can a disabled parent be made to pay ...
bull dog

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#64 Mar 22, 2011
all on tax payers wrote:
you made the baby you take care of them why should tax payer keep paying for everyones children we can not keep paying for everyting thats why we are going broke alot of the people drawing checks food stamps and ect.. dont even need them get off of your sorry a$$ and get a job and take care of your on business
they are talking about child support not welfare.Do you know the differance?

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#65 Mar 22, 2011
yes my mom draws a disability check and every since she has been getting it for about 8 years she has been paying back child support on my brother they automatically take out $50 out of every check a month so yes they can...and she only get 700 a month

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#66 Mar 22, 2011
denise wrote:
My sons father gets disability do he have to pay childsupport. Can my son get a check to
yes yous son can draw a check also until he is 18 it wont be a whole lot i drew 1 off my mom years ago i dont rem how much.
reader too

Cave City, KY

#67 Mar 23, 2011
glasgow chick wrote:
Yes, he could be made to pay. It wont be much.
No. Unless you go to court and he agrees to allow child support payments to come out of his check, the court cannot touch an SSI check.

Bonifay, FL

#68 Mar 29, 2011
johnny wrote:
go-don't call-the child support office nearest you-they know everything to do-and they will help you get support for your child
Hey there, if he is collecting SSDI then the children are entitled to benefits for the entire period. Social security now owes you a huge back payment. All you have to do is apply for benefits for the children for the same period. You may also be elligible for aditional benefits if you were still married and didnt work.
not so

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#69 Mar 29, 2011
matt wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey there, if he is collecting SSDI then the children are entitled to benefits for the entire period. Social security now owes you a huge back payment. All you have to do is apply for benefits for the children for the same period. You may also be elligible for aditional benefits if you were still married and didnt work.
not everybody that gets disability; have enough for benefits for children; some people get so little money that they also get ssi.

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#70 Mar 30, 2011
Original T Jefferson wrote:
<quoted text>
Amen to that! Finally...someone on this forum who obviously works and isn't a welfare recipient. Look at how the people "judged" your post- they think you (and I) are nuits because we advocate that people should support themselves and their families rather than steal from their neighbor's pockets. It's a sad sign of the state that this culture has come to...and where it is going (to communism, slavery and economic collapse).
And they treat us as if we're the bad guys! They can go out and get knocked-up without any regard to their or their partner's ability to support the children that they create, and we get stuck paying the bill...and then they balk when we complain about having to support them and their little half-breed mongrel bastards.
All this welfare nonsense has to end! Those who want socialism...let them go to Sweden or Cuba or France- but I guess it's too late- they've already ruined this country.
u r a very uneducated person, i draw ssd, i have worked all my life, before i became disabled,i do not draw welfare of any kind, i paid in to ss all my working life, u do not support me. i have a spinal cord injury that u cannot see by looking at me, u have no idea the pain i'm in everyday of my life. and no i do not take pain pills, i will try to deal with it as long as i can before i will go there, so don't show your stupidty by commenting on something u no nothing about, karna is a b***h....

New York, NY

#71 Apr 28, 2011
Well wrote:
Yes, he should pay child support. It is his child not ours (the taxpayers). We are already supporting him and he is probably better able to work than most of us hardworkers.
Some of the men you are talking about don't have legs......
You have to be joking

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#72 Apr 28, 2011
Noone should have to be made to pay child support. Everyone is so quick to make babies, then when it doesn't work out, they're afraid somebody's gonna take the money that they're not working for to support their children..... how dare they try something like that. Those kids should get a paper route to buy their own food and clothes. Thats the thought of some deadbeats anyway.
Fred U

Dothan, AL

#73 May 13, 2011
Any married person that leaves a disabled spouse during the marriage deserves no childs support,Alimony etc."Till DEATH do us part"! Thats just my opinion..
The roof is on FIRE

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#74 May 13, 2011
wondering parent wrote:
My soon to be ex, is disabled. I was told he could be made to pay child support,but not much.Is this right, I don't see how, He don't draw much,maybe alittle over 600 a month, and I do not want to make it hard on him,I am not that type of person.Well if anyone knows about this kind of thing please comment.I DON'T WANT to see him homeless because of paying me child support.
way to hook up with WINNERS! he wasnt too disabled to knock you up was he?

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#75 May 16, 2011
I think it has been explained many times, but I'll do it once more. For every year that you work you get credits based on how much money you made and how much you paid in Social Security. Once you have earned enough credits you are entitled to full Social Security benefits...including disabilty benefits. If you have not contributed enough time working or money to Social Security then you DO NOT receive full benefits. This means that you will not get checks for your children because you have not paid enough in to receive full benefits. Basically people receiving SSI are taking the money of people who do work, while they themselves have not paid enough to deserve anything! My nephew was born with cerebral palsy and my sister and brother-in-law were informed that they could receive a "check" for him...they immediately turned it down because he is THEIR responsibility...not anyone else's! If someone is unable to work and support a child then they have no business having one for us tax payers to support. I'm so tired of irresponsibility being rewarded! My accountant is paralyzed from the waist down and has been since he was 13 years old. He works and supports himself and his family. There are jobs for almost everyone out there! Even jobs you can do at home! People would rather make excuses and hold their hand out than actually work for a living. The lack of shame and pride in this country disgusts me!

Taylor, MI

#76 Jul 28, 2011
Action required wrote:
If they weren't too disabled to make babies they aren't too disabled to pay for them!

Kansas City, MO

#77 Oct 6, 2011
I have a son on disability and his kids dont qualify for a check because social security said that my son had not paid enough into the system for his children to receive a either I have to take care of them or they just go without I guess...really sad...dont ask about the mom...I dont know what her story is...lazzzzy....
wondering parent wrote:
Believe this or not but my kids DO NOT GET A CHECK and i don't know why!I have tried to call social security office and they won't even talk to me,they just say not at this time(and he's been drawing this for 8 years)What that means i don't have a clue.Yes my ex is disabled and deserves what little he gets,he worked all his life and got hurt on the job, has had 5 surgeries since then, some people truly are disabled and need it,and he has definetly paid in for what little he receives!I just did not want to see them take everything from him for child support.He does and will take care of his kids,but anyway, If anyone knows what i could do to get my kids a check i would appreciate it,I know something is not right about that,they are teenagers and they sure could benefit from it.Dale Burchett or his daughter said at the beginning my kids would not draw and she would not comment any further about that.What can I Do about gettting my kids a check i don't know,I can't afford a lawyer.

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#78 Oct 6, 2011
OJT, IMO, phineous or whatever
Jumping to conclusions - maybe the father was working and got seriously hurt on the job. maybe that's why he's drawing disability. maybe the child was conceived when he was healthy. Shit happens.
irritated other

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#79 Oct 24, 2011
my daughters father is disabled and ive asked if there is a way for her and i to get child support and the child support agency said that she and i arent intitled to anything. what do i do?

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#80 Oct 24, 2011
irritated other wrote:
my daughters father is disabled and ive asked if there is a way for her and i to get child support and the child support agency said that she and i arent intitled to anything. what do i do?
Ummmmm lets see, you could go out and actually work to support YOUR child. Why does everyone expect something for nothing.
Sue from Terre Haute IN

Terre Haute, IN

#81 Apr 4, 2012
I have a disabled son and he was drawing Reg SS from his father and SSI on his own. The Court ordered him to to pay 55% of the regular SS for his two children. At that time he was left with around $500.00 to live on. In March I started getting SS and because I made more they changed his SS to draw from me (his mom). The amount put him over so they took him off of SSI. The reg SS is now $785.00. They did not allow SSI living expenses for him so he now clears $274.00 a month to live on. They are taking 55% for child support and some money out for back pay. The total they are taking out is $510.00. Can they do this?
frank reyes

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#82 May 1, 2012
My best advice is to keep your legs close, keep it in mind that when making a child, the thought of support never cross your mind. For your next one make sure that you are protected.
mm k

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#83 May 1, 2012
Just get ktap

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