Rude employees at Lowe's

Rude employees at Lowe's

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Glasgow, KY

#1 Apr 17, 2012
The girl with the long blond hair was very rude to me last week. Have you had any trouble with Lowe's ? I shop at Home Depot now.

Glasgow, KY

#2 Apr 17, 2012
rude people everywhere!!!

Glasgow, KY

#3 Apr 17, 2012

Glasgow, KY

#4 Apr 18, 2012
serenity wrote:
phyllis at lowes is a bitch
Doubt it

United States

#5 Apr 18, 2012
Condemnation wrote:
The girl with the long blond hair was very rude to me last week. Have you had any trouble with Lowe's ? I shop at Home Depot now.
No - you don't. You don't drive all the way to Bowling Green to get your small stuff or pay a huge delivery fee on large items. Just like people who say they don't shop at Walmart either. They still do.

Glasgow, KY

#6 Apr 18, 2012
PHYLLIS wrote:
<quoted text>
phyllis at lowes is a bitch
So let me guess, you couldn't return something that you had stolen and didn't have a receipt for or the system wouldn't take a check on you or your credit/debt card was declined... You didn't get your way and you are wanting to blame someone other than yourself. I know this lady and love her dearly and you don't know what you are talking about. Don't blame her for doing her job and stopping you from ripping off Lowes.

Bowling Green, KY

#7 Apr 18, 2012
Phyllis is a sweetheart, you have got to be collecting a crazy check! OR you are one of those that go to Lowe's or Depot and think it's a flea market where you haggle on prices and think that the retail world owes you something. You are part of the problem with retail, the employees are not!!!!!!!

Bowling Green, KY

#8 Apr 18, 2012
Condemnation wrote:
The girl with the long blond hair was very rude to me last week. Have you had any trouble with Lowe's ? I shop at Home Depot now.
Where do you work, have you ever been rude, stressed, or frustrated?
Suck it up and stop crying - you must be female!!!
Haywood Jablowmie

Cave City, KY

#9 Apr 18, 2012
Employees at Lowes have been nothing but courteous, pleasant and helpful in the 10 years I've been going there (and even more so in the new store). IMO, they have the best customer service attitude of any store. (Just don't hire them to install I have heard nothing but horror stories about that- as they seem to hire screw-ups for such services and charge top dollar).
Tammy Drake

Pasadena, TX

#12 Feb 26, 2013
I've worked in retail before and understand how wearing it can be, so I always try my best to be polite to retail workers.

At my local Lowe's, though? I don't know what the manager is smoking. I think s/he must actively seek out the most rude, passive-aggressive people in town.

I like Lowe's better than I like Home Depot, but dealing with the workers is just too wearing.

Why don't they hire people who actually want to work there?

Horse Cave, KY

#13 Feb 26, 2013
My mother had a horrible experience with the Lowes at BG. She bought an item on Sat. and the girl told her they would deliver on Monday, she waited for them until 2:00 and finally called down to the store and was told that she wasn't set up for a delivery because she had taken it with her, then they found the invoice and said oh yes you were supposed to have it delivered, but they don't even have one in stock, so the checkout girl didn't even check to see if they had one. They called her back and told her they would bring her the display, which was scratched up, and bring her a new one when they came in, then 3 days later they call and ask her to keep the display and they would knock some off the price. She is 75 years old and was so disgusted she kept it but she will never buy another thing from them.
Spoon luv from up above

Glasgow, KY

#14 Feb 26, 2013
The employess are probaly frustrated at the low wages they get and low hours.They hire people with no experience and thats what you get from A big Corporation that will do anything to stay in buisness
just want to know

Edmonton, KY

#15 Feb 26, 2013
if is one i am thinking of . she is very helpful !
really people

Glasgow, KY

#16 Feb 27, 2013
go to Lessenberry's & get some free popcorn too.
keep it local.
treated badly at lowes

Mount Sterling, KY

#17 Nov 3, 2013
Spoon luv from up above wrote:
The employess are probaly frustrated at the low wages they get and low hours.They hire people with no experience and thats what you get from A big Corporation that will do anything to stay in buisness
I understand employees being overworked, but when they see you are looking for something aisle to aisle and then come up to you, ask if you need help and after you speak to them nicely, then they are rude…it’s them, not overwork or frustration.

This happened to me at Lowes recently…actually 3 times in one day.

I was working on a project outside, it was getting late and it was going to rain that night, I was in a hurry to finish it.

Thought I had all the tools need, but as my project unfolded I found I would need to make adjustments, which called for tools & items I did not have. I live close to Lowes, so going back is less than a 10-minute trip.

My first trip to get masonry nails proved DIFFICULT. I, along with my teenage daughter and her boyfriend went into the store. An employee asked us if we needed help. We said we needed masonry nails, instead of the employee just taking us to the general location of nails…then helping us look for masonry nails, he insisted on knowing what I needed them for. So I made the mistake of telling him my project, at which point he proceeded to tell me how WRONG I was in needing that item for my project. We eventually “losted” the employee by graciously thanking him for all his help… then we proceeded to get masonry nails. All of his advice on “how to do my project” resulted in wasted time because HE was wrong. He gave me advice on how to drill into the brick on my house. I even tried to tell him at the store that I thought he was wrong… but he insisted his advice was correct. ALL his advice was wrong…we tried it and it wasted time!

On my 2nd trip a woman stopped and asked if I needed help…then she wasn’t helpful…just looked at me like I was crazy for wanting the item I requested. I eventually found the item on my own 20 minutes later…

My 3rd trip resulted in a very angry 43-year-old college-educated, single, full-time businesswoman walking out of the store enraged. Here is what happened. I asked the first employee I saw if he could direct me to the aisle where I could find a nut to go on the bolt I had in my hand.

I needed a hex nut… it was a hex bolt…so simple…well after I showed him the bolt instead of proceeding to that location…he questioned me, in a rude tone,“What are you doing?…What do you need this for?” He tried to tell me that it “wasn’t a bolt” and was very patronizing. I immediately was furious because I knew the “real meaning” behind the questions and his tone. I said in respond…“ JUST FORGET IT…I WILL GO TO WAL-MART AND YOU CAN GO TO HELL...YOU CHAUVENISTIC B#STARD…YOU LOST MY BUSINESS FOREVER….” At this point, I was walking away fast…I was mad…he started to run after me saying,“No I will help you!”…Guess he was afraid I was going to the service desk to talk to a manager.

As I said, I was in a hurry to finish my project. I went to Wal-mart, a 5-minute drive, and then preceded to the hardware department, where I found a package of 2 bolts with 2 nuts for only $.98. The bolts were the same size as the one in my hand. Done. Purchased. Home in 20 minutes. Project completed before sundown and rain.
treated badly at lowes

Mount Sterling, KY

#18 Nov 3, 2013
Here are my observations:

1. Lowes is now like Best Buy… they are told to upsell… without regards to what you need…always trying to get you to purchase something more expensive… Best Buy is a good example of this; didn’t they lose a lot of business and receive heavy negative customer complaints??
2. Why do they need to know what you need it for? None of their business! The next time you go to Wal-Mart what if they asked you what you need each and every item for… you would say none of your business! They should put tracking devices (I’m being sarcastic) on all items for sale and have employees stalk your every purchase and use of the item. Ridiculous!!
3. The reason why they are asking ME what I need the item for is based on the underlying assumption by the specific employee of the asker (ME). In other words, the specific MALE employees I ran into were under the assumption that a WOMAN is dumb and NEEDS help… they were chauvinistic. That’s why they asked me what I needed it for. A MAN rarely has to go thru this. See, it doesn’t matter what I need the items for or how I describe my project… a chauvinistic man will hear… mistakes from THE WOMAN. Funny, I have a Masters degree and work with tools all day building houses. You should NEVER assume you know more than your customers, whether they are male, female, old or young!
4. The male employees ASSUMED I did not know “what I was doing” not only because I am a woman, but because of my physical features and the stereotypes associated with it.
a. For instance, a big boned hefty man on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket…does drugs… is poor… uneducated… which is NOT ALWAYS TRUE.
b. A woman with a small frame, small facial features and a dainty voice is a doormat, is dumb about math, tools & electricity, and weak and meek…which is NOT ALWAYS TRUE.

I am a small-framed woman with a high-pitched “dainty” voice. No broad feature on me, I have to wear kids hats and glasses, I have a little head and a small mouth. Frequently people try to take advantage of me because they “believe” I’m weak, they stereotype me, because of my physical features.

Unfortunately, Lowes is deviating from its core values, of being a helpful, contractor-friendly, one-stop shop for your “hardware” needs.

See if they think that by only being friendly and nice to men that they aren’t hurting their business they are WRONG. Not all Lowes items are hardware and lumber, Lowes sells Christmas trees, decorations, small appliances…etc…some brands and styles you can’t find at Wal-Mart, Target etc…. So to piss off all the women by treating them like dirt will result in them purchasing items elsewhere. And us woman make $$$$. I will never shop at that Lowes store again; I will drive to Home Depot or another Lowes in another town.

Curious from horse cave KY: I am convinced the reason why your 75 year old mother was treated this way was not because of her age but because she is a woman. It was absolutely disgraceful how she was treated.

former Lowe's

Glasgow, KY

#19 Nov 3, 2013
Lowe's employees are SPECIFICALLY trained to not asked closed-ended questions like "Can I help you?" Or "Are you finding what you need?" They are trained to NOT ask questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no". They ARE trained to ask things "What type of project can I help you with today?", etc. This is true of MOST major retailers. So take that up with he corporate training offices. The problem is, when we ask that of people who think they have all the answers they get pissed as "how dare we offer alternatives". I can't count the number of times customers were doing things unsafe and out if code in their homes when I asked them what they were working on. We aren't going to be the ones to "OK" their DIY project and have it fall on their head or get electrocuted, etc. so what you saw as "rude" may have just been intimidating to you rather then rude?

That said, I find it hard to believe that if you were in the hardware section talking to a hardware employee and they said it wasn't a hex bolt, that they were wrong. If they said it wasn't a hex bolt, did you ask them what type it was? Or did you just get pissed off and not learn that you might indeed have been wrong? What type of bolt did they say it was?

Do you know the REAL names of the tools VISE GRIPS and CRESCENT WRENCH and SKIL SAW? If not, then maybe a Lowe's employee DID know something about your "bolt" but you just wigged out too quick.

Most Lowe's employees have worked there for YEARS and know their stuff. Quite a few have been there over 20 years and some are retired professional contractors. So maybe you should have asked some more questions of the employee and started a dialogue rather than getting all pissed off and storming out.

And it sure sounds like each time you came in you had an attitude chip on your shoulder. Maybe you some of the responsibility for your bad experience?
former Lowe's

Glasgow, KY

#20 Nov 3, 2013
1 - Not true. They ARE told too ask to see if they can suggest other items for your project ( back to why they ask what the project is). They are told not to try and push a pricier item but rather remind the customer of other things they might need for their project. This a) increases Lowe's sales (ie: their job) and b) serves the customer by meeting their FULL needs and make it truly one-stop shopping.

2 - See #1 plus as I said before, many customers ARE doing things unsafe, not to code, or not meeting general practices. I've had customers but lamp cord to run outdoors underground to exterior light fixtures, or but non-load rated hardware for life critical issues, or but corrosive chemicals but thought they needed no eye, skin or breathing protection. Or jury rig the wrong type of blade on a power saw. I could go on.

3 - From my experience there - flat out bullsh*t. There are quite a few female employees there who have been there years and helped train me and know their sh*t inside and out. And they don't put up with chauvinism crap from the male employees and they call them on it when they see it.

You come across as a cross-bearing chip in the shoulder over zealous feminist just looking for a change to cry "sexism" and I for one think thou dost protest to much to be believes.

Glasgow, KY

#21 Nov 13, 2013
That blonde lady with short hair is hot! The girl that's got the real short, brown hair that sometimes works the counter next to the lumber isn't bad either!
one who knows

Munfordville, KY

#22 Nov 26, 2013
penny in paint has always been friendly....a litle too friendly if you ask me...maybe she goes both ways...sick bitch

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