City amends RV parking ordinance

City amends RV parking ordinance

There are 83 comments on the Whittier Daily News story from Mar 1, 2008, titled City amends RV parking ordinance. In it, Whittier Daily News reports that:

“I think we reached a compromise that left everyone reasonably happy”

Recreational vehicle owners won a partial victory this week after the city changed an ordinance regulating the vehicles. via Whittier Daily News

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Big Bob

Covina, CA

#1 Mar 6, 2008
This whole mess was started when a single RV owners was singled out from a neighborhood full of RV's and their owners who parked them in their driveways or along side their house.

It seemed that this particular RV owner had crossed some friend of a Council member, who in turn let Code enforcement contractors on this RV owner like a pack of dogs.

The RV owner in question in turn documented other RV parking & storage violations through out Glendora, California.

With this documentation the City COuncil would not back down, instead pressed the issue till it blew up and made another mess created by poor management with in City Hall.
Big Bob

Covina, CA

#2 Apr 30, 2008
Could amending the RV Parking codes have been a political ploy against a select few and then it backfired?

Speaking of backfire how about this economy right now, I'm sure the prospect of laying out $10,000.00 dollars in order to park your OWN RV on your OWN property really makes sense right now?
Frank Wilhelmy

West Covina, CA

#3 May 3, 2008
I'm just now searching for an ordinance in Glendora Ca regarding parking my own RV (2007Class C)on a private residency. Said Residence is family own and waiting for court probate to finalize. Said property will deeded to a family member as a goal. Once this is done, we plan on sharing the home eg: two family members will live in the home and we want to live in our RV on the property approx 15' back from street on gravel. I called Glendora PD and they referred me to an ordinance Officer. I called him as well emailed him approx 2 wks ago. Still to date, no response. Perhaps the above incidence is the reason ie: Won't contact me until it's settled. Do you know anything about what I'm asking since we want to plan the set up soon. Thx for you reply. Sincerely Frank Wilhelmy
Big Bob

Covina, CA

#4 May 3, 2008
Contact a lawyer and see if a Judge will give you permission to safe guard the residence until your other legal matters are settled.

This could be declared an emergency decree from a Judge.
Big Bob

La Puente, CA

#5 May 16, 2008
A correction to this post the logo on the side of these trash containers for the Glendora Farmers Market held every Thursday on Glendora Ave. across the street from City Hall.

What happened to our council's assurances that this company Athens thrash was a solid company? and would not be bought out by another trash hauling competitor?

But there is something odd this time, instead of all the trash containers (cardboard) and stenciled with Athens Trash, there a new logo in town tonight WASTE MANAGEMENT what happened to that exclusive (sweet heart) contract Athens had for "ALL" trash pick up in Glendora, California?

One theory is that Athens Trash has been bought lock stock and barrel by Waste Management Co.
Big Bob

La Puente, CA

#6 May 16, 2008
With the dead line for compliance for RV Parking ord.(gated community) there have been some blow back effects from this edict (from the king) some RV owners are selling while others are storing else where an even a narrower group are sick and tired of Glendora all together, so they are planing to sell and move elsewhere and take their money and RV to a community that wants both.

Remember the drop dead date is Oct. 11, 2008 and a word to the wise Code Enforcement has been driving around and taking notes and making a list to check twice before they pounce on "all" the offenders or out of compliance witht his new Ord.
Big Bob

La Puente, CA

#9 May 18, 2008
Misconduct thats the right word for the dangerous posting from Anonymous Proxy poster. For starters this information is way out of line and the second there could be some legal blow back for the Anonymous Proxy, posted 2 hrs ago #8

For the Web Master of these web pages be prepared to some phone calls and requests from possible law enforcement.
What the Judge Said

Anaheim, CA

#10 May 22, 2008
What the Judge had to say about the Clifford/Marshall LAW SUITE

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Green said that, from his perspective, the lawsuit involves "small town politics" and "a campaign prank" and "should never go before a jury".

"For people on the sidelines it really looks silly," Green said. "This is a campaign prank. I just don't see a jury getting worked up about this."

"I think you ought to go out there and have a block party and shake hands," said Judge Green.

Virgina Marshall, Keleigh's mother, said Friday that she was "not bothered by the judge's comments about the case being silly, as her daughter's side is very interested in ending the case". "We have wanted to settle this for a long time..."
Big Bob

Covina, CA

#11 May 22, 2008
The plan is to sit on their hands and
"let them eat cake" right, Kenny? or as you said it at the last City Council meeting - "cake for everyone."

Stupid is as stupid does, this council doesn't have any plans other than the make EVERYONE pay more for everything that "they" receive from the "KINGS" government in the City State of Glendora, CA.
LL Bean

La Puente, CA

#12 May 28, 2008
GlendoraCityWatc h

La Puente, CA

#13 May 31, 2008
According to the L.A. Times article 05.31.2008, California Section page B3.

Glendora's City Council protector has been once again exposed as being SOFT on CRIME. Distict Attorney Steve Cooley has once again subverted the laws of the State of California for his own personel/political gain (sounds familiar Glendora City Council).

Steve Cooley requested two year hospital commitments for many prisoners declared by courts to be sexually violent predators, Cooley approved this for 140 cases.

Cooley has been the protector of this Cities City Council members who themselves have broken or subverted many Federal, State, County and Glendora's own municipal laws, what we have here is a clear case of double standards (laws) being applied or not applied to those who break the law and are not held accountable.

Karen Davis, Mark Kelly, Ken Herman, Gary Clifford and Douglas Tessitor all should have been censured or been held an charged with violations for one reason or another, why do these people desearve special treatment? Because Steve Cooley holds the deciding vote on these matters and he's a good time friend and supporter of these FIVE as well as others in the GOB network operating with a free hand in Glendora, CA. at this time.
Harrold dontates 500

Saint Paul, MN

#14 May 31, 2008
John Harrold endorses and has dontated $500.00 to Steven Ipsen for District Attorney

LA Times May 18, 2008 reports
Steven J. Ipsen, a deputy district attorney in Cooley's office and longtime president of the union that represents most of its prosecutors has been accused of misconduct. He is given little chance of succeeding.

In 2005, the CALIFORNIA SUPREME COURT condemned Ipsen for manipulating evidence "intentionally and without good-faith justification" when he told two juries that TWO different defendants delivered the fatal blow in a 1988 killing. Both defendants were convicted and sentenced to death, but the Supreme Court overturned the death penalty for one of them.

Former Mayor John Harrold has been reduced to official gadfly status for some time now
GlendoraCityWatc h

La Puente, CA

#15 May 31, 2008
There must be some evil wind blowing from Citry Hall in Glendora to defend Steve Cooley record of political misdeeds in L.A. County and Glendora, Ca.

Allowing 140 serious sex offenders off with a two year vacation in a hospital then to be released on the streets to stalk again.

Allowing the sex offenders and persons helping them excape justice, but as it turns out one Dep. D.A. did try and make a differance while Glendora's GOB's hid in the shadows!
City Hall

La Puente, CA

#17 Jun 5, 2008
Gary as evidence presented to the JUDGE in this criminal case i'm sure he will delighted and of course your not so happy, are you? It was your own stupity that allowed you to do all these criminal actions an activites in the first place.

This poster #16 must have more than one screw loose an really needs to check his or her facts before they splat them all over these web pages other than history that can't be corrected there are other actions taken by the GOB's that do fall in the realm of illegal or criminal activities and actions that can be taken to COURT and resolved, see you in court on 11.03.2008 gary and his fans.

Lots of luck on your postings #16 haven't changed many peoples views on the matter, they still know garys going to Court on the 3rd of Novmember 2008 to face criminal charges.

See you there and don't be late - wouldn't want you to miss any part of justice in action, who knows maybe they will make a movie about this whole fouled an illegal activities taken by gary and the city council of Glendora, CA.
Made in Glendora

Englewood, CO

#18 Jun 6, 2008
OK, I’ll go ahead and admit it. Recalled Mayor John Harrold's angry little camp of malcontents has failed, time and again, to get someone that WE like on the city council. We can’t do it through the front door, so we’re going ahead with our districting end-run through the back door.

Hey We could win a council seat with 200 or less votes.

Wish us Luck,
City Hall

La Puente, CA

#19 Jun 6, 2008
The message typed in by poster #18 is a phoney moniker and using someone else sign on, sounds like waht the slimy city council or thye GOB's would do.

During this weeks Glendora City Council meeting 5.27.2008 it was announced that a appeal to the already lost case involving L.A. County was in the works, with hopes of regaining $26.0 million dollars on appeal?

Except in the same documents presented at this meeting it was announced that at best the City of Glendora counld hope for was $12.0 million dollars, whats going on here? Are the citizens of Glendora being used for some wild scheme like they have in Las Vegas? And you know who wins there, the house. L.A. County is the house in this case so who's going to win and who's going to lose?
City Hall

La Puente, CA

#20 Jun 6, 2008
South end gets traffic

In Glendora, it seems that Joe Santoro is the new mouthpiece for the masters of the city. He takes up the cry that anyone interested in breaking the stranglehold that this City Council has on the city is nothing more than a group of naysayers trying to pit north against south.

Look at what the Doug Tessitor-purchased council has done for the city. In the southern section we got the Marketplace with its increased traffic, noise and pollution. We got Diamond Ridge with more traffic, noise and pollution. We got a white elephant of an assisted living center with more traffic, noise and pollution.

On the assisted living center, 4,000 residents signed a petition to deny the building as planned. The council thumbed their noses at those citizens. But wait, an election is coming so the council cancels the permit, gets re-elected then conveniently reinstates the permit.

We got an expanded Louis Pompeii Park along with the increased traffic, noise and pollution. This project was important for the city because it was for the kids. Kids need a place to practice and play sports. Let's see what the north got. Not much here to write about. Oh yeah, they got a promise to never have lights put at Goddard or Sanburg schools.

So, I will be one of his so-called naysayers and ask the people of the south to use their power at the ballot box to throw the bums out. No tricks, no sham permit cancellations or lies will fool the good people again.

Ralph Patton

City Hall Club

La Puente, CA

#22 Jun 8, 2008
Looks like another madd hatter POSTER #40 from the GOB's camp of lets tell them another lie and it's always better than the first one. Tell i'm so many lies they will not be able to tell a truth from city hall from a lie.

Horse apples with a little jeffers on the side to protect the good name of the story tellers. If we are found out than we can sic leech on them and suck them dry.

La Puente, CA

#24 Jun 8, 2008
With the new propaganda news letter direct from city hall: Glendora Report, we have plenty of BS printed about the RV Parking.

If a person notices that they missed two styles of RV vehicles that are considered RV's under DMV, State of California. Van Camper's - RV's an Pickup an Camper, what in the world were these people thinking (city hall) both of the excluded examples are ugly to look at parked in the driveway of ANY house so what was city hall thinking? Page 4.

In order to cover up their mistakes and lies city hall Page 5, bottom there is a note or reference to CEQA, since when has city hall EVER known what CEQA was or is, but the catch is there will be a $155.00 dollar filing fee for a Admistrative Review Permit?

CEQA does not require ANY money to be paid out so once again this city has bum rushed it's residents and told another fibber.

What's this? a backdoor way of saying; Pay us some money (city hall) and we will let you park anything you want on your property! This city has NO legal right to say what you park on your property in the first place, the U.S. Supreme Court ( Washington D.C.) has already up held the privat property owners the right to park their RV's in their property, but this city council and city hall bamboozled all the residents of Glendora
Gary C Live

La Puente, CA

#25 Jun 11, 2008
Looking back at parking lot of City Hall there are plenty of G.S.P. vehicles that City Hall employees and Managers drive each and every day.

Each of the City Council an Commissioners do tend to drive the larger than life vehicles - must be the EGO thing. Gas Sucking Pig of a vehicle.

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