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Glendora, CA

#1 Jun 17, 2012
Cece, you are so silly.

This is Glendora Patch, not Douglas Tessitors website.

No need for name calling here.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Glendora, CA

#2 Jun 18, 2012
Cece, I remember now.

All that filth that was posted on vaious web sites, it all came from Glendora, California city council supporter's.

Thats a shame, I was under the impression they weremore classy thna that, posting like a bunch of low class bums!
Deep connections

San Dimas, CA

#3 Jun 24, 2012
I've noticed the GlendoeraPatch staff is either to scared or don't understand the problems connected with "Nick Conway" and his involvement with Money laundying, Political Favors trading or the whole host of other Criminal charges being prepared by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

They connections are Douglas Tessitor and Gene Murabito, these two Glendora city council reps both seem to up to their eyeballs in 'deep involvement' with Nick Conway.

These same two are also suspected in simular activities with in the local government of Glendora, California.
Pony up

La Puente, CA

#6 Jun 30, 2012
When will the glendorpatch pony up and post some up to date articles or information on the happening in and around Glendora, California?

But many of us will be enjoying the Fourth of July, but then again there are others who are huddleing close with there personel LAWYERS, trying to bet the legal system and stay of of prison.

We know who they are :)
Farming quotas

La Puente, CA

#8 Jul 16, 2012
The pressure placed on Patch editors by AOL to meet daily content quotas is brutal.

Known as "content farming," it is a system where editors are graded more on the amount of articles they post, and not the quality.

This leads to corner cutting and the use of press releases to fill quotas.

La Puente, CA

#10 Sep 30, 2012
It also looks like Patch is trying to reinvent the Ning platform with the social networking news thing.

Also wide open to abuse and fraud with non-factchecked gossip.

This gossip is supplied by City Hall insiders or city council people directly commenting as to th facts?

More lies from Glendora, California city hall.
Long time

La Puente, CA

#11 Oct 1, 2012
Where do all those good stories go?

What stories and photo's are you talking about, the ones where serious issues have been raised but the staff at has decided to put aside.

These stories and photo's are vetted by Glendora City Hall, city manager Chris Jeffers first.

Those stories would have exposed dangerous people or working conditions, exposing the rank and file (hourly) worker to health issues and or mental or physical attacks by managers.

La Puente, CA

#12 Oct 1, 2012
I hear a train whistle.

Covina, CA

#13 Oct 11, 2012
Glendora California small businesses in search of capital for cash flow and growth went from a relative feast in 2007 to famine in the recession and aftermath.

The slow recovery has not brought a return to the good old days.

Even as loans have become more available, the standards are tighter than they were before the 2008 financial crisis.
Comic Relief

La Puente, CA

#14 Oct 12, 2012
the latest, most modern thing: Casual hairdos are the last word this season.

Glendora, CA

#15 Oct 14, 2012
Why has the edition gone flat?

I suggest they try using the following to pick up the interest level, p.s. YOU HAVE SOME REALLY RACISTS POSTING OTHERWISE.

Do me a favor.
1. Look up stock symbol WYNN
2. Change to 5 year chart
3. Tell me what it said in January 2009
4. Look up the definition of hypocrisy"

Do me a favor
1. Look up quantitative easing
2. Look up the current borrowing rate
3. Search Geitners comment about inflating the stock market
4. Look up the definition of "uninformed idiot"
Jeffers distorts

Covina, CA

#16 Oct 18, 2012
Too bad this article is incorrect and filled with lies, who wrote it?

The editor of the the first mayor of Glendora, Califonria was not this person, Hazel check your facts first otherwise you'll just turn into another 'rag tag' newspaper.

Richard “Dick” Louis Williams, a longtime Glendoran and great-grandson of H.A. Williams, the first mayor of Azusa, died of organ failure Oct. 14 at Foothill Presbyterian Hospital. He was 77 years old.

Maybe the lies come out of the city managers office?

Covina, CA

#17 Nov 22, 2012
It looks like there were many sip ups with so many of the stories posted on the web site.

Either they are short on drama but long on thrills and spills.

So many follow up posts were sent in concerning a wanted person, the hype was "he was armed and damgerous" THEY MUST HAVE BEEN about the entire Glendora city council.

Glendora Police arrested Arthur Jay Guerrero, 24, in the 2000 block of East Inola Street November 21, 2012 Wednesday.

Aurther sliped out of Glendora jail a couple weeks ago, the gap or opening has of course been reduced for the Patch readers, from 9 inched to 8 inches, what kind of reporting is going on here?

This was the same residence where an allegedly armed suspect fled the scene the night before that casued such a big hubbaBubba of activity.

A couple of NitWhit bounty hunters lost their target, or so they say.

Covina, CA

#19 Nov 23, 2012
The nearly got a young man KILLED, it's the fault of the editor and BAD information provide by the Glendora Police Department, right Chris Jeffers?

""The ignorance is yours alone after all claimed GPD stated they would not even hold manny just make sure he was unarmed and cite him out mannys stupidity for running for something so petty.

His charges which is exactly why GPD would not hold him for petty crap but the true injustice is that he bounty hunters who are the so called witnesses that reported armed man.

Why did they do that to get glendora to help in their search for their bounty which they would never have helped with if reported honestly the bounty hunters wasted Glendora Police Department resources the fact is is that there was a false report given by the two bounty hunters themselves not from residents who witnessed anything and that has to be fixed.""

Just like the P.I. that lives across the street from the Glendora Country Club, right L. Ann?

It's kind of like Stupid Bounty Hunters and Stupid P.I.s..
In the millions

La Puente, CA

#20 Dec 22, 2012
The Tattler: 1.2 million hits & Counting

Just where is the GlendoraPatch hit meter?

Guess this would be to revealing as to the popularity of the site?

Covina, CA

#21 Jan 15, 2013
GlendoraPatch is becoming unreadable on local issues.

I don't mind seeing regional views on topics that come up.

But there aren't that many local issues of interest anymore.

But when a local issue is inspiring local comment, it is troubling to see those comments get buried immediately by the avalanche of repetitive response to threads like this.

The problem seems to be flooded by Glendora city employees or city hall lackies.
modified Council

Covina, CA

#22 Jan 17, 2013
The editor and those writers are afraid of printing the truth, unless modified by city hall as to what there take is the truth?

Glendora patch is run by a editor who were not even remotely from here, and therefore folks who probably meant well but never really understood the sometimes subtle mysteries of political life in Glendora, California.

Covina, CA

#23 Jan 17, 2013
The latest Patch format they're rolling out on the east coast.

It's more about "social engagement," i.e comments and gossip. #

This is your future.

Covina, CA

#24 Jun 29, 2013
June 29, 2013..

AOL's $1 billion patent sale to Microsoft is why.

Patch has been a bad investment.

Running it has cost AOL at least $200 million over the past three years, and as much as $500 million.

June 29, 2013..
laughing elections

Covina, CA

#25 Jul 2, 2013
When our city council (Glendora) was up for election these “boobs” were our heros (?) and those who were running against our heros were the boobs, I always wondered how Judy Nelson, a real bimbo, could get enough votes, she did very little during the campaign yet she won.

Karen Davis had an affair, a divorce and a bankruptcy, but what’s the dif, who cares, vote her in. The affair wasn't with another female as many thought but rather with a Glendora Police Officer instead.

Douglas Tessitor is on the verge of senility but he's still putters along as long as he doesn’t drool while in pubic view. The doctors keep him well supplied with pills and drugs, many can't wait for the next public viewing of his comedy antics.

Gene Murbito I can understand, I think he has a connection with the Mafia, cross him and its all over. Wasn't there a height requirement posted, you must be this tall before you can ride this?

What are the good, honest voters of Glendora, California thinking of when they vote?

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