Rick Perry is a lost sole

Rick Perry is a lost sole

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Wrangler ricky

San Dimas, CA

#1 Sep 17, 2011
The lost sole part was his Soul, thats been sold to another person!
Phoo perry

San Dimas, CA

#2 Sep 17, 2011
I watched the debate because it was important to see who the Republican/Tea Party people who were in the audience supporting them.

I was astonishing how many times they applauded at the most ridiculous statements, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry's ignorance about climate change.

But when he compared himself to Galileo, that's when I and other's burst out laughing. He doesen't even know what Galileo did or certainly wouldn't have aligned himself with him, all that science and all.

And this is who the Republican/Tea Party's consider presidental?

He is another Bachmann/Palin retread-simply unbelievable.
Ego at Work

La Puente, CA

#3 Sep 17, 2011
Rick Perry would have us believe he's a country boy at heart, a down-home cowboy who can relate to the plight of ordinary Americans.

Just another ego at work. I long for the "what you see is what you get" type, but Mr. Perry is too slippery to qualify. Where is Harry Truman when we really need him? Perhaps he has come back as Ron Paul.
Scout Leader says

La Puente, CA

#4 Sep 17, 2011
Ask people from Rick Perry's hometown in Texas.

They pretty much think he's a fraud.

Even his former Boy Scout leader says he wouldn't vote for the guy.

La Puente, CA

#5 Sep 17, 2011
I suppose Rick Perry is no more a hypocrite than most Republicans running, since it seems that most of them are.

Problem is, we keep electing millionaires to represent us and they know nothing about the common man or woman or our problems not to mention that they could care less.

They're all either rich or seeking to become rich and you do that by siding with special interests and big corporations.

The American political system is broken and may require either a revolt by the people and/or a total collapse of the system.

I believe one or both is coming soon.

San Dimas, CA

#6 Sep 18, 2011
Texas Governor Rick Perry likes to brag that his state is an economic powerhouse.

But don't tell that to the nearly one in five Texans who are living below the poverty line.

Texas ranks 6th in terms of people living in poverty. Some 18.4% of Texans were impoverished in 2010, up from 17.3% a year earlier, according to Census Bureau data released this week. The national average is 15.1%.

And being poor in Texas isn't easy. The state has one of the lowest rates of spending on its citizens per capita and the highest share of those lacking health insurance.

A combination of demographic and economic factors contribute to the high poverty rate in Texas, where many families, particularly in the southern swath, live in ramshackle housing with no utilities or indoor plumbing.

More than half the state are minorities, many of them Hispanic. This population often has lower levels of education, making it harder for them to escape poverty, and the state's population is younger and the families there larger, on average, which also puts them at greater risk of being poor.

Meanwhile, the Great Recession has driven a new crop of Texans into poverty's grip: the formerly middle class.

"The middle class are losing their jobs and are not able to replace them fast enough, that's driving them straight into poverty.

Some 550,000 workers last year were paid at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
For residents living in poverty, the state doesn't offer many services or even make federally-funded benefits easily accessible.

Texas' Medicaid program covers virtually no non-disabled adults. And only an estimated 55% of those eligible for food stamps, texas has come under pressure from the federal government and being hit with a class action lawsuit.

Experts chalk up the minimal services and take-up rates to Texas' anti-welfare attitude. In the Lone Star State, you are expected to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
Big O richie

Covina, CA

#7 Sep 19, 2011
Perry has 'trashed' Texas and now he wants to bring his methods to Washington D.C.

The Republicans/RNC/GOP and Tea Party don’t seem to care that one in four American children live in poverty.

They’re too busy lecturing us about the budget deficit they created while defending huge tax giveaways to the big corporations. Cut and build on the backs of average americans and not the rich?
Mental tips

San Dimas, CA

#8 Sep 20, 2011
I'm getting tired of Rove.

I bought his book, was a supporter, but now I'm watching him show his own personal need for attention by thinking of himself over what is in the best interests of Republicans.

He almost single handledly destroyed senate hopeful Christine O'Donnel by giving the liberal media a reason to attack her.

This after she pulled an amazing upset over a liberal opponent.

Now he's trying the same thing again with any Republican that he feels is 'too conservative.'

He is becoming his own worse enemy and he may lose the credibility he had because most of us thought he was a conservative.

Karl, you had your day, now go away!
Country Club rino

San Dimas, CA

#9 Sep 20, 2011
Karl Rove and George Bush were NEVER considered as conservatives here in Texas.

They were always considered as RINO countryclub republicans but look like conservatives when compared to far left Democratic Party (Ann Richards, Jim Hightower and other Austin "Weirdos")

Ask any active Tea Party activist since 2009 and they will tell you that so called moderate and liberal Karl Rove/Bush/ DC Republicans were the leaders of the anti Tea Party movement.

Karl Rove, John Cronyn (Senate Electorial comm), Pete Sessions (House Electorial comm), Texas and Florida Bushes ACTIVELY campaigned AGAINST the following Tea Party candidates in primaries 1. Marco Rubio (FL), 2 Nickie Hallie (SC), 3. Susanna Martinez (NM),(4. Brian Sandoval (NV), 6. Cong. Col Alan West (FL), 7. Cong Bill Flores (TX)

ALL CONSERVATIVE MINORITIES! They additionally actively worked against Senator Demint in supporting RandPaul and other Tea Party candidates. They all worked directly against Governor Rick Perry's re-election with another anti Tea Party official (Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson). Rick Perry supported Marco Rubio and the others while being attacked as being loyal to the Tea Party.

John Boehner, Rep Cantor and Senator Cronyon are actively working against Gov Perry (ask any consultant) and are threatning any congressional and Senatorial candidates not to support Gov Perry or they will not get Republican House or Senate $$.. Again ask any political consultant and they will tell you this...

Country club Republicans/RINOS have just as much to lose as Obama because with a Tea Party landslide (House and Senate) they will lose their offices too (to Tea Party members).

La Puente, CA

#10 Sep 24, 2011
For once, I actually have some first hand experience with a political candidate.

I had the opportunity to spend about an hour in a room with Rick Perry a couple of years ago.

I don't know who prepares his public statements, but when he is speaking extemporaneously away from the public eye, it's a cross between rain man and the Beverly Hillbillys.

The man is a complete dunce with no depth or sophistication.

Whoever votes for him deserves whatever rotten things happen to them as a U.S. citizen.
Limbaugh torture

La Puente, CA

#12 Oct 6, 2011
Texas, Bridgett Nickerson Boyd's car break down on her way to work, but when she pulled over to the side of the freeway, a sheriff's deputy named Mark Goad pulled behind her, wrote her a ticket for driving on the shoulder, arrest her, followed her to the hospital when her suddenly racing heart prompted a call to paramedics, then took her into custody again after she was treated by doctors and finally drove her to jail.

Ms. Boyd claims in a lawsuit that the handcuffs were put on her wrists painfully tight and that she was forced to listen to conservative broadcaster Rush Limbaugh "make derogatory comments about black people" all the way to the jail. Boyd is African-American.

The incident, occurred on Oct. 4, 2010, Boyd filed a federal lawsuit Monday against Goad and Harris County alleging defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, assault and battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Deputy Goad was aware that Boyd had not committed a crime and her arrest was without probable cause.

The magistrate who saw her while jailed apparently agreed and dismissed all charges.

Ms. Boyd, said she thought the deputy had pulled up behind her car to help her. She had moved to the shoulder along Beltway 8 near Texas 288 after her engine started smoking.
Perry Brained

Glendora, CA

#13 Oct 21, 2011
Nice Ghetto State your running, Rick Perry.

It's a top 10 list no one wants to be on: a new Census brief named the McAllen, Texas, metro area the poorest in the nation.

Roughly a third of the residents in this Mexican border area in the Rio Grande Valley live below the poverty line, in spite of a healthcare industry that continued to add jobs during the recession and a retail sector buoyed by Mexican shoppers who cross the border to buy American name-brand clothes.
Perry parrot

La Puente, CA

#14 Oct 31, 2011
I'll be blunt with all you Perry supporters, it's time to butter your guy because he's toast. Every day it's a new dumb thing. From birtherism, to convoluted tax policy, to inarticulate attacks, to woeful ignorance and even stupidity on foreign policy (Pakistani country? Please), to placing his wife under such stress that she is lashing out at everything around her.

Not only is Rick Perry utterly incapable of running for president, he can't run his state, and in fact can't meet the basic requirement for any politician -- he can't even run his mouth.
Mark Me An idiot

Anaheim, CA

#15 Nov 1, 2011
That's nothing, Mark Smith has never said a smart thing in any council appearance at any time. I have never heard a bigger idiot in my entire life. Did he ever go to school or was he raised and home schooled by complete morons?
2 Peas in pod

La Puente, CA

#16 Nov 1, 2011
I'll be blunt with all you Perry supporters, it's time to butter your guy because he's toast. Every day it's a new dumb thing.

His birtherism remark, to convoluted tax policy, to inarticulate attacks, to woeful ignorance and even stupidity on foreign policy (Pakistani country? Please), to placing his wife under such stress that she is lashing out at everything around her.

Not only is Rick Perry utterly incapable of running for president, he can't run his state, and in fact can't meet the basic requirement for any politician -- he can't even run his mouth.

Covina, CA

#17 Nov 1, 2011
Wonder if Mark was carrying butter during his romp in the bushes.
Cards are Golden

La Puente, CA

#18 Nov 1, 2011
Did rick-perry hear the latest, his state baseball team LOST.

Covina, CA

#19 Nov 1, 2011
Just like every candidate Mark Smith has ever backed. You see if Mark Smith backs a candidate it's an automatic lost for them. Just ask John Harrold, Kristin Parisi and Erica Johnsey. Mark Smith endorsing you is the same as having a big sign on your car that says "I'm too stupid to be elected because I took Mark Smith's endorsement".

Any questions boy? Do you ever get tired of me making you look like the biggest piece of crap to ever live in Glendora anytime I want? Say hi to Butt Boy for me.
SNL not Perry

La Puente, CA

#20 Nov 1, 2011
Perry couldn't make the last cut to be on "Saturday Night Live" as a bus boy he still couldn't make it, so Perry give it up and stop trying to be funny!
Mark Me A Racist

Anaheim, CA

#21 Nov 2, 2011
Chicken Little Mark Smith isn't funny. losers like him never are.

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