Baby Raccoon needs new home
umm well

Glasgow, KY

#23 May 28, 2012
catherine brown

Durant, OK

#24 Aug 13, 2012
I am looking for a baby raccon that I can bottle feed and raise as a pet around the southern part oklahoma so any body out there has a baby raccoon that I can bottle feed email at [email protected] om.

Glasgow, KY

#25 Aug 13, 2012
There should be no baby raccoons this time of year. They are born early spring.
catherine brown

Durant, OK

#26 Aug 14, 2012
does any know what size pen does a raccoon need for game rangers would aprove of the pen to become a comerical licensed breeder.If some one can email me please.

Glasgow, KY

#27 Aug 15, 2012
Wild animals belong in the wild.

Glasgow, KY

#28 Aug 22, 2012
There is nothing wrong with raising animals such as a racoon. I know its so hard to believe with the narrow minded people on here but people do actually raise "wild" animals. Which I am sure they have no clue about. I would love to take him. However, we already have a deer, 2 squirrels and a rabbit. But I hope you find it a great home.

Glasgow, KY

#29 Aug 22, 2012
Is his name Rocky? Because that's what I'd name a raccoon.
catherine brown

Durant, OK

#30 Aug 25, 2012
a raccoon is like a kid cause I have raise one before to. No matter what you give the raccoon love and the respect when they are a baby and rais them they are damn good pet I had one that would sit and watch tv and share abag a chips. Even when they come in heat you give them the respect give them their space when there in heat and they will not bother you cause my little girl raccoon did in til she pass on. I would not mind having another one.
catherine brown

Durant, OK

#31 Aug 26, 2012
I know this have nothing on raccon but I have a friend in los vegas that has a baby capuchin for adoption if you are interested contact her at [email protected] Here is a description of him.TITTLE::::::fantastic male capuchin monkey for adoption!!

He is raised in our home and handfed by me and my children. We spoil and give him the most excellent attention. he is ready to leave and he is very healthy, daiper trained and tamed and very good eaters.He is vet checked and will come with a medical record .Pets come with pets' accessories like Blankets, diapers , dresses, toys, starter kits and some monkey baby food stuffs. he would make wonderful companions at your home for more information's contact. If you want a picture of him email her at the email address that I have provided for at the top of the page.

Cookeville, TN

#32 Oct 5, 2012
just sayin but you can have a raccoon in Tennessee if you buy it from a licensed breeder in Tennessee and to all the stupid people that don't know what they are talking about that should get there facts straight before they run there mouths having a raccoon is like having a dog or any other animal It mus me socialized if you raise it to your self and never have it around other people it doesn't know but if you raise them around people then they are fine just like any other pet just dumb people that do not know what they are talking about do not need to have a pet or put jugdement on the ones that do because they did not grown up in the real world were real people have animals thank you(:

Edmond, OK

#33 Oct 26, 2012
I your raccoon still for sale?

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#34 Dec 11, 2012
wrong wrote:
it is illegal in the state of KY to keep a raccoon..why dont you contact a rehabilitation or rescue center for this baby. Instead of trying to profit from taking the poor thing from the wild..which is also illegal.
Not if you have a trapping permit!

Davison, MI

#35 Feb 14, 2013
Muh wrote:
Why on earth would anyone have a "captive born, captive bred" wild animal? It's still a freaking wild animal! There's no such thing as domesticated raccoons for god sakes! It doesn't belong in your house with it's reproductive organs removed, using a litter box, sleeping in your bed,(or cage or whatever). It belongs in the WILD! Even if it's been bred as a pet & raised by humans, it can still be dangerous.
What ever happened to just good ole cats & dogs? Is this just people's way of trying to be cool & different? Why not just get an unusual animal that's already been domesticated, like a fancy rat or llama? Then you can still be cool & different without having to resort to captive, neutered wild animals, that you eventually have to try & pawn off on someone else because you can deal with them anymore..
all dogs are decent from wolves. domestication has to start somewhere. horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, llamas, rats, snakes, birds... why not a raccoon?

Spring Valley, WI

#36 May 25, 2013
I'm from Wisconsin looking for a baby coon have raised a few n just lovem
jeremy gasque

Seymour, TN

#38 Jun 15, 2013
Hi my name is Jeremy and I happen to be looking for an exotic pet. A raccoon is the perfect choice. I have questions, how old is it? Is it already been domesticated? Please reply to my email [email protected] as I do not have a registered topix account
Max Marks

Kodak, TN

#40 Jul 30, 2013
Amber call me . We will work out something on him . Dont release a domestic bred coon . It is in his blood he will always love humans trust me people are mostly wrong on this . If his heritage goes back 20 too 30 years around humans he has no chance in the wild nor can you make him wild again . Folks I appreciate what yall are say but most are wrong . I am only defending the coon . Dogs were one wild as cats and look at sugar gliders ? Monkeys ? They are what they are bred too be .

Metairie, LA

#41 Aug 7, 2013
Man some people are close minded. Captive bred coins are very friendly animals. When I read these posts about amber who better keep her papers so when the coon rips her babies eyes out........are you creaking stupid? A k9 is much much more dangerous when it comes to a bite. Yes a coon can bite but absolutely no worse than a k9. In fact when was the last tome you have even heard of a coon bite. Grow up and leave people alone who have different tastes in life. Just like the guy who has a huge sneak. Well put the snake around a baby and see how far you get. Good luck to April because it seems to me that she is more responsible in her response than any person in this discussion.

Metairie, LA

#42 Aug 7, 2013
I am also interested in a baby coon. I rehabilitate many different animals because I grew up with a vet. I grew up with a racoon and have been lucky enough to save two other racoons in recent years only to have to let them go after a year of rehab. It was very rewarding but of course sad to see them go. I am now looking into captive bred coons because I know their background. No matter what I won't turn down a rescue if any animal needs saving. But I am looking for a friend who I can have around for ever. So if anyone has any thoughts or options for me it would be greatly appretiated. Please save your breath if its only to tell us professionals of how dangerous coons are. Believe me we have heard it before. So stick to your cats and I will stick to my coons. Who never injured me but I had to save from someone who injured them.

Elizabethtown, IN

#43 Aug 11, 2013
yep wrote:
someone down the road from me has one and it attacked their dog causing a very expensive vet bill and for the most part you cant even get close to it without it trying to bite you or scratch you. They leave it outside hoping it will run away to the wild but it continues to run wild in out neighborhood. If i see it here hissing and scratching at my dogs again it will be taken care of. They are cute and "cool" when they are little but as they get older nature takes over. NOT A GOOD PET
It's not the animals fault. Why don't you call animal control and let them know about the racoon and how it has been handled as a pet and needs to be taken before any more harm comes to another animal or even a person. They will gladly come and catch it, make sure it is healthy and provide a safe environment for it if it cant be released into the wild. If it can be, they will find a nice spot in the park and release it. I can understand your concerns with your pets and their safety, I am the same way with mine. But it's an animal too. It's not the raccoons fault. It is the humans. No one should take on any animal they aren't committed to properly care for, for the rest of their lives. Pets are a huge responsibility. If you aren't prepared to care for a dog or cat for the next 10 to 15 years, then you don't get one. It should be the same with any animal. Judging by the fact that you clearly have dogs and obviously love them, I'm sure you're not an animal hater. So whilst this lil guy is a bit wild, he's probably freaking out bc he went from having a home and food to now being outside in this huge world that he doesn't know. So in this case, it would be best for your protection, your pets protection as well as others, just to call animal control and have the lil fella picked up and taken off to greener pastures.

Elizabethtown, IN

#44 Aug 11, 2013
Also, just saying.. I rescued a young "wild" hawk. The lil guy was awesome. He wouldn't snap or bites me at all. I hand fed him for a few days and provided a worm spot for him to sleep. In my house. He wasn't caged, tied up or anything. He had free roam of the entire house. His leg was broke and his foot facing the wrong direction. My ex reset its leg and it hated him. However, I picked the fella up and wrapped him up warm and tight and held him close when I first found him. Anyways, I would sit in the floor with him and he would show off his wings to me and I would scratch him right at his jaw line below where an ear would be if hawks had ears. Lol That spot on cats and dogs that make them lean into it. Well sure enough, the hawk would turn his head and lean into it and just like a cat or dog, when I would stop scratching, he would come closer and nudge my hands with the top of his head. He would even make this sound, sorta like purring. But every time my ex would get up and move, he would puff up, start making this deep growling noise, put his head down and glare at him. He would throw his wings out to a sharp point and would lunge at him when he walked by. After he was eating better and was able to get around in his leg, I called the park center in my area and informed them that I had rescued a young hawk and that his leg was reset and that he was eating good and moving around better. They thanked me for not leaving him to die and told me where I could bring him and drop him off at. I took him to them and turned him over. They kept him for a few days to evaluate him and they tagged his foot and released him. They're headquarters is in the middle of the park, so they released him back into the wild. They called me so I could be there for the release and watch him fly. He was hesitant to take off but finally took flight after one more scratch under his jaw. They told me that they often see him. And I have received pictures of him fully grown and striving. He stays near the center. He flies all over the park and interacts with the other birds. He hunts and feeds himself. He has a nest near the center and always returns. So I guess you could say he's wild with a gentle heart. It just goes to show you that any animal, domestic or wild, can coexist with all creatures including humans. So why can't we?

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