Do they drug test newborns?

Glasgow, KY

#103 Oct 31, 2011
my views are not an opinion, they are a fact. You sign all the necessary consent forms when you sign in to the hospital. Among those papers is your agreement to test your newborn for any and all diseases, or drugs which would cause the newborn any kind of distress or withdrawal symptoms.

Detroit, MI

#105 Dec 10, 2011
First time mommy wrote:
<quoted text>
. Only a horrible mother would do ant kind if drugs, even if it is just smoking pot, while pregnant.
. Horrible mother ?? Your funny !! No really I bet you are the best mother EVER !! No really u are super !! Lmfao some ppl these days they are hilarious oh and better moms than everyone else !! That nose must feel really good in the air like that lmbo !!

Philadelphia, PA

#106 Dec 23, 2011
I'm 6 months, and I Quit smoking pot..
I decided to stop, I'm not risking my baby Girl
to get taken away from me, I would go nutts if that happened.. &#9829;

Glasgow, KY

#107 Dec 23, 2011
Nobody should be doing drugs while pregnant. If there was nothing wrong with it then the doctors and surgeon general wouldn't be against it.Look it up on google and you will see why you shouldnt do it.If any mother really cares for their child then they will not do drugs while pregnant.
in the know

Glasgow, KY

#108 Dec 27, 2011
people before you start spouting about what you think you know....research. obviously you have a computer because your on topix, instead of asking stupid questions which are only gonna give you opinions, (we all now what those are like,) google it. Do your own research. There are many medical websites that are legit. As for everyone who wants to say yay or nay about drug testing newborns, the laws are very different in every state. As for Ky. they do drug test newborns, every newborn. Read your papers they give you on the maternity floor. It tells you exactly what they test for.
grow up

Hedrick, IA

#109 Jan 9, 2012
yes they do wrote:
<quoted text>
I hate to tell you the truth....EVERY baby is tested and they DO NOT have to have consent. It is a routine practice th ensure that the baby is not going to suffer withdraw if the mother was on drugs. As I stated before, the childs feces and urine are tested, without consent.
And I HATE to tell you they do not test every baby. There are only a hand full of states that test all newborns, look it up, maybe u live in one...but I do not. Here they test every 15th baby as its to pricey to test all...unless they suspect something. And they do NOT test the feces for its the most expensive form of testing. My point is maybe u can say yes they do test all babies in u state or hospital but they for sure 100% do not test is all hospitals in all states. I'm seriously so sick of self righteous people like u. Are u really so unhappy and such a bitch that u have to make people feel 2 inches tall???? Get a clue and get a life.
grow up

Hedrick, IA

#110 Jan 9, 2012
First time mommy wrote:
<quoted text>
. Only a horrible mother would do ant kind if drugs, even if it is just smoking pot, while pregnant.
And only a judgmental bitch would post this.

Moundsville, WV

#111 Jan 28, 2012
dumbasses wrote:
<quoted text>ur stupid .backwoods hick .any body knows what can happen when you smoke pot when carrying .cant love that baby enough to quit till you have it .G.O.D.
For one it's against the LAW to drug test a newborn child without permission from a judge or knowledge that drugs are used unless you want a lawsuit on your asses. & to tell her to have a "hard labor" is way beyond ignorant & unprofessional. You don't need to be in a nursery if that's the way you think. I would never tell someone such an ignorant thing. You pump pregnant women full of pain medication on a daily & have the nerve to say marijuana is bad? You hypocritical twat bag. Before it was against the law in 1916 it was used for pregnancies for women who had complications with labor etc. Maybe you should do your research instead of being so ignorant. & as for the comments about CPS, they won't be there waiting for her seeing as how I do have such workers in my own family who would know more about that then you. For being in the medical field you really don't know ANYTHING about it.

Tampa, FL

#112 Jan 30, 2012
Wow. I understand you have an opinion but do you have to be completely rude when saying it? I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but why be so completely rude to someone you don't know? Because the mother has a weakness she's a bad mother? Maybe you "good Christian folks" shoving all this bullshit down your child's throat are the bad parents. Who's to say. To whoever says things like "I hope they take their baby", I hope something happens to you where you loose your child, then think back on when you were so full of judgement.

Greensboro, NC

#113 Jan 31, 2012
Does anyone know whereif they drug tes your new born in Greensboro north Carolina... curious I smoked weed during my pregnancy but i wana know if they do drug testing than, btw I dnt smoke no more..

Glasgow, KY

#116 Feb 1, 2012
Yes they do take a drug test on ALL newborns!! They will also test the mother when she goes in to have the baby! I am raising a baby right now because the mother and baby both had drugs in there system at the time of birth!
Can I Suggest

Glasgow, KY

#117 Feb 1, 2012
Big Daddy wrote:
<quoted text>They sure do!my sister in law is a nurse there and we have talked about that before.It's the hair folicle test so theres no beating it.
Now I have finally figured out why there are no many morons and just plain idiots here on Topix - their mothers used drugs while they where pregnant...

How can any mother, once she finds out that she is pregnant, continues to use drugs, is beyond my comprehension.

Glasgow, KY

#118 Feb 4, 2012
I think they do if you draw food stamps.

Summerville, GA

#120 Feb 16, 2012
Worried wrote:
Yes they do take a drug test on ALL newborns!! They will also test the mother when she goes in to have the baby! I am raising a baby right now because the mother and baby both had drugs in there system at the time of birth!
Omg really? This does not prove that they drug test all newborns!! Can we get some fucking facts here? Geeze it drives me nuts!! Just because u are raising a drug baby, which you didnt even mention what the drug was, does not mean they test every baby in every state. Every state is different people that is common sence. Seriously no matter what your opinion on mj is you need to look at the recent studies. Research it and see what you find instead of thinking you know everything. Im sure most of you bitches on here who are rude and ignorant will see the facts and feel like compleate idiots but will not admit to it. But the truth is the truth and i want my son to know facts about life and not opinions that dumb fucks try to brainwash kids with these days. I really dont care about opions because if i want to know something i research it because i know how ignorant 90% of people are. And no one should have their child taken away unless they are physically abusive or neglect the child. But seriously do this for yourself and research mj wheather you are against it or for it. And if you're claiming to be a "christian" then why are you judging abn critisizing this mother? Or anyone? We are all the same in gods eyes and we ALL sin. We should pray for others instead of judging and being compleate fucking bitch ass dumb fucks. And no i dont claim to be christian because im not. I love god but our relationship is between us and i really dont care if anyone has anything to say about it. Just get some facts before you post. Geeze.

Summerville, GA

#121 Feb 16, 2012
Here are a few sites for anyone who wants facts:

Summerville, GA

#122 Feb 16, 2012

Glasgow, KY

#123 Feb 17, 2012
they should test all moms

Glasgow, KY

#124 Feb 17, 2012
docs need 2 know if moms r hi

Glasgow, KY

#125 Feb 17, 2012
mothers should take care of their bodies and their babies

Summerville, GA

#126 Feb 17, 2012
it is a proven fact that breast milk in humans has cannabinoids in it to soothe babies and help them know how to eat. this is the same thing in the natural herb called mj. also we all have a cannabinoid system in our bodies. if you dont believe me then look at the website i posted a couple of posts back. its not bad for parents to smoke mj i will swear on it till the day i die and just because mj is illigal does not make it bad for you. cigs and alcohol are legal but they are bad for you and kill millions PER year. you absolutely cant trust the gov, so it being illigal does not prove it is bad for you. And mj, no lie, cures cancer its even proven. actually they proved it in the 70s but our gov is so sick that they wouldnt let this research be know. do u ever wonder why almost everthing we buy to eat has added chemicals that are known to cause cancer? the gov needs to kill off people so we dont get over populated and they know weed fights off soooooooo many diseases and health problems thats why its illigal. the gov does not care about the people, they only care about money. they are so crooked its sad to see the people bowing down to them and believing their lies. they have a way of brainwashing its seriously true. they are sick. i do not vote because none of them are any good in my eyes. after years of research on the gov and mj i have honestly came to the conclusion that this is why mj is illigal. they know how good it is for you and they need to kill off people thats why cigs and alcohol are legal and almost every procesed food has additives that cause cancer and all sorts of other health problems.

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