My family agree with my brother in-law Reid that justice was not served. How can any person or law think that two years in jail is equal to all of the years Tim Woods robbed Diane of. She had at least another 35 + years of life with the longevity on both of our parents' sides. I'll never understand why it's the innocent that always die & those that have caused the accidents survive. For those who live & vote in AK. it's time to take a stand & get your laws changed. Even if this had gone to trial the most he would have served is around 10 years. Your laws need to be stiffer. Even though he's lost his license for 5 years, in 2 he can petition to get it back. This is a scary thought & I'm glad I don't live up there knowing how lenient your laws are. It's to late for my sister, don't let this happen to yourselves or anyone you care about. The pain is immeasurable.