Armenian organized crime grows more c...

Armenian organized crime grows more complex

There are 828 comments on the LA Daily News story from Oct 16, 2010, titled Armenian organized crime grows more complex. In it, LA Daily News reports that:

GLENDALE Endeavor Diagnostics billed itself as a thriving medical laboratory that performed more than $1 million of work for Medicare patients.

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Los Angeles, CA

#868 Jul 14, 2013
Very true .

Los Angeles, CA

#869 Jul 14, 2013
This Armanin's comment justifies who they are .
No need to argue with such a rude and uneducated person.

Glendale, CA

#870 Jul 15, 2013
Ana wrote:
This Armanin's comment justifies who they are .
No need to argue with such a rude and uneducated person.
What is an "Armanin?" Maybe you are an uneducated person yourself.

Sunnyvale, CA

#871 Jul 16, 2013
i like t owatch sateltie video of cocaine feilds ..then follow the plane and trucks to harbors over to america wher e25 cents in cocaine is 4000 dollars satelite like wtchinga movie

Glendale, CA

#874 Dec 27, 2013
Your all just mad because you don't know how to do it, your too pu**y to do it, and because our marble floors and beamer Benz Bentley maserati Aston martin bugattis are all coming from your pockets ..lmaooooo clowns!

Glendale, CA

#875 Dec 27, 2013
I'm sorry that was mean. Lmao clowns.

Los Angeles, CA

#877 Oct 19, 2014
NV VN wrote:
First off, making generalizations about a whole race based on an incident that happened between 70 makes all you yankee doodles sound like racist hypocrites. Second, if you guys were educated enough as to know demographics and statistics, you would see that the majority of the population in Glendale is not Armenian. There are more Whites and Asians living in Glendale than there are Armenians. Third, 63% of physicians in the US are Armenian (Check the facts). Last but not least, CVS pharmacy was just fined for fraudulent claims, Martha Stuart went to jail for insider trading, CEOs of banks, mayors, and others in high positions of organizations such as Richard Scrushy of Health South all committed fraudulent acts against this wonderful country of the Unites States. If I may, i'd like to also add that other races can just as easily be put down for raping family don't see Armenians talking about the Turks killing them off do you? To the racist ****s that think this is an "Armenian" thing, check the facts and think again.
63% check again

Los Angeles, CA

#878 Jun 24, 2015
Glendale has hairy women
Former Armo

Glendale, CA

#880 Jul 20, 2015
From the fearless Glendale News Press, who is not intimidated by Armenian Power or their local hoodlums. Please notice the last name of the lady who fled the country is Grigoryan. Maybe she is related to Ara Grigoryan who hit a Mexican girl on Glendale Avenue about 7 or 8 years ago and then fled the country and was caught in Mexico trying to board a plane back to Armenia to avoid prosecution.

Man sentenced in Glendale medical fraud scheme

8:14 PM PDT, July 20, 2015

A Tujunga man was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison Monday for his role in a $20 million fraud scheme that used a sham medical clinic in Glendale to defraud Medicare and Medi-Cal with phony prescriptions.

ARTAK OVSEPIAN, 33, was found guilty after a trial last year of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to misbrand pharmaceutical drugs, making false statements to the federal government and conspiracy to use other people’s identities in furtherance of fraud.

Operators of Manor Medical Imaging in Glendale employed an unlicensed medical practitioner, NURITSA GRIGORYAN, of Glendale, to prescribe “expensive” anti-psychotic medications using a licensed doctor’s name, and later billed and rebilled the government for the drugs, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

By manipulating files of patients who were recruited or whose identities were stolen, operators made it seem as though the individuals – which included elderly and homeless people, as well as veterans – were being legitimately treated.

After the prescriptions were filled, the drugs were sold on the black market and redistributed to pharmacies, where they’d be used in new claims filed to Medicare and Medi-Cal.

Medicare and Medi-Cal paid more than $9 million of the more than $20 million in fraudulent billings, officials said.

Two others, including Kenneth Johnson, 48, of Ladera Heights, and Grigoryan, 49, were also convicted after last year’s trial, and about a dozen others have been convicted in relation to the scheme.

Johnson, the doctor who pre-signed thousands of blank prescriptions that were later filled out by co-conspirators, is slated to be sentenced in November.

Meanwhile, Grigoryan, who pretended to have an American medical license when she saw homeless patients and filled out the phony prescriptions pre-signed by Johnson, reportedly fled the country after her conviction and remains a fugitive, officials said.

Glendale, CA

#882 Nov 22, 2015

From the Glendale News Press on November 19

Glendale attorney charged with attempted extortion in shooting case

t started with a triple shooting at a North Hollywood body shop in April 2014.

Two brothers, Robert and Akop “Jack” Torosian, the latter of which owns Papillon International Bakery in Glendale, had gotten into a business dispute with the shop’s owner, Hrach Gasparyan, and another man, Hrut Fitilchyan, which resulted in a shootout that left three of them hospitalized, according to Los Angeles police and the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Both Torosian brothers were arrested, but just one, Akop, was charged in connection with the crime.

To this day, there are conflicting accounts about who the aggressor was in the shooting, according to someone with knowledge of the case.

Akop Torosian, whose bakery was honored in June by Assemblyman Mike Gatto as small business of the year, was — and still is — facing two counts each of attempted murder and assault with a semiautomatic firearm. These charges carry a sentence of up to life in state prison.

But last November, Armen Tashjian, the Glendale attorney representing two of the men who were shot, allegedly made an offer to Robert Torosian.

For $2 million, the criminal case against his brother could go away.

With that money, Tashjian’s clients — Gasparyan and Fitilchyan — would either leave the country or keep quiet on the stand.

“(Gasparyan) will take the stand and say … I don’t remember, I didn’t see anything, I don’t know who shot who,” Tashjian allegedly told Robert Torosian last November, court records show.

Investigators were privy to the alleged shakedown, though the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office declined to discuss its investigation techniques.

Three months later, Tashjian reportedly emailed the bribe offer to Akop Torosian’s defense attorney Daniel Behesnilian, who when reached Thursday declined to comment on the case.

This week, Tashjian was charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit the crime of offering to receive a bribe, attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion and conspiracy to commit an act injurious to the public, according to the Los Angeles County Superior Court criminal complaint.

When reached by phone Thursday, the body shop owner said he was shot once in the arm the day of the shooting, but could not remember additional details. He added that investigators recently served a search warrant at his home and business.

Fitilchyan, the other man involved in the shooting, meanwhile, could not be immediately reached for comment.

According to the district attorney’s office, neither Gasparyan nor Fitilchyan have been charged with any crimes, nor are they under investigation.

Tashjian is slated to be arraigned next month.

When reached via email, the attorney said he had not yet seen the allegations against him and was therefore unable to comment.

“Please know I will defend myself to the fullest,” he added.

Las Vegas, NV

#886 Apr 27, 2016
The Delta sororities have vowed to inform against them as well as the freemasons! They do private surveillance and give it to the authorities!

Perkiomenville, PA

#887 May 4, 2016
Rusty_Shackleford wrote:
Fresh from the SGV Tribune:

West Covina police warn against using debit cards at gas stations
Posted: 05/31/2011 03:16:16 PM PDT

Arman Avanesyan, 31, of Glendale is suspected of using counterfeit debit cards with stolen account information (Courtesy West Covina police)
WEST COVINA - Police are warning residents of a sophisticated new breed of devices that can steal bank account information from gas pumps and that are virtually undetectable to customers.

West Covina police Cpl. Rudy Lopez issued the alert following the discovery last month that card skimmers had been installed on three pumps at two different gas stations in the city.

In the past, card skimmers were often somewhat-crude devices that had to be attached to the front of a gas pump or ATM. Typically, a small camera would be hidden somewhere and pointed at the keypad so it could record video of PIN numbers being punched in.

Lopez said the new skimmers are installed inside of the pump and record both the account number and PIN
Raghi Khajemtourian, 26, of Glendale is also suspected of using counterfeit debit cards with stolen account information.(Photo courtest West Covina police)
number electronically. The "really scary ones" are even equipped with technology that allows them to transmit the information wirelessly to someone parked nearby, he said.

Once thieves have both the account and PIN numbers, they can manufacture a counterfeit card that allows them to withdraw money from the compromised bank account at an ATM. Two Glendale men suspected in such a crime were arrested by West Covina police on May 22.

Raghi Khajemtourian, 26, and Arman Avanesyan, 31, were arrested after police received a call of two men acting suspiciously near the ATM of a Chase Bank branch. Officers eventually located the men at the Bank of America branch at Eastland Center Drive.

In the bushes nearby and in a car belonging
to the men, police found counterfeit cards and nearly $6,000 in cash that may have been stolen from other people's accounts. No connection has been made between the men and the skimming devices found at the gas stations, Lopez said.

Since the skimmers are impossible for a customer to detect, Lopez said the best defense is to use a credit card when purchasing gas. Credit cards are often better protected against fraud than debit cards.

If a debit card must be used, Lopez said to use the credit feature, which does not require a PIN number to be entered.

"Really, the best bet is to opt out of using your PIN number at the gas station," he said.

Stay classy Armenians.
Raghi Khajemtourian is a disgusting, evil POS career criminal. He's supposed to be deported but he's still here as of May 2016. I have no idea why homeland security doesn't do their job and get rid of him. He has a rap sheet a mile long. His entire family is disgusting and amoral, in my opinion. Every single one of them has a different spelling of their last name. I was told the reason was to commit welfare fraud, insurance fraud, etc. Why doesn't the Burbank, Glendale and Palmdale law enforcement officials crack down on these creeps? That's where they are located.

San Mateo, CA

#888 May 4, 2016

HSUS moved money to several funds in the Cayman Islands include the following “investments:”

$500,000 to Ascend Partners Fund I, L.P., a Cayman hedge fund

$253,000 to BKM Holdings (Cayman) Ltd.

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$8 million to Fore Multi Strategy Offshore Fund, Ltd., in the Caymans

$5 million to Hayman Capital Offshore Partners, L.P. in Bermuda

$6.7 million invested in Fir Tree International Value Fund in the Caymans

Given that U.S. Charities are supposed to provide charitable services, while for-profit businesses invest money in hedge funds to make a profit, it is quite dubious that a non-profit charity from the United States would put $26 million in offshore funds in the Cayman Islands other than to stash money.

San Mateo, CA

#889 May 4, 2016

Glendale, CA

#890 May 12, 2016
From the Burbank Leader, May 10, 2016. Don't forget to read where his mommy said her son was not capable of committing the crimes of which he'd been accused. Don't forget mommy that cameras don't lie and witnesses tend to remember who shot them. Oh mommy, if he is innocent why did he run? Mommy will forget all of this because she is Armenian and Armenians routinely fail to take responsibility for what they do. Artyom Gasparyan will fail to take responsibility like a man, he will fail to stand up and say he did it, because he is a puss. Have a nice time in prison, you will make somebody a nice wife.

Suspect in alleged crime spree, including Burbank double-shooting, pleads not guilty

By Alene Tchekmedyian•Contact Reporter

May 10, 2016, 6:03 PM

A man accused in a violent monthlong crime spree throughout Los Angeles County, including a double shooting in Burbank, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 26 felony charges, officials said.

Artyom Gasparyan led authorities on a round-the-clock manhunt that ended on Jan. 4 when he was shot by Los Angeles police after a wrong-way freeway chase in which he crashed into an oncoming car and tried to flee on foot.

The 32-year-old faces one count of capital murder, 11 counts of attempted murder, seven counts of second-degree robbery, two counts of carjacking, two counts of fleeing police while driving recklessly, and one count each of hit and run resulting in injury, possessing a firearm by a felon and assault with a semiautomatic firearm, according to the Los Angeles County Superior Court criminal complaint.

In a separate complaint, Gasparyan was charged with an additional count each of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, stemming from an alleged stabbing in August, records show.

Gasparyan, who has missed multiple court dates since his capture due to his hospitalization or refusal to come to court, is being held without bail.

Gasparyan's public defender could not be reached for comment on Tuesday. In an interview the week after Gasparyan's arrest, his mother Mariam Gasparyan said her son was not capable of committing the crimes of which he'd been accused.

Authorities said Gasparyan's crime spree began on Dec. 6 and stretched from Long Beach to Burbank to Panorama City.

On the morning of Dec. 9, Gasparyan reportedly pulled into a driveway of a Burbank home, with electronic music blasting from his car.

After waking up to the music, longtime Burbank resident Bheri Werntz went outside to pick up the newspaper and asked the driver to keep it down.

That's when Gasparyan allegedly reached for a silver-colored handgun sitting on the passenger seat and shot the 67-year-old. As Gasparyan drove off, he also allegedly shot a gardener working nearby in the foot.

Within days, Burbank police identified Gasparyan and on Dec. 13 tracked him down to Long Beach, but he got away. Hours later, Gasparyan would reportedly shoot another victim in Los Angeles.

Gasparyan is also suspected in the Dec. 30 murder of a 37-year-old Winnetka man in what was described by Los Angeles police as a possible "road rage" shooting. The victim, identified as Adan Corea-Santillana, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead shortly afterward at a Mission Hills hospital.

The search for Gasparyan came to a dramatic end when Los Angeles police shot him in front of commuters on the Golden State (5) Freeway after a short foot pursuit.

Undercover detectives had spotted him at a car repair shop and followed him until he entered the freeway on an offramp. Gasparyan subsequently collided with two oncoming vehicles before he got out of his car, armed with a handgun.

After a short foot pursuit, police shot Gasparyan and took him into custody.

This is funny

Glendale, CA

#891 May 13, 2016
Probationer surrenders after leading Glendale police on chase, barricading himself in building

Glendale News Press 5/12/2016

A fraud suspect who led Glendale police on a chase in a stolen car Thursday afternoon surrendered after barricading himself in an office building and telling police he was armed, authorities said.

Glendale SWAT officers dressed in tactical gear swarmed the scene while crisis negotiators spoke to the man — later identified as a 27-year-old probationer named Gregory Karkour — through a window.

"I got a gun," he told them, according to police. "I don't want to go back to jail."

He also told negotiators that he wanted to speak with his mom, who responded to the scene along with his sister.

Shortly before, Karkour allegedly tried to commit fraud at Target in Glendale, according to Glendale Police Sgt. Robert William.

When officers showed up, they saw the suspect jump in a car, which police determined had been stolen.

A pursuit ensued after the man failed to stop, ending when he crashed at San Fernando Road and Colorado Street.

It's not clear if other cars were involved.

Karkour subsequently ran into an occupied office building, where he barricaded himself in an office unit.

Multiple workers inside escaped.

Crisis negotiators convinced Karkour to climb out of the window and surrender, after which police took him into custody.
Cinna Cinna Cinnamon

Winnetka, CA

#892 Aug 17, 2016
1) There are gangs and criminals from every ethnic group. If you cannot comprehend this, you are a little hypocritical baby.

2) The hayastansi type Armenians need to improve sweetness in speaking with people because they put off a negative image for the rest of us.(Similarily, all bad apples from all ethnic groups should improve their hearts and human skills)

3) There are pornstars and beautiful women from all over the world who make money easily like Kim K. Of course for Armenians they are more ashamed from natural sexuality than to have ethics. Kim's beauty and facial features are ALL Armenian. What she did get from her half American mom however, is influence to be a "slut"

4) Hnestly I'm so disturbed by all the hypocritical racism present in this thread. Jealous people always jealous of the competition. But realistically speaking...
Armenians, Hispanics, Blacks, Arabs, Jews, Indians, Iranians, Turks, Middle Easterners etc have more similar morals and ethics compared to the Nazis who make such absurd, disgusting, obscene comments and will receive their karma.

Indio, CA

#894 Sep 4, 2016
JJZ wrote:
Armenians are doing nothing but ruining are great country. I live in Los Angeles and it seems like all of the sudden the whole city smells like Drakar and shines with cheap gold jewlery. Go back to your country and let the Turks finish slaughtering your pathetic leach of a race.
David F. Miller, iii PhD of Vitaceuticals or Vita-TRP Liposomal Supplements the reason for that is because so many before you rip on all of us. Vitaceuticals or Vita-TRP Liposomal Supplements why dont you lay out all of the facts! Tell these people about the other sites you have been asked to leave because of your boorish behavior and the less than stellar quality of your poor products you try to sell. David F. Miller, wont get funding from investors, but you have indirectly attacked me and my ethics with your statement. It is clear that you have a personal problem, but to suggest that only Vitaceuticals or Vita-TRP Liposomal Supplements has the formula... your product is poor quality. AND not to say ALL the investors money you STOLE trying to get your product to the market. Vitaceuticals or Vita-TRP Liposomal Supplements , David F. Miller, iii PhD >> SHAME ON YOU<<< now you beat minors inside a McDonalds ! You are a BULLY and need to go to jail for ALL the crimes you have commented >>> YOU ARE THE LOWEST SCUM << >> pudrete en el infierno <<<<

Since: May 10

Glendale, CA

#897 Nov 3, 2016
It seems like almost any time there is a post that is either negative about Armenians or bashes them the thread disappears very fast. Why is that? Are there Armenian staff members at Topix? Anybody?

Glendale, CA

#901 Dec 7, 2016
2 more!


Andy Nguyen

Los Angeles Times November 29, 2016, 1:11 PM

A Glendale couple’s Thanksgiving was interrupted late last week when they encountered a man burglarizing their apartment.

The husband and wife had returned home to their apartment in the 1000 block of Winchester Avenue around 10:51 p.m. Thursday when they found the man,

identified by police as 49-year-old Glendale resident HAMLET ABRAHAMYAN, in their bedroom.

Police said Abrahamyan fled from the apartment with a pillow case filled with jewelry and personal items belonging to the couple.

The 25-year-old husband chased after him and eventually caught up to Abrahamyan in the 1000 block of Justin Avenue where he knocked the 49-year-old

down and retrieved the pillow case.

Officers and K-9 units from Glendale and Burbank police were called to the scene to search for Abrahamyan. He was eventually found hiding in the back seat

of a vehicle in an underground parking structure.

Authorities said the couple positively identified Abrahamyan as the man they saw in their bedroom.

He was arrested for residential burglary and posted $50,000 bail.


A convicted felon is in custody after Glendale police reportedly found him in possession of a firearm.

ARMAN KYUREGYAN, 35, was driving near Lowell Avenue and Burritt Way around 3 a.m. when he was pulled over for seatbelt and license plate violations.

Authorities said the Tujunga resident acted nervous and refused to answer an officer’s questions.

Police said a search of the vehicle was conducted after an officer smelled alcohol emanating from the car and spotted a large bottle of Hennessy in the rear

passenger area.

The search reportedly yielded drug paraphernalia, a substance that resembled heroin and a Beretta semi-automatic gun.

The 35-year-old was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm because of a previous drug arrest and was also booked for possession of drug


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