges be brought against you for all that you have done, including perjury on the stand, and that IS BACKED UP BY COURT RECORD!!

Argue the ISSUES will debate you in public, for attacking the messenger like you do shows to everyone what you are really made of, if you are so sour, argue the issue, or do you even know what that means with your very limited education?!





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Hey Cassandra Huff

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#49 Sep 22, 2012
GFP SUX wrote:
If you haven't read the truth about Dan B. on you need to is the funniest thing ever! A 58 year old man in his mommies basement creating havoc. Pitiful. Quite the ally for Dave R.
You mean the major market broadcaster that spent 58,000 dollars on attorneys to DEFEAT three false felony charges who had a brand new condo and and an afternoon drive radio show in a Cumulus broadcasting station when he was falsely arrested on a trumped up case, for writing about CROOKED COUNTY and getting published. Soon Gilmer County, METZ HOUGH and even FACEMIRE are going to be in the news for being involved in this wrongful conviction.

I am going to get the ip for the person that wrote this comment, trace and track you right down to your home and we are going to go toe to toe face to face. I have 500 bucks cash reward to whoever gives up the identity of this poster. Someone should take me up on that while I have the money in my pocket. The tape of lemon equipment posted showed the value of the farm equipment was $390 and was just rusted junk that sat on OUR FARM. You people lied about who owned the property, and now are caught. Hough had BM Beverly Marks pulled the deed to cover for the lie in court. Hough told the jury the equipment was new when it sat outside in the elements for 30 years. So, this comment, is going to get someone a subpoena, that I will serve personally, but I will be bringing some pissed off people with me, as I did last week to Gilmer County.

The college, the fright house on the hill is suffering now, for this false case and wrongful misdemeanor conviction got them caught for covering up rapes, for I am the dude that has exposed the Sheriff the FERPA VIOLATOR HOUGH, Dan Bell who is a rapist himself, for I am the dude that exposed the rape cover ups, and we are the people that worked with Amanda Smiths parents to get the rape exposed on the press and the matter in a federal court. I am filing in federal court myself in the next seven days. Also ten days after Amanda was raped just days after the ribbon cutting ceremony for Goodwin Hall another girl was raped by a member of the Football team who we will be looking for to deliver some paperwork to next week in Glenville. In fact we will be looking for the person that wrote this comment. Now is your chance to be brave and go face to face. I am chompin at the bit, so bring it. You people owe me 687,000 dollars and I am coming to collect it. If you don't have it, I am just going to take what you do have. See you in court!!!

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