Glendora s Maddness
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Boat loads

La Puente, CA

#1 Jul 20, 2012
Glendora Municipal madness

A lack of fiscal sanity among Glendora's leaders.

Glendora extended themselves financially in the good times of rising property-tax revenues and redevelopment agency spending, when any fool could have managed a city's finances.

And, of course, it turned out fools were doing so.

City budgets of the past 10 years were cooked to make the city look as if it were in the black when it was actually in the red, so thats why they layed off long time city employees.

Glendora's politics in recent the decade seem to be more characterized by buffoonery and incompetence than technical malfeasance, at least from what has been made public so far.

But Glendora cities' leaders fell prey to short-term thinking.

They played the patsy to grandiose planning for downtown development and a misguided belief tax revenues would grow forever.

Maybe that made sense at one time, but not now that there's a dramatic oversupply of folks who would like to cops. It's still one of the best paydays around.

This is foolish in the best of times. It's insanity in the worst.

What's bad for Glendora City Hall might just be the best thing for the public.

Madness has taken over our municipality, and the implosion of city hall gives us the honest voters a opportunity to regain control of the asylums.
Gs maddness

Covina, CA

#2 Jul 21, 2012
In Glendora, California for example, general employees' pensions were superfunded from 2000 to 2004.

Police officers' pensions were superfunded from BONDS the city council voted in or Sued the residents to pass. These BONDS will go on until time stops. Thank you Douglas Tessitor NOT.

Glendora and many other cities increased maximum pension benefits in this era. Police benefits in 2002 were increased to a "3 at 50" formula, meaning an officer could retire with a pension worth 3percent of his or her highest salary, multiplied by up to 30 years of service, at age 50.

This was done to pay off political debts the city council owed the GPD, to play rough shod over anyone who tried to run for city council.

La Puente, CA

#3 Jul 31, 2012
It's a shame to see how much damage has been done by the current and fomer Glendora, California city councils since 2002.

debbie doodle - Glendora, California

The Bible says that the tithes and offerings are to be for the widows & orphans. not to build million dollar cathedrals to glorify their own names.

I have no children that lived so please forgive me for accepting assistance from the governmental tithes & offerings that are meant to help the poor {check how taxes got started.}.

I hope that you are never in the position that that handicapped, 70 y/o homeless woman is.

Would your children ,if you have any- want YOU to live with them full time?

Ask them!

Better yet, why not practice that good old Christian ethic of Brotherly Love & help her in YOUR home.

But one great big ugly face has been there all along, Douglas Tessitor.
Adoptive measures

Covina, CA

#4 Aug 7, 2012
This is what Glendora, Californa needs to adopt.

A potential ballot measure calling for FIVE council members and for them to be elected by districts within the city rather than at-large.

A potential ballot measure calling for a public vote on the use of any tax subsidy for private development.
Joe Friday

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Aug 7, 2012
Mark Smith tried that once and it didn't even get to a vote. He was trying to weasel his pal Parisi onto the council but it didn't work. Smith is a known flake and most city residents could care less what he has to say on anything.

Covina, CA

#6 Aug 7, 2012
This is what Glendora, Californa needs to adopt at once.

A ballot measure calling for FIVE council members and for them to be elected by districts within the city rather than at-large.

A ballot measure calling for a public vote on the use of any tax subsidy for private development.

Covina, CA

#7 Aug 12, 2012
There has been THREE HOMELESS PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED ON THE STREETS IN GLENDORA, California so far this year (2012) due to heat and harassment!

Ths is normal since the Glendora, California city council wants run anyone out of Glendora they disagree with or don't like on eye contact with them.
ITs a Secret

West Covina, CA

#8 Aug 20, 2012
My guess is a lot of current & past Glendora Council members of the last 10 years don't understand financials.

Tha's why this city is in financial peril, along with numerous Law Suits, the judgements are becoming very hard for Glendora, California to face and pay off.

Shhhh, it's a secret.
S force

La Puente, CA

#9 Sep 2, 2012
It's time to bring in the sheriff department.

Why have we waited so long?

Thank God we all feel the same way.

The Glendora City Council should go with the sheriff department, it's their best business move.

A city government is after all, a business. But if the City Manager and city council view the GPD as their own private security force to serve and protect only them then somethings wrong.

Anything else makes them look like they are working for police not for the people who pay their salaries.

The Glendora police tactics are a well known joke.

Are the Glendora police forcing the the City of Glendora, California not to hire sheriffs?
Glendora Sea

Glendora, CA

#10 Sep 13, 2012
Now the real facts come out, Suddenly the Chief Finance Officer for the City of Glendora, California - up and takes another JOB.?

If this excuse or big lie sounds like the the stink that blew in from the Salton Sea in California.

Like the source that stunk up Southern California, rotting material, this is the best example of what's happening in City Hall of Glendora, California.

That includes it's City Council member's.

La Puente, CA

#11 Sep 26, 2012
538d.(b)(2) Any person who willfully wears or uses any badge that falsely
purports to be authorized for the use of one who by law is given the
authority of a peace officer, or which so resembles the authorized
badge of a peace officer as would deceive any ordinary reasonable
person into believing that it is authorized for the use of one who by
law is given the authority of a peace officer, for the purpose of
fraudulently impersonating a peace officer, or of fraudulently
inducing the belief that he or she is a peace officer, is guilty of a
misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not to
exceed one year, by a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars
($2,000), or by both that imprisonment and fine.
Clean House

Glendora, CA

#12 Oct 6, 2012
Glendora, California career politicians have run the city of Glendora into the ditch over the last 10 years by spending on their special interest friends and giving favors to their friends and whoever else to get re-elected every two years.
Go Duglass

La Puente, CA

#13 Oct 10, 2012
The Glendora City Council is among an increasing amount of California elected bodies compromising the Ralph M. Brown Act, the state's open meeting law, by creating loopholes minimizing the public's right to express its opinions on public policy.

The Brown Act's provisions for establishing meeting agendas are used to restrict public comment by limiting the number of opportunities and time allotted for public comment on prospective actions by elected officials.

The result: increased dangers to open government. The City Council is using these loopholes to divert attention from its own insecurities, immaturities and ineptitudes in policymaking.

These shameless and hypocritical practices represent the antithesis of the legislative intent of the Brown Act - that "actions be taken openly, and that their deliberations be conducted openly.

La Puente, CA

#14 Oct 27, 2012
Make no mistake about it, you the citizen, is considered a nuisance by our public officials.

A handbook on the Brown Act, prepared by a local General Counsel, spells out how city councils should deal with the public -

"any type of conduct which is noisy, loud, disruptive, disturbing, or creates a health or safety risk to other members of the public would be considered disruptive and not protected free speech.." "When such conduct occurs, districts should contact local law enforcement to remove or arrest the offending member of the public."

There you have it - whatever you do, don't speak loudly or in any manner which they might consider disturbing.

This type of nonsense is little more than an attempt at prior restraint of our free speech rights and it is going on in most every local agency here in our area.
Joe Friday

San Leandro, CA

#15 Nov 1, 2012
Joe Friday has respect for all law enforcement and Mark Smith has none, he's a gutless smelly little hobo and nothing more. He also reeks of the smell of ass cheeks as he's kissed so many.

La Puente, CA

#16 Nov 1, 2012
Maybe joe friday thinks they are the following type of:

Then again this does sound like Glendora, California city hall talk.
Crying Repubs

San Dimas, CA

#17 Nov 8, 2012
Go here to see some cry babbies located in Republican country, Glendora, California.

This Republican controlled city has brought city services to it's knees, because the city manager and city council can't see the forest from the tree.

Meaning they are ignorant and there waiting with hands held out for the Feds or the State to save them from their own financial stupity.

La Puente, CA

#18 Nov 9, 2012
Who Ya Going to Blame for Willard Mitt Romney was stoic as he talked to the president, but his wife Ann cried.

Running mate Paul Ryan seemed shocked Ryan's wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly.

Blame O Meter is running fast and ferious,now.

La Puente, CA

#19 Nov 16, 2012
Most of the Vandalizm comes from political insiders against those who refuse to buckle under to their demands, let along the drug dealers who live and work with in the city limits of Glendora, California.

The Glendora police department doesn't have the financial capability to check in on local parolees, said Robert Castro, the city's police chief.

Glendora has seen an 8 percent increase in property crimes over the last year, he said.

Maybe it's a problem with financial funding to which City Manager Chris Jeffers has failed at time and time again!

City council for Glendora, California is just as much to blame for their own ignorance in finance's.

Gene Murabito.

Judy Nelson.

Karen Davis.

Joseph Santoro.

Douglas Tessitor.

Chris Jeffers.

Jeff Kugel.

D. Wayne Leech.
Joe Friday

San Leandro, CA

#20 Nov 16, 2012
You know how you can tell Mark Smith is full of crap? He hasn't posted one positive comment that he's put his name to about any city official or council member since the recall of his idol John Harrold. That would be like 9 years. Only someone with only hate in their system does that.

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