Could Jenks, Bixby & Glenpool Officer...

Could Jenks, Bixby & Glenpool Officers Become Sheriff's Deputies

There are 131 comments on the News on 6 Tulsa story from Mar 18, 2010, titled Could Jenks, Bixby & Glenpool Officers Become Sheriff's Deputies. In it, News on 6 Tulsa reports that:

Administrators of Bixby, Jenks and Glenpool are discussing the possibility that their police officers could become Sheriff's Deputies.

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Tulsa, OK

#1 Mar 18, 2010
Of course this would be the thing to do. Give the Sheriff Union even more power and territory and see how that works out for you. Idiots.
You Know Me

Tulsa, OK

#2 Mar 19, 2010
This is a horrible idea, TCSO has horrible response times as it is and does not have the manpower for this. TCSO will not keep these officers, TCSO pays less and has less to offer benefit wise. The pension is also a problem, these idiot city managers need to leave along with city council members and the mayors. The two Tinker twins should have been run off years ago as they are a joke in both cities and no one respects them.

Tulsa, OK

#3 Mar 19, 2010
I hope this outgages the citizens of Glenpool. The Glenpool Police strive to build a respectable, self sufficient department Glenpool can be proud of. They have been neglected by City Administration in every aspect and are under funded, under staffed and are held back. Now we have City Administration undermining that cause by going to outsourcing? What kind of message does that send. It was said to being compared to outsourcing the running of a sewer plant in Jenks. You cannot compare law enforcement duties to running a sewer plant. Fact is, the City of Glenpool Administation has an outlook of the police not as a neccesity but as a burdened service. If it was up to them they would run the police department into the ground. What's next, hiring a security company to do this? Maybe City Council should look at what has been done with City revenue. Glenpool is flourishing and doesn't even compare to what Tulsa is going through. Citizen's of Glenpool should voice their opinions and concerns on the police department and what City Administration is doing to Glenpool.

Tulsa, OK

#4 Mar 19, 2010
I agree. TCSO can barely stand on it's own. How could they benefit outlying communities with low crime rates when they can't help themselves. I would much rather have a Glenpool officer and GPD handling my issue or case than TCSO. I smell someting here. I smell local politics or some other motive in this. Maybe to dismantle the unions (which was just mentioned on the news by the Tulsa Mayor). Or, maybe it's Glenpool riding on the coattails of what Tulsa has gone through. Whatever is may be, it's a bad idea and says alot as to what Glenpool leaders think about the Glenpool Police.

Tulsa, OK

#5 Mar 19, 2010
Come on it stands, the Sheriff's office's reason for existance is plugging holes where there are no police force's currently...hence low response time. There is NO reason for each town to harbor their own police force when ultmiatly they all go throug the same courts and the same jails...not even Tulsa needs it's own. Put them all together and you will see a savings in the long run. Just think...right now GPD, BPD and JPD are all paying police chiefs, administrative assistants, etc., to lead only 16 officers. Consolidate them all so you're not paying salary and benefits. There is not so much work in Tulsa County one group of law enforcement administrators can't handle it. We have less people in the county then New York City has in one Bourough...and they have ONE police force!

Owasso, OK

#6 Mar 19, 2010
The problem here is thes smaller communities will now be paying for The City Of Tulsa's public safety. You say how? Because where is all of the crime on the news every night? It's in Tulsa and you say "So what! The deputies that I pay for are patrolling my streets". Your wrong in fact you will eventually get a deputy to your house when you call for help, but all of the deputies are now controlled by The Sheriff not your city anymore. When The Sheriff says "North Tulsa is where we need you tonight" that is where they deputy is going to patrol.

Your city can now create the illusion that they are getting more police cheaper, but who makes those police patrol your street when 8 armed robberies and 3 shootings just went out in Tulsa. Now there is no deputies left to come to Glenpool to the fight that you may be having with your husband.

I would challenge the Channel 6 news or any other news station to compare the work loads of the police officers in the surrounding communities all on one article. When I say work load I mean the average stats (i.e. arrests "felony and misdemeanor", calls taken, reports taken, citations written, including traffic accidents) per officer/deputy per year. Then compare the pay scale to those stats. This is all public information and it can be obtained. The Tulsa Police have a web site at that shows stats. Check it out!

If they would compare the stats and showed us citizens and then mapped out the crime rate. Tell us where the citizens of these smaller communities tax money will be paying for when they pay for deputies to patrol their neighborhood.

There really is no duplication of services in law enforcement. The county patrols everywhere that the city does not cover. The county also deals with civil matters. They have about 5 or 6 deputies patrolling a night. Compare that to Tulsa having about 150 officers patrolling a night.
Meth Capital Resident

Tulsa, OK

#7 Mar 19, 2010
I don't know what would be better. As a glenpool resident I am sick of all the inaction by the police department, especially regarding the meth heads in this town. I have witnessed too many situations where the Glenpool police could have taken action that would have helped this situation and they did not.
I don't know if it is corruption, laziness, or something else, but I do know my kids aren't as safe as they should be in their own front yard because of all the drunks and druggies blasting down the street after making their transactions.
It may be because they are under pressure to keep Glenpool's crime rate artificially low, but someone needs to grow some nads and do their job or else they should lose it.
I'm telling you if you are a meth head, meth cook, or just a reseller, you need to be in Glenpool if you don't want to go to jail, because here you won't.

Owasso, OK

#8 Mar 19, 2010
Also to MuzacMan, How much does these smaller communities pay their officers compared to Tulsa County Deputies. Seems to me when a deputy works for 20 years he is making around $60,000.00 which is probably more than the Jenks, Glenpool, and Bixby police chiefs make a year each. This experiment would cost these smaller city's far more money and less service.

Also why doesn't the channel 6 news go to Broken Arrow, Owasso, and Sand Springs and ask why they are not participating in this experiment.

Let's say this doesn't work out and these smaller communities want their police department back. Nowthe citizens pay more tax money to start up another police department. Whoa that's double taxation, which goes on a lot and is a waste of your tax money. If it's not broken then it does not need to be fixed.

Owasso, OK

#9 Mar 19, 2010
To the Glenpool resident that posted, according to the article you will have the same officers in your area. They now will be deputies, but they will also be patrolling Tulsa instead of focusing on that meth problem there.

Owasso, OK

#10 Mar 19, 2010
I sure like my police department here in Owasso better than Tulsa deputies. I am glad our mayor here is a smart guy and is looking out for us.

Tahlequah, OK

#11 Mar 19, 2010
I really hope the powers that be in Jenks quickly realize what a bad idea this is. Apparently the Jenks city council are not doing there jobs and looking out for those of us that live in Jenks. I hope that the citizens of Jenks stand up and put a stop to this before its to late.

Owasso, OK

#12 Mar 19, 2010
I really like my city and I dont have to go to Tulsa anymore. I support our police department and hope some of the officers from TPD apply here because they have always seemed very professional to me. Owasso has everything that I need from shopping to a professional police department.

Tulsa, OK

#13 Mar 19, 2010
Citizen sounds very confused because the 8 armed robberies and the 3 shootings are happening in the CITY of Tulsa. The County dosn't patrol the city. Further more those response times are still better than the City of Tulsa. If some of the people that so handily gripe about TCSO should look and realize that they do alot more with alot less than most of the City Police Departments. I think that people should direct alot of there angst at the city governments rather than the county. It has been the cities after all that keep approaching the county. Remember ultimatly the Sheriff is responsible for the entire county to include the cities regardless.
Glenpool Citizen

Tulsa, OK

#14 Mar 19, 2010
Maybe we need a new City Manager that has the citizens concerns at hand.

Tulsa, OK

#15 Mar 19, 2010
This is all about cheap labor so the administration can doll out tax dollars to there friends. They have trashed out police department and that is not good enough they will make cuts all over town.

Tulsa, OK

#16 Mar 19, 2010
Do we as citizens really want to go the cheapest route when it comes to law enforcement? Consider this, TCSO has less training and less experience when it comes to actual "street smarts" which is why they get paid less. This is also why their employee retention rate is low because of the pay and the employees are "at will" employees of the Sheriff. This is opening the door wide for corruption. If a deputy arrests or gives a ticket to a friend of the Sheriff, Undersheriff or someone on the board of county commissioners...guess who's going to have hell to pay and may loose their job. Less training and experience equals more civil litigation. Come on people, "You get what you pay for".

Tulsa, OK

#17 Mar 19, 2010
A huge portion of the bad part of north Tulsa is patrolled by Tulsa County. Also, I have been watching Tulsa County Sheriffs on the COPS show lately. Needless to say, it's embarrassing. Tulsa County seems to have much lower standards when it comes to physical fitness requirements. Not to sound harsh, but they all seem either over weight, or real old, or both.
Im sick of Tulsa

Tulsa, OK

#18 Mar 19, 2010
Let's just outsource the policing of our communities to the cheapest, ill equipped, poorly training personell that we can find. This will surely make people want to move to Tulsa. If people don't think that Dewey and Simonson are not behind this they are kidding themselves. What does Dewey care...he's got his own personal body guard in Mark Hogan paid for by the taxpayers.

Sapulpa, OK

#19 Mar 19, 2010
Folks, 20 years from now there will be a Metropolitan Police Force. Wait and see.

Bixby, OK

#20 Mar 19, 2010
Since I live outside of Bixby and cant get anyone to respond when needed maybe I will now have protection.

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