Mike Gatto forces blogger to remove p...

Mike Gatto forces blogger to remove postings

There are 90 comments on the LA Daily News story from Oct 28, 2010, titled Mike Gatto forces blogger to remove postings. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

In an unusually sharp response by a public official to scathing Internet postings, Assemblyman Mike Gatto this week forced a political blogger to remove reports that the San Fernando Valley-area Democrat claimed were defamatory.

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Sun Valley, CA

#21 Oct 28, 2010
Jennifer wrote:
P.S. Sorry to talk over your head Good for Gatto.
In the United States, to prevail in a defamation lawsuit, an elected official has to bear the burden of proving "actual malice" by the party who posted the defamatory statement.
For you non-lawyers, actual malice could be proven, for example, by finding a note written by the defendant saying "I hate that guy because he got me fired."
Even if actual malice is proven, under California law, basically the only way to defame a male politician is to falsely accuse him of having committed a crime, or to falsely accuse him of having a loathsome disease.
Good for Gallo, everything you suggest in your post, for legislative action by Assemblyman Gallo, is absolutely beyond the pale, in terms of what the California Legislature and Governor have the power to enact, in terms of laws. Even though there are few lawyers to defend individual SLAPP suit defendants there is an army of people in Sacramento who can and do defend free speech in California against laws proposed by legal illiterates.
Condescending KKKKUUUNT

Orange, CA

#22 Oct 29, 2010
So Fred, you think Mike Gatto looks "creepy?" YOU should look so creepy! I think he's gorgeous.

Orange, CA

#23 Oct 29, 2010
I've read the Mayor Sam blog. It's sub-standard "tea party" garbage. He did cross the line with the libelous stuff he wrote about Gatto.

Redondo Beach, CA

#24 Oct 29, 2010
You, Kevin Modesti, should expect a call from Gato's lawyer, suing you for reporting the truth that Gato is trying to bully the public and squash any negative information about him that is out there. Shame on him.
Gato's creepy tactics to strong arm our god given freedoms and hide who he really is behind false accusations will cost him dearly.

Los Angeles, CA

#25 Oct 29, 2010
What a bully this Mike Gatto is. Has he no shame?
Faux Nukes

Encino, CA

#26 Oct 29, 2010
Forced? If Mr. Sam didn't want to remove the posts, he could have waited to be sued. Lawsuits are a feature not a bug. The alternative? Pistol duels at ten paces.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Also, look about "libel per se" when accusing lawyers of misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance.

San Diego, CA

#27 Oct 29, 2010
Scott Johnson studied journlism?

Give me a break!

This Worker Comp recipient can barely spell his name correctly. One retired LAUSD reader regularly changes "Red Spot" Johnson's ILLITERATE rantings.

If Johnson ever posts to Mayor Sam's blog ever again, see how many grammatical and spelling errors he makes. I can assure you that he is no journalist. He is n illiterate. That's not an opinion. that's fact.

Also, I posted MANY comments of my own to Mayor Sam, aka Mike Higby, asking him to have Red Spot tone down his comments. He never did.

An OBESE BULLY, Higby pounces on people because he is a lonely man who has no romantic relationship in his life. The blog is his girlfriend. Sad.

San Diego, CA

#28 Oct 29, 2010
bubba wrote:
<quoted text>
Condescending KKKKUUUNT
I PERSONALLY wrote MANY, MANY comments to Higby, a lonely obese man with no romantic relationship in his life, that the illiterate rants of Red Spot were over-the-top and obnoxious. Higby continued to disregard that.

But when I continued to point out the flaws in Johnson's comments, Higby DELIBERATELY stopped posting my concerns. I'm not a lawyer, but that sounds like he was disregarding the concerns with malice, Alice.

San Diego, CA

#29 Oct 29, 2010
Peter wrote:
"Johnson said he understands the need for fact-checking after studying journalism in community college"??????????
If this dolt Johnson had such a deep understanding of "fact-checking", then why are his facts all wrong?
Could it be that he is a hired hatchet-man?
The fact is that Johnson is a bought and paid for shill for the Republicans.
Peter, if you read Scott Johnson's rants on Mayor Sam, you'll know that he is a virtual illiterate whose writing resembles a 1st grader. I am a retired LAUSD instructor, and regularly post corrections to Scott Johnson's rants. He is a man who lives in his mother's basement and he receives Worker Comp. All he ever does is stalk people at community meetings. Scary individual. Higby was warned time and again about Johnson. But believe me, if he ever did take a journalism course, he failed. He is truly a virtual illiterate.

San Diego, CA

#30 Oct 29, 2010
Let me tell you a bit about Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby.

He is an obese bully. That's not abusive or untrue. Another childish blogger, Zuma Dogg, a few months ago was so sick of Higby's slanderous commentaries, that he posted a LENGTHY diatribe about Higby, including photos of his extreme obesity.

I suspect that Higby is bully because he truly lacks, and has admittedly that he has always lacked, a romantic relationship in his life, undoubtedly due to his health problems.

When you lack a relationship in your life, some people, such as Higby, turn to playground bullying.

And this is backed up by the fact that other people on his blog are bullies. The illiterate Red Spot is obviously one. But also JOE BARRETT, who has been labeled "Joe B(ully)" for SKEWING comments in order to support his positions, is a bully.

Middle aged, illiterate, obese bullies. That's what's on Mayor Sam.

Orange, CA

#32 Oct 29, 2010
all i see are people who hate gatto and people who hate the blogger - big surprise. but, the real issue is: what really "constitutes" libel? for example, if i say "obama a kenyan born muslim who hates american and the u.s. constitution," is that libel? i say it's the truth - so is that libel or not?
i'm just anybody out there posting, i don't have a tv show and millions of viewers, nobody knows me - and i'm sure this guy's blog gets maybe 20 views a day if that, worldwide, let alone 20 registered voters in this particular district who are undecided and don't know who to vote for...point is, what real damage has gatto suffered? if nobody knows you or goes to your blog, what real influence are you having on the kind of level needed to actually cause damage to a person's reputation? the answer is you aren't having much if any influence at all, therefore, you can't hurt something/someone if your involvement is on such a minor level.
c'mon this is like some playground shit in 3rd grade. "you called me a name and i'm gonna tell the teacher." the blogger is only a nuisance at best, not a legitimate threat. and, using political/legal force against a "nuisance" is overly heavy handed and smacks of being anti-1st amendment, anti-freedom of speech. of course, gatto is a democrat, and democrats are anti-freedom and anti-free speech in general, so perhaps it's not surprising after all. recall obama going after fox news earlier this year as one of many examples of democrats trying to stifle free speech.
however rude, crass, and distasteful posts might be, we have to be more thick skinned, taking personal attacks, jeers and taunts with stride, especially as a politician. gatto's acting like a typical thin skinned socialist bully, surprised he didn't have some thugs from a local union show up at the blogger's doorstep to "convince" him to take the stuff down. i'd tell gatto to F-off, "see you in court" - love to see him prove his case to a judge about how he's been "damaged."

Tustin, CA

#33 Oct 29, 2010
fred wrote:
He looks so creepy in this picture. Not voting for him due to not letting bloggers have freedom of speech. That's not a true democrat.
You must be extremely gifted to ascertain the personality of a person by looking at their picture. Or just delusional.

And libelous statements are not a part of freedom of speech. Reread the constitution, please.

West Hollywood, CA

#34 Oct 29, 2010
Hey Mike Gatto! I heard for mother wears combat boots to bed! I heard your wife's cookies taste like dog poop! I heard you go to TJ to suck donkey's! Oh, right, the last one must be true because you are a DEM. Now sue me you POS lawyer! Can't stand the heat? FU!

Los Angeles, CA

#35 Oct 29, 2010
another ass wipe politician who is not prepared for office who knowns nothing, perhaps less time in front of the mirror might help.
Will Tattinger

Burbank, CA

#36 Oct 29, 2010
There is a huge difference between criticisms and outright slander. Gatto has the right to address slander and do something about it. This is not being "thin skinned" this is protecting one's personal image from lies and unfounded defamatory speech. This is everyone's legal right and trumps that of these malicious blogger's to rant. I also find it quite ironic that Musurlian protests being "smeared" but he has no problem smearing others! Hypocrisy at its finest!
Todays Pundit

United States

#37 Oct 29, 2010
My my.

This string of comments reminds me of another venue for the throwing of pointless insults.

What was it? Oh yeah. Higby's blog.

Sheese. Johnson is a quarter-literate reactionary whose only entertainment in life is to slander a public servant who won a comfortable mandate from his constituency last June and is poised to double his margin of victory next Tuesday.

Higby the enormous and Johnson the Community College Scholar are just torn to bits to see such a young man achieve so much so quickly.

For those who missed it, Johnson cannot write five consecutive words about Gatto without calling him a baby. Unless Johnson has a flat slander to throw.

I'm just surprised that it took Gatto so long to act against these haters.
Higby is an abuser

San Diego, CA

#38 Oct 29, 2010
Mike Higby has been attacked woman named Mary Cummins for years. He doesn't know her and he always attacks because he is a bully and an lonely obese nitwit. Now he gets a come uppence.

Los Angeles, CA

#39 Oct 29, 2010
pretty boy needs to wake up to the reality of political life if he cannot handle it now what will he do when he has to tell everyone to shut up,nothing less then a hot air ballon and does not deserve to represent us, throw egs and pie at him via a resounding na vote come this Tuesday, how dare he.

Los Angeles, CA

#40 Oct 29, 2010
Patricia wrote:
So Fred, you think Mike Gatto looks "creepy?" YOU should look so creepy! I think he's gorgeous.
he has a butt face no wonder you like him
Todays Pundit

United States

#41 Oct 29, 2010
I'd like to see someone investigate the flow of money between Higby and the Republicans running against Gatto.

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