Glendoras town clown - Judy Nelson

Glendoras town clown - Judy Nelson

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Kirked or kicked

San Dimas, CA

#4 Jul 1, 2012
Glenkirk church located in Glendora, California is the 'home' to both Judy Nelson and Douglas Tessitor.

Gene Murabito and Joseph Santoro attend another church also located in Glendora, California.

Karen Davis has her own 'CHURCH' she is the pastor etc.

Back to Judy and Douglas neither one of them showed up at Glendkirk this fine July 01, 2012 Sunday morning for services?

It seems the pair fo them have a lot to ashamed of, wonder if they were told not to show their faces at Glenkirk anymore?.
JN morals

La Puente, CA

#5 Jul 14, 2012
To show everyone how low the morals of Glendora, Calfornia city council have gone.

The follwing meeting after the Glendora city council woman's - Judy Nelsons - gaff and crude remark about children, free food and the words animals applied to them.

Her actions and comments came from a devout "racists" and a blind follower of Tea Party Nation membership. She and the rest of the fve memeber council live in the 91741 zip code of Glendora.

But then again there is Douglas Tessitor, Gene Murabito both committed moral crimes before sitting on the dias seats in city council chambers, then while they sat on the das they committed oe mral crimes agans the residents of Gendora, California.

Covina, CA

#6 Jul 21, 2012
WhileJudy Nelson was running for city council (hand picked b Douglas Tessitor) she was spending hours and days for weeks in the city MANAGERS OFFICE (Chris Jeffers) learning about city government. Trying to educate Judy Neslon - she hadn't set foot in any city council meeting before she was hand picked to run for the open seat.

The training in chris jeffers office didn't work, she is still like a ROCK.

When Glendora, California city council woman, Judy Nelson of "Mrs. Nelson's book store" opened her "racists" "cold hearted" mouth during a Glendora city council meeting June 26, 2012.

She put both of STUPID feet in her big fat mouth!

Only an IDIOT - RACISTS person would do what she did, lets not forget Douglas Tessitor and Gene Murabito they to have been racists towards Senior Citizens and children alike.

Now FM radio station in Southern California - NPR during a Saturday July 21, 2012 Brought the CITY OF GLENDORA in to the 1:25 P.M. issue. Of course it delt with homeless, feeding people young and old.

Nice going Judy Nelson - you made a complete fool out of yourself and the office you hold on this cities city council - bad dog award.

Do the honest residents a favor and walk out the door of the city council chambers and don't ever come back.
Joe Friday

Covina, CA

#7 Jul 21, 2012
In my opinion the racist remarks made about Asians and Whites on this site have been made by the biggest jackass in Glendora. That would be Mark Smith. Now if Mark, who everyone knows posts here, would like to state he hasn't made any such remarks all he has to do is say so. If Mark stays silent Joe Friday see this as an admission of guilt. So step up Mark, or shut your filthy racist mouth.
New Joe Friday

Covina, CA

#8 Jul 21, 2012
In my opinion the racist remarks made about Minorities in the Glendora city council chambers have been made by the biggest jackass in Glendora.

That would be Judy Nelson, Douglas Tessitor and Gene Murbito.

If Judy Nelson Gene Murabito and Douglas Tessitor stays silent the "New Joe Friday" see this as an admission of complete guilt.

So step up Judy Nelson, Gene Murabito and Douglas Tesitor, or shut your filthy racist mouths.

La Puente, CA

#9 Jul 31, 2012
Judy Nelson of the Glendora, California city council has been keeping her crooked nose ou of public view as of late.

Thats a good thing, just wish she would do the right thing and 'get off the city council' as she is no longer needed there./
Free lunch

La Puente, CA

#10 Aug 18, 2012
Judy Nelson tried to start something like whats happening in Philp, PA.

But a crowd stood up and told her she had better get out of town, so the spinless Glendora, California city council member baked off June 26, 2012.

Lunch lady Angela Prattis, handing out free lunches to hungry children in a Pennsylvania neighborhood.

National outrage has erupted after Prattis found herself running afoul of Chester Township zoning laws and threatened with a $600 fine if she continued, Philadelphia. PA.

People like Judy Nelson, Gene Murabito and Douglas Tessitor need to get out of Glendora, California.

La Puente, CA

#11 Aug 31, 2012
Could believe Judy Nelson would shirk her task of showing up a Glendora, California city council meetings when the residents need he the most?

Must be at another Tea Party Nation member's meeting, planing the over throw of the U.S. Government.

Glendora, CA

#12 Sep 13, 2012
Glendora Resident One of 10 Arrested in Mortgage Scam. this sounds about right.

Except is could include a lot more for scams that are pulled on Glendora residents all the tiem by it's local government in City Hall and it's city council members.
She feels

West Covina, CA

#13 Sep 17, 2012
Glendora, California city council person Judy Nelson has expressed the same "shameful" views as Willard Mitt Romney has in the video. She wanted to stop feeding children free lunches, judy nelsoin does not belong on the Glendora city council at all.

The uss willard has beached it's self on to the rocks of life, thanks to Willard Mitt Romney's big LDS mouth! has the video and audio of Willard tossing americans aside.

You have seen for yourself what he and his church are all about.

There is no way Willard Mitt Romney can spin his way out of this one.

He has shown how a presidential candidate destroys a campaign in one day.

Between this and the insider criticism published, I think Willard Mitt Romney is done, well-done.
Bad city council

Covina, CA

#14 Sep 25, 2012
Judy Nelson's hero, the clown from:

Stacked like cordwood.

Willard Mitt Romney campaign is starting to look and feel ike "Custer's Last Stand" for the dumb and dumber of the GOP / Republican / Tea Party Nation membership.
Kroger idiots

La Puente, CA

#15 Sep 25, 2012
Judy Nelson and Davis Miller would have been screaminmg at this poor lady too!

When Cindy Nerger, of Warner Robins, Ga., went into a Kroger supermarket last week, she was brought to tears when the clerk berated her for using food stamps.

According to Nerger, he held up the line while other customers watched, arguing over $10 worth of items he said weren't covered.

When a manager came and said to give them to her, he exclaimed, "Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps!"

At which point the embarrassed woman broke down. Nerger, who had kidney failure in 2008, can't work until she gets a transplant.

She declined a gift certificate the store offered with an apology for the incident.

Where do the Tea Party Nation idiots live, why Glendora, California.. One is a city council person and the other Davis Miller wants to be a U.S. Congressman?

Fat chance little man.

La Puente, CA

#16 Oct 10, 2012
Judy Nelson of Glendora, California is out of touch and hasn't got a clue as to whats happen day to day.l

The look on her face is priceless, dumb an dumber!

She is a tries and true Tea Bagger, all snot and mouth.

Hunger states in the union the percentages run from 15.7% to 19.4% of population who are hungry.

9.0 North Carolina

8.) California

7.) Florida

6.) Ohio

5.) Georgia

4.) Alabama

3.) Arkansas

2.) Texas

1.) Mississippi
seniors across

La Puente, CA

#17 Oct 10, 2012
Millions of seniors across the country face the risk of not having enough to eat. Here are places where they are:

She is a tries and true Tea Bagger, all snot and mouth.

Hunger states in the union the percentages run from 15.7% to 19.4% of population who are hungry.

9.) North Carolina

8.) California

7.) Florida

6.) Ohio

5.) Georgia

4.) Alabama

3.) Arkansas

2.) Texas

1.) Mississippi
Idiots Oath Repubs

Covina, CA

#18 Oct 18, 2012
2. As a woman, I'd like my reproductive system to be at the mercy of the religious right, and those politicians who cater to the religious right for votes.

La Puente, CA

#19 Nov 1, 2012
Once again Judy Nelson of Glendora, California - nut case and city council member and Debbie Neal a hard core member of the tea party org.

She and another tea party member requested that funding and locations in Glendora be stopped that fed children who neeeded food?

This is how crazy this person is and her tea party org.

The office of State Assemblyman Roger Hernandez responded to Councilwoman Marlen Garcia with a written:

I am saddened to learn and hear that Baldwin Park Councilmember Marlen Garcia has rushed to judgment even before I have been given the opportunity for Due Process as my Constitutional Rights afford me to do so.

After Judy Nelson called on her stupity in a city council meeting, she hid out for weeks.
NIX Willard

La Puente, CA

#20 Nov 2, 2012
Do yourself a great big favor or pleasure and get rid of that Hemroid called Willard Mitt Romney.

Maybe that's Judy Nelson's problem all along?

What do you think about that Douglas Boyd of Los Aneles County non Glendora city election voter?

Covina, CA

#21 Nov 21, 2012
See for yurself what kind of fool Judy Nelson, Debbie Neal and followers look like.

Monrovia, CA

#22 Dec 3, 2012
Grover Norquist is a liar and a jerk.

Read his literature. Listen to what the guy actually says he believes.

He would allow people to starve in the street so the ultra rich would be free of government interfernence.

This would permit the uber wealthy to bestow their virtue upon the less fortunate

That being said, the $250k "wealth" threshhold is so artificial.

No family in the northeast earning $250k per annum is remotely close to weatlhy.

Monrovia, CA

#23 Dec 4, 2012
Just ask Judy Nelson and Debbie Neal how to make an idiot out of yourself in public and at a Glendora, California city council meeting - June 26, 2012. Since they give all the verbal apperances of a HardCore Tea Bagger.

Papa John's, Applebee's, and Denny's food outlets have all been seriously affected by a bad public-relations downturn.

Ever since their loud mouth ego driven CEOs launched high-profile campaigns to pass on Obamacare's costs to their employees or customers.

This rings of stupity at th hightest level - sounds like GOP, Republican and Tea Party nation members committing shear stupity in public again.

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