This is sick, I am glad the child is ok. I feel sorry for her that she had to go throught that horrible trauma and be scarred for life.
Sad day when PIT BULLS means more than a human life.
Accident? I would have shot him on site, but I would have NEVER had a PIT! They should be out-lawed in EVERY STATE not just a few.
I am not sure why a person would own one with children. I know some people own them for fighting, some own them for protection and others, I don't know. Looks big maybe?
My ex-daughter-in-law has two and lets them sleep with my grand children. I worry they will turn on them. I would never get over it.
I am sick of hearing that it's not the dog but the owner that raised it. It's both, the owner for getting them and the dog is a BAD BREED. They should never been allowed into the US.
I am not a DOG HATER, I own a dog. I just hate dogs that attack, especialy children!
There should be STIFF JAIL time for the owners of Pits that attacks people or pets.
I don't understand these parents if they keep that Pit.