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#1 Sep 21, 2011
First read this question and answer, from WikiAnswers:

This lazy bum expects us not only to pay for the retarded kid she squeezed out, but to pay her to watch her own abomination. This is the daughter-in-law of a friend. She actually asked him for a loan for a vacation property, after this child was born.

Luckily her incompetent parents are destroying their finances to get her a vacation home.

Moscow, PA

#2 Oct 21, 2011
I actually know the father-in-law, he told me all about the lazy bum and her family.

Her and her mother would sit on their lazy butts watching the retarded kid, and pawn the other kid on his wife. His wife had to do double duty watching the kid and run the business's office.

The in-laws are scums from the Hazleton area. I got an earful about them bums.
epic lolz

Chicago, IL

#3 May 5, 2012
It sure is a major problem when your kid marries into trash like that. I can also assume the disabled kid was caused by some type of drug or alcohol use.

I bet this mother never held a steady job and kept on quitting or getting fired. It is typical drug addict and alcoholic behavior.

I can only hope that the husband and father has a solid prenuptial agreement. My other recommendation is that he start moving assets into a trusted family members name and get the inevitable divorce started.

If the son doesn't, and I were his parents, I would reduce his cut of any inheritence. The money would just go to the daughter-in-law's addictions.

I see a lot of good kid's marry these low life women. She probably cheats on him with her druggie friends. The drug users are usually ac/dc.
Adolf Hitler


#4 May 26, 2012
We didn't have SSI and ACCESS cards in the Fatherland. We saved money and sent them to death camps. Some say we were cheaper than six million of our other death camp attendees.
epic lolz

Las Vegas, NV

#8 Jun 17, 2012
Was this mother too drunk or high to get normal prenatal care? They catch these problems early on and give you the option to terminate the pregnancy. Only a welfare queen or a Bible thumper would have disabled kid. Which one is she?
Red Rover

Chicago, IL

#9 Jul 17, 2012
A bet that chick has an Aquamarine Access Card and waves it around the area stores. That's the point of having a disabled kid, so you can ride the system.
Red Rover

Clarks Summit, PA

#10 Jul 29, 2012
We know this chick is an Obama fan for sure. No shame with them people. This country is going down the tubes.
NObama 2012

Maidenhead, UK

#11 Aug 3, 2012
This woman is the poster child for the nanny state fraud. She gets a SSI check, SNAP and Medical Assistance for this kid, then she illegally collects a paycheck to watch her kid. Her full name should be posted here so the media can hound her.

Elk Grove Village, IL

#12 Aug 5, 2012
This "mother" is a scumbag for trying to sponge off of her inlaws then going and sponging off of us taxpayers. Hopefully she is sponging everything out of her parents.

I am also willing to bet she has been at area lawyers looking to sue somebody for her problem too. You know the type. She sounds black or latino to me.


#14 Sep 1, 2012
That woman would fit right in across the pond. Our government cares about it's citizens. You yanks are so backwards in your thinking.
Stanley Marsh

Denver, CO

#15 Sep 2, 2012
If she has a son named Kenneth McCormick, then I know her. She's a dirty wh-re with a herpes crotch.
princess kaytie


#16 Oct 7, 2012
I remember a guy whining about his wife at the diner. She was getting fat, being a c***, not working, and then gettin preggers a year after having the disabled kid. He thought th e kid wasn't his either. I would have sucked him off if I wasn't jonesing for some meth. My dealeer came in and hooked me up. He said the guy with the effed up wife was from a rich family.
princess kaytie


#18 Nov 12, 2012
I talked about this with my dealer more. He heard that this chick or some chick with the same probs stole 150 smackers from her step dad's retirement fund. I wish I had a step dad like that. I used to be a pro ho and would make him blast himself dry for 150 smackers.
princess kaytie


#19 Nov 12, 2012
Whoops I'm getting too high. It was 150,000 smackers :O
Too Much


#20 Nov 28, 2012
I really hope the father hired a good lawyer and implemented asset protection and gave this leech next to nothing. The insurance fraud angle would be a good way of increasing leverage during any future custody suits. I am sick of seeing good people getting abused by these sociopaths.

Hazleton, PA

#21 May 19, 2013
It's embarrassing to be from this area. If it's not the illegals making your region look bad, then it's your lazy neighbors kids sponging the system.

Mount Carmel, PA

#22 Aug 13, 2013
What a bunch of dumb republicans who live in some of the poorest parts of PA, and support oil and gas industry and republicans while you have the highest gas prices and oil prices across the state what a joke, Then you whine about one girl on food stamps what's that 1 cents out of your check goes to public assistance, 55% of income tax goes to military spending and aid for other countries guess you rather pay for food stamps for some Iraqi or Afgani then your own neighbors and fellow Americans you people are the Northern Version of hillbillies what a joke learn something and maybe get a way from the hills every once in awhile.

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