Kelly Wilson

Longview, TX

#81 Jan 6, 2012
Yes, I just realized today that I missed the 20th anniversary yesterday. Sadly, no media outlet, paper or tv, even mentioned the story to my knowledge. I sent an e-mail to the Longview News Journal and it looks like it was ignored.

The idea that she was moving away and prior anger issues/threats does definitely give motive to the boyfriend. How did he explain the possession of jewelry that she was supposedly wearing on the night she disappeared?

I wonder if anyone knows land the boyfriend lived on/owned or spent time on circa 1992? Even something like a hunting area, etc.

At the time I wonder if it could have been searched for freshly dug dirt. Now that 20 years has passed, I wonder if a possible grave site or evidence burial spot could be exposed by the wearing of time? If her body was dumped in a pond, then it's very possible the level would be very low due to the drought this year.

Just throwing out possibilities. I can't really think how someone living in a small town like Gilmer can get rid of a body other than burial, dumping or burning the remains.

I hope I'm not seeming insensitive to any family/friends, it's just the kind of thing you have to think about if you want to try and think of what happened.

It is very sad that for 20 years Kelly has not been able to at least rest in peace in burial for her family and friends and have a place they can visit to remember her. Even if what happened was never known, I'm sure that would help out a lot of people if only her remains were found.

United States

#82 Jan 10, 2012
Look under hummingbird road the Monday after she disappeared they were laying new asphalt and improving the road

Sulphur Springs, TX

#83 Jan 11, 2012
weren't they also pouring the slab for a nw restaurant - Pizza Hut or something?

Longview, TX

#84 Jan 13, 2012
How would someone sneak a body into the asphalt of the road, or into the concrete foundation of Pizza Hut without at least one worker noticing, etc.? If it was in the middle of the night when no workers were there, how would they cover it up?

Do any people involved have experience in things like laying ashpalt or concrete?

The Gilmer Mirror did run two stories on Saturday. I had forgotten, or was unaware that Joe said he walked out with Kelly when they locked NTV up.

Did he leave quickly and just leave her there alone?
How would he not be able to positively say she left the parking lot if the bank is pretty much right across the street?
If her tire was slashed/low, wouldn't she have said something?
Could she have driven across the street, made the bank drop, then recognize the tire low and park it back in place?
This was before cellphones were carried around by everyone - if you were left alone, you had to be lucky or know where the closest payphone was.

I would like to see the more detailed transcript (if there is one) of what happened from the moment Joe and Kelly locked up NTV and Joe left or last saw Kelly.
Anyone know?

Batesville, AR

#85 Feb 17, 2012
Start reading on page 31........ You won't believe the info here on this case.

Longview, TX

#86 Feb 24, 2012
Researcher wrote:
Start reading on page 31........ You won't believe the info here on this case.
Could you supply some context for this?
luke moore

Natchitoches, LA

#87 Jul 25, 2012
I still miss her and wonder what happen.

Gilmer, TX

#88 Jul 26, 2012
So you knew Kelly personally?

Do you have any strong feelings or theories as to what happened to her?

Anything you think most people are overlooking?

United States

#89 Aug 16, 2012
Would like to hear more "810810L5cf" if you still visit this site. Is the bank surveillance camera shot on the web anywhere? Also is there a link to the Dateline "Touch of Evil" episode that anyone knows of

Gilmer, TX

#90 Aug 19, 2012
I doubt any Kelly related videos are online.
The surveillance is shown in the Dateline episode though.
Some shows like that will sell you a DVD of the episode, but I have never looked to see if Dateline does.
I only have it partially taped on VHS. I think the last 10 minutes are cut off.
I would also like to see the Maury Povich episode I have heard about. I tried contacting them via e-mail, but they never responded.
Willie Granville

Providence, RI

#91 Sep 7, 2012
tdv wrote:
I doubt any Kelly related videos are online.
The surveillance is shown in the Dateline episode though.
Some shows like that will sell you a DVD of the episode, but I have never looked to see if Dateline does.
I only have it partially taped on VHS. I think the last 10 minutes are cut off.
I would also like to see the Maury Povich episode I have heard about. I tried contacting them via e-mail, but they never responded.
tdv: Most of the Povich show is just a big JOKE. It is a thing of WHO YOUR BABY THING. The Wilson case has been covered up and COVERED UP well. If the truth was known some BIG FISH WOULD FRY in Upshur county. As we all know they stand up for not JUSTICE, but JUST THEM.

Gilmer, TX

#92 Sep 9, 2012
You saw the Maury Povich show back when it aired?
I didn't think there is any baby/paternity involved with Kelly's case.

If it truly is a big cover up, then that is very scary. We're talking about the life of a human being. If someone, or a group of people were able to cover up the murder of a human being for over 20 years now, it makes me wonder what they have done in the past 20 years after that cover up.

You can't get much worse than devaluing(sp?) a human life.
Willie Granville

Providence, RI

#93 Sep 16, 2012
tdv: You got to understand many people in your area don't care about human beings. They care about themselves & themselves only. That is why they are called PEOPLE. Me personally, I don't like PEOPLE. I do like HUMAN BEINGS. Only a HUMAN BEING would care about the life of another HUMAN BEING, as a whole PEOPLE don't care.
All you have to do is look back on a few cases in the county in the past few years. The Dean Flower case ( others involved ) cases DROPPED. The Probation Officers cases, were given probation for obstruction of justice. This is just an example of what I am saying. This was done right in front of you and there is nothing you can do about it LEGALLY and they know it.
Good luck on finding some HUMAN BEINGS in the area, I have looked all my life there and they are hard to find. If they aren't SCARED they are HEARTLESS, just plainly said.

El Paso, TX

#94 Oct 2, 2012
When Kelly disappeared, I was going to Gilmer Elementary and I remember the whole town having posters up about Kelly in a lot of the businesses. I've been thinking a lot about the case lately and telling my husband about it. He's from Longview (about 20 mins away) and he has no idea about who she was or about any disappearance. So sad...When going to the Yamboree, I always look at that building where she used to work...then look across the street to where the old bank used to be where she or someone dropped off the deposit (now the tax assessor). It gives me the chills every time.
Willie Granville

Providence, RI

#95 Oct 5, 2012
EAAJ: You can bet some of those posters was just a cover up. It made it look as if they were concerned being business owners. Since you lived there you know all these business owner's know each others. If they don't eat breakfast, dinner, or supper together they go to Church together and they discuss issues like this. And someone knows what happen.
It would be nice if some of those witnesses could be WATER BOARDED, or do like the JEWS in Israel put a sack over their heads and put URINE on it and let them sat in a chair hand cuffed for a few days. You would get the truth. But no,no this is IN-HUMANE. But it is OK to let someone come up missing without a clue. That is what gives me the CHILLS.

Aurora, CO

#96 Oct 19, 2012
I wanted to give you a lead you're probably not aware of. I'm a missing persons researcher, and this case recently came to my attention from someone who is connected to your part of the country.

Several weeks ago the remains of a body was dug up by state investigatory authorities near Deckers, Colorado. The body was discovered in a campground in June, 1993, about 18 months after Kelly disappeared. The body has been identified as someone approximately Kelly's age when she disappeared. The case was mentioned briefly in the regional news. When the body was discovered in 1993, it was buried in an unmarked grave and listed by the coroner's office simply as "Jane Doe," which is common for such situations.

For some odd reason in my Google searching of the picture released by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, I came across pictures of Kelly Wilson. There is a strong, but not obvious, resemblance between the pictures of Kelly Wilson at the time of her disappearance and the reconstructed pictures of Jane Doe. Remember, the picture the CBI has released is a digital reconstruction from forensic remains. But what gets more interesting is that the aged pictures of both women look even more alike.

I contacted someone who I thought could help me with the case, and I finally came to you as a relative. I think if you had some DNA samples of Kelly somewhere and contacted the CBI, they would be most interested. They have put out a public alert for any information regarding Jane Doe.

I'm not saying Jane Doe is Kelly Wilson, but there are too many coincidences, and these need to be investigated.

The link to the CBI's cold case file is .

I've been told by my law enforcement contacts in Colorado that the remote and mountainous area where Jane Doe was found has for decades been a major hub for drug trafficking by biker gangs, some of which have strong connections with the Mexican drug carterls operating in East Texas. It is known from what I've found out that similar cartels and gangs were operating in the Gilmer area throughout the 1990s, and of course most likely operate today.

However or for what reason Kelly initially disappeared, it is possible she was kidnapped by one of these gangs. The CBI has not had an interest in the Jane Doe case for 20 years, and suddenly they took enough interest to dig up the body (probably because of an unknown informant).

I think you ought to get in touch with them to at least see if there is a connection. I know you want closure.
Courtney wrote:
Today is the 20th anniversary since Kelly went missing.
I think by now that our family knows and accepts that Kelly is dead. But that doesn't mean that we don't want to know what happened to her and where she is.
I see so many of you throwing around rumor like it's fact and it makes me sad because even after 20 years, rumors are still being made up about my step-cousin.
Stop for a moment and think about the family and how they feel. My uncle Robbie (Kelly's dad) has never gotten over her disappearance. From what I understand, Kelly's mom, stepfather and brother have never been the same either.
If you actually know something about this case that is FACT, then by all means, contact the authorities and let them investigate. But if all you have is rumor and hearsay, keep it to yourself. You're not helping the family or the investigation by fanning the flames of the rumor mill.
Kelly was a sweet girl. She had her entire life ahead of her. She was looking forward to graduating high school and going to college. She deserved a chance to fulfill her potential, and she never got that chance.
I just hope that someday, we'll find out what happened to her.

Gilmer, TX

#97 Oct 30, 2012
Wow, that is very interesting.
I wonder if Kelly's dental records were kept.
If she had some unique dental fillings, teeth, etc., that is one way to identify.
Willie Granville

Providence, RI

#98 Nov 3, 2012
Melatha: If you know this, Law Enforcement know the same thing and even more. Yes, they had Mexican drug dealers, bickers, etc., back in the 90's. They also had WHITE'S & BLACKS in the area dealing drugs and LAW ENFORCEMENT knew who they were. The photo you put up is GREAT, but don't you think Law Enforcement know this? But dealing with them Colorado & Texas you have 6 in one hand and a 1/2 dozen in the other. In other words I don't trust either. Thanks again for the information, but the ROOT OF THIS EVIL STILL LAY and it is GILMER, TEXAS. Oh, yea the reason I don't like Colorado and don't trust them is I was pulled over for no reason back in 1999 and told back a member of the Col., drug TASK FORCE: quote: Willie I know you have DRUGS in the car, quote: I know you are on drugs, quote I know you are a DRUG DEALER. I told them search the car (they did) I offered a urine sample (they declined) they tore my car apart and what did they find? NOTHING. So NO I don't trust your sources in the state. Thanks.
Willie Granville

Providence, RI

#99 Nov 3, 2012
tdv wrote:
Wow, that is very interesting.
I wonder if Kelly's dental records were kept.
If she had some unique dental fillings, teeth, etc., that is one way to identify.
Come on "tdv" you know if she had dental records ALL of that has been destroyed. Gilmer Court System is dumb, but not stupid. Here is where we all want JUSTICE in cases like this and there are too many people who say leave the FEDERAL court system out of it and there INVESTIGATORS. And this is the JUSTICE we get. Sad to say folks, but this is your JUSTICE in in N.E. TEXAS. And even sadder is YOU VOTE THEM IN.

Gilmer, TX

#100 Nov 19, 2012
No one had to vote at all in Upshur County, as I think most of the officials ran unopposed. A couple of years ago most ran as Democrats and then switched to Republican.

I don't know about your source of great paranoia. If one person in Colorado stops you, you really think every single cop is crooked?

Is anyone still left in positions in Gilmer that were around 20 years ago? I don't know who they would be protecting now.

There truly are those random cases that happen out of nowhere. I watch some of these true crime shows on TV and one murder was solved almost 20 years later and it turned out to be a guy that lived a block away that was never a suspect and had no connection to the victim. I think they got a DNA hit and that broke it open. Unfortunately, Kelly's body was never found for evidence like this.

But then I come back to the bit about the KW evidence being stolen...that is a hard one to wrap my head around.

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