ne drunk retires and they put another...

ne drunk retires and they put another drunk in....

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Hornsby, TN

#1 May 14, 2011
Well Gleason residents get ready to get your butts handed to ya, cause there is a new Chief in town and let the BS begin. So what does everybody think about the new Chief Hazelwood?
what do u think

Laconia, TN

#2 May 14, 2011
I think we've always been a laughing stock and we will always be a laughing stock. but you have to admit, we do it to ourselves.

Hornsby, TN

#3 May 14, 2011
Yeah that's true people need to start standing up and voicing there concerns at board meetings...

United States

#4 May 14, 2011
Gleason is a place where people go to rot or are born into trash. What has ever come out of gleason that's worth anything? Nothing and never will. Should be thrown off the map. And all the skanks in it!

United States

#5 May 14, 2011
I've heard that he is a schizophrenic. I have also heard he is a cross dresser. I've heard he was arrested by David Andrews Jr for being drunk and shoot a gun in the city limits. I have heard that he is losing his mind because he is such a bad alcoholic.

My husband is a police officer and we have heard that Mr Jeff is a very dirty undermining, crooked vindictive "police officer". Sorry but he doesn't get my support. All he will ever be at best is a dumb ignorant below average "chief " of a little town like Gleason. Thank the Lord he is stuck here because no one else would ever touch him. And after hearing some of the stories about other "officers" working there I can't help but worry what is the city mayor thinking allowing this nonsense. The department is just all a big laughing joke. I have even heard other Gleason officers question if things would be better if Mr Jeff took the position. My husband has known Mr Jeff for a few years now and I honestly don't believe he should be wearing. A badge, if anything it should be a straight jacket.

United States

#6 May 14, 2011
I don't have much to say other than the city board and mayor needs to step up and get a handle on things. You mean to tell me this was their best option as a chief? What about David King, doesn't he still work there? I think he would have been the better choice, a turd in a punch bowl would have been a better choice. I read somewhere the sheriff has the authority to step in and take over a department if he sees its not being ran correctly so if that's true where the hell is the sheriff at and what is he waiting on? Come on gleasonites we have to stop this. This is a big joke. I'd rather have andrews jr back

United States

#7 May 14, 2011
I don't know anything about the remarks above about Chief Hazelwood but one evening I was having lunch at the Korner in Gleason and Chief Hazelwood along with Chief Stewart were eating at a table across from us. I overheard Chief Hazelwood make a few racial remarks about a black officer apparently he works for Dresden or Martin I believe. A Daniel Browning or David Browning maybe? I'm unsure of the name but I did hear Chief Hazelwood make racial remarks using the N word about this other black officer. Now if this is how a Chief of police acts "professional" then I have no respect or faith in our police. If this is the kind of person the city of gleason wants representing their town then I have no respect for the mayor and board. I don't think any person, especially an officer, especially a chief of police , in a public place should be making childish racial remarks about someone of a different race especially another officer. This offended me deeply because I have friends that are black and I did not appreciate this so called chief calling blacks the N word and saying he would get rid of them so on and so on. I hope something can or will be done about this 2nd rate bigoted moron. I have since stopped eating at the Korner and I do not travel through the town of gleason unless I have to for work. I am highly offended, is this what really goes on with police?

Hornsby, TN

#8 May 15, 2011
Yeah something can be done about all of it, but nobody will stand up and say anything, eberybody around bitches about about how things are and they need change but that's all ya'll do is bitch. If everybody i heard complain about the board and the mayor and the Chief would go to a board meeting together and voice there concerns then maybe something would be done. It's just sad that this town is going to crap cause nobody will stand up to them.

United States

#9 May 15, 2011
I don't think it will do any good to voice our concerns. Didn't that weirdo get arrested and the city let him keep his job. He GOT ARRESTED and still kept his job as a cop. That's how ignorant that mayor and board are. That being said I doubt voicing our concerns will make a hill of beans. Just be thankful its just a quiet town like gleason and for the publics sake that's all he will ever be able to work at is gleason that way he can drink on duty, harass people, sleep at home etc etc. I like the person aboves idea aboit the sheriff stepping in. Or someone should write the gov. Maybe talking to the mayor will do some good I doubt it though. It took them 100 years to get rid of the previous chief. Don't most depts have. A mandatory 20 or 30 year retirement? How unsafe is that to have an old decrepit little old man wearing a gun expected to protect us against someone ?

United States

#10 May 15, 2011
I will be writing the mayor, our congressman, and the governor as well as contacting POST in Nashville, the sheriff as well as TML. My wife and I have lived here for a number of years and if there is one person that needs not to be chief, even more wearing a badge its Jeff Hazelwood. Its a vindictive, immoral, lying crook. There will be a picketing at gleason city hall in the coming weeks demanding his resignation. Stay tuned to this thread for more. If it gets deleted ill start a new one concerning dates and times.

Millington, TN

#11 May 15, 2011
It is just a blessing that nothing major ever happened in Gleason. Chief Stewart was old school and didn't treat situations like he should. Just glad no one got hurt.

United States

#12 May 15, 2011
Our group will be contacting the city mayor, our congressman, the govenor and the local sheriff and there will be a pikiting around the city hall in gleason demanding his resignation. and I believe if there's anything this barny five doesn't need is to be wearing a badge. Stay tune for later dates and times.

Cookeville, TN

#13 May 15, 2011
ALERT..........ALERT.........T his is all Weakley Co.....

United States

#14 May 15, 2011
Yes it is. Be glad its JUST weakley county. Thank god nothing really happens around here because we sure don't have any realy polie that are intelligent enough to deal with it or physically fit enough to handle theirselves. More of a joke.

United States

#15 May 15, 2011
I like our police. Always can count on them to all eat at the same place at the same time daily. To sit in the same spot to give everyone tickets that are going to work or home from work to be with their families. To go on a call and f*ck it up because they don't know how to talk to anyone with respect and they don't know the laws they are suppose to be enforcing. So tell me why we have them around here? My daughter got into a little bit of trouble one year and I had to tell the officer what he was allowed to do legally and what he wasn't allowed to do. I mean christ by a law book and read it. I'm not a cop and I did. What the hell kind of "training" do this idiots go to? Anything other than donut eating classes, how to text while driving, best places to sleep at night, how not to get caught on duty screwing your mistress?

Millington, TN

#16 May 16, 2011
All they got working there is a bunch of rejects that's been fired from other Police depts. Well if he worked anywhere else he done been fired or put in jail for some of the stuff he's done but this is weakley county were you get slapped on the hand for major stuff and get years for little stuff..

Milan, TN

#17 May 16, 2011
activist wrote:
Our group will be contacting the city mayor, our congressman, the govenor and the local sheriff and there will be a pikiting around the city hall in gleason demanding his resignation. and I believe if there's anything this barny five doesn't need is to be wearing a badge. Stay tune for later dates and times.
Please keep us posted. My husband and I will for sure be there!! If there's one person that does NOT need to be a cop, much less a chief, it's Jeff Hazlewood!!

United States

#18 May 16, 2011
I'm currently a police officer employed within weakley county. For obvious reasons I won't state which dept nor my name. I will say that jeff Hazelwood is a crook, a drunk, and is a very vindictive person. I know of several officers that use to be employed as gleason and wouldn't go along with jeffs illegal requests or dirty tactics and he managed to get the old chief to fire them. Can't really blame stewart he just went by what jeff told him and didn't really know much about what was happening within his dept. I would trust anything jeff says, any warrant he signs. He's the last person that needs to wear a badge. He is one if not the most immoral dishonest "cop" I've ever had to work with and or know of. I've been hoping for years now that he would move on or that David King would get chief when stewart retired.

Kingsport, TN

#19 May 16, 2011
It sounds to me like all these people are related to D. King and are ticked off that he didn't get the job. I mean, seriously, is no one upset because little jack is mayor? I mean, come on,why are you upset about the police chief and not the mayor? That makes no sense to me. He is the one who controls the little town.

United States

#20 May 17, 2011

I think the jist of what everyone here , including me, are saying

-what the hell is wrong with the mayor and board to let this bozo be chief

-he doesn't need to be chief of anything other than a McDonalds MAYBE

-what can be done about it

-Most would prefer David King to have been chief because he seems more level headed and not a dishonest crook.

I'd have to say I agree with them all.

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