For more than two decades, I taught on the college and university levels, teaching a wide variety of courses in the subject areas of Management, Marketing and Law ultimately teaching for nine colleges and four universities before my retirement in 2004.

I think I was a very good educator, but often what I thought about my classroom performance was not what my students thought. Sometimes my students thought I was excellent and sometimes they thought otherwise.

I applied the concept of the "One-Minute Evaluation" at the end of my classes as a tool that would provide me with instantaneous and anonymous feedback on my performance during particular class sessions or at the end of a week or series of classes.

To my surprise, in some classes, when I thought my performance was sub-par, the students rated me as exceptional, and, other times when I thought I had dazzled them with my brilliance they were not impressed with my performance. The information was invaluable! As a servant leader, you should seek out the opinions of others, especially your critics!

True experts should guide and managed the data collection process so data can be accumulated and compared by project, topic, semester, year or bi-annually. Without professional expertise, the data will be plagued with the "garbage-in-garbage-out " weakness of ill-conceived design format.

At all levels, we need to validate our assumptions. Managers and organizations often use what is in their heads without known market research or marketing intelligence. My advice is to: survey, survey, survey....

At all levels of an organization there should be ongoing statistical analysis as part of a Total Quality Management program. In a fraternity as large as Sigma Alpha Epsilon, whether at the Active Chapter, House Corporation, Alumni Association, Province, Region, National or Foundation levels, we need a well-organized approach to collecting, distributing, using and archiving statistical data to improve decision making.

"If we always do, what we have always done, then we will always get what we have always gotten."