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#1 Jul 16, 2007
Hey why are all the Gilmer Police Officers leaving. I don't quite understand? We have had several leave within the past 1 month to 1 and 1/2 months. They were some good officers to. Officer Anderson left, Officer Ferrell left, Officer Richardson left. I heard that officer Lucas is leaving (although I didn't know him real well because he was pretty new) and now I am hearing that Officer Creed is going to leave. The first 3 and officer Creed that left had numerous years with the department. Which brings me to the question why did they leave? It is very unlikely that they all left or are leaving because they just felt like changing jobs. I mean if officer Creed leaves then Gilmer PD has lost 5 officers in 1 and 1/2 months. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!!!!! After I heard that Officer Ferrell was leaving I heard that Officer Anderson was coming back in his place as a Sergeant. Everyone that had heard that rumor was so excited. Officer Anderson was a good officer and deserved to have been a sergeant several years ago. I heard that Officer Ferrell and Officer Richardson both left and decided not to be police officers anymore. And if Officer Creed leaves then there is nobody left that I know well. Officer Creed does a good job and the Gilmer PD should try to keep her from leaving as well. I believe that the Gilmer PD has some problems that Mr. Grunden needs to address. He has needed to address them for a long time. The main one is that guy that does not wear a uniform but wears a badge and gun that used to sit in The Hub all day smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. This wouldnot be acceptable to me. Another problem is the loss of our officer that have been here. Somebody told me the other day that the Gilmer PD used to be the place to be but now it seems like the place to flee. Mr. Grunden you have lost some very valuable officers. What are you going to do now?

Since: Jul 07


#2 Jul 16, 2007
I dont know the user that wrote this comment about the Gilmer Police department, but whoever you are.. you dont know just how right you are. The officers that have left have been here for quite a few years, and ive wondered myself just what the problem is. I mean these officers have never had anything but good things typed about them in the Gilmer mirror. All three worked their shifts and many times would cover someone elses shift if the need arose. Like you said, its not like everyone decided to up and move on all at the SAME TIME. There are a LOT of the Gilmer citizens that have grown comfortable with knowing the officers that live here and knowing that they can count on them to take care of whatever problem the police department would need to deal with, much less help with a flat tire in the pouring rain, or a stalled car in the middle of the hot summer. not that someone else wouldnt help. But the community has become comfortable with KNOWING the help they need WILL be there. These officers have been here long enough to know which "criminals" need to be watched or where they are hiding and where to find them, WHY Would someone give them a reason to think they would be treated better somewhere else? Why cant they be treated as well if not better than any new officers that could replace them?? As every day goes by i hear more and more questions.. most of them are the same. "Why are they going? why dont they WANT to stay here?" the only thing i know to tell any one with questions is "why would you leave a job and a town where you have so many friends or relatives?" Anybody from Gilmer that reads this will most likely know exactly who i am from the user name ive put here, and thats ok with me, it doesnt bother me at all for everyone to know my opinion on this matter. I think more people should let others know how they feel.. and we all know who "others" are!!!
Buckeye Babe


#3 Jul 16, 2007
I've thought something was going on with Gilmer police. For years, Gilmer was the joke of East Texas. We were known as the place to go to get away with illegal drugs. In the 70's and 80's and 90's, people all over, especially high school kids, knew that if you wanted to buy or use drugs, just go to Gilmer. The about 5 to 10 years ago, things started changing, and Gilmer became a good safe place to live. I hope that with the lack of officers experienced in protecting the citizens of Gilmer that we are about to endure, Gilmer doesn't become the capital of illegal drug use in East Texas again. A lot of the blame for the officers leaving can be put on Chief of Police Grunden, but also a lot must be placed on the city councel members who refuse to give officers a raise. Also, I seriously question why Chief Grunden doesn't promote officers who have been with Gilmer Police Dept. for several years instead of hiring people with less experience. Are the new hires friends of him or of people on the city councel? I don't know. I just know that I don't want things to be like they were when I was a teenager. It wasn't fun for my hometown to accurately be the butt of jokes.


#4 Jul 17, 2007
Well said BABE. The facts are just as you said them. I have lived her basically all of my life. And have seen the transition that Gilmer went through. And to his credit Chief Grunden came in to a HELL HOLE and turned it around from corrupt officers (some not all) and having drive bye shootings on Vinegar Hill and the police were afraid to do anything because they had absolutely NO backup to a good department with experienced officer. Well that is starting to change. As I said earlier several good and experiences officers have left recently and several more left in recent past (a few years). One of them that left was the ex motorcycle cop Bruhn. If you ever met him in person (other than a being pulled over) you would know that he was a good officer. I recieved a couple of tickets from him when he was on his bike but I deserved them. However he was basically run off and went to the Sheriffs and no he is at Longview PD doing an excellent job there (I bet they dont run him off there). Again I say Mr. Grunden you have a couple of problems that you need to deal with or answer for.

Since: Jul 07


#5 Jul 19, 2007
You both are right in many areas, Quite a few members of the community have numerous questions.(if you knew exactly what was going on there wouldnt be any questions.) Ive been friends with each of the officers that have left since Bruhn. And I know there are many others that were friends with them too. But as we 3 have all stated.. there are questions we have that we would like answers too. But until we know exactly what is going on and we know the answers to our questions its not right to place blame. Im not taking up for Grunden by any means. And probably being as good of friends as i was with the officers should take a side no matter how much i know about it.. but thats not how i was raised. I was raised that you dont jump on the bandwagon without knowing where that bandwagon is headed. We've got plenty of time to place blame or sling mud if anyone decides that would help their situation, but ME?? i want to the "WHYS?" before a higher gear is needed.
Barry Cooper

Longview, TX

#6 Aug 23, 2007
I can't wait to run drugs through your town now that Bruhn is gone.

Lufkin, TX

#7 Jan 4, 2008
i live in gilmer and it is a great place i used to live in forney, tx. but since i have moved here i have been welcomed and people don't know what the north or the metroplex is like. that are used to the trees. well i love them but not when i have to rake the leaves..

United States

#8 Jun 26, 2011
Gilmer ? That's one of the crookedest towns in Texas as far as Law Enforcement. Your officers probably left because they had a concious or knew an investigation was coming. Texas Rangers would have a heyday in that town if they wanted to.

Longview, TX

#9 Jun 28, 2011
The Gilmer Harassment Deptartment?? Hopefully a couple of their "detectives" have left. They have been and always will be the joke of East Texas. I've personally seen them harrass good people that were the ones being victimized. Gilmer is slowly waking up. The fire department, county judges office and other departments are slowly getting cleaned out. Bye, Bye and happy job hunting!

Madison, WI

#10 Jul 12, 2011
Hearing what has been previously said in this forum, it kinda makes me think twice about applying here. I've got 8 1/2 years as a Military MP and I want to settle back home in Gilmer and was seriously considering applying for the City Police. I strongly believe in small home town values and courtesies!!! Can anyone tell me if it would be a good idea to shoot for it or should I see opportunities else where?
Willie Granville

East Greenwich, RI

#11 Jul 12, 2011
PriorMilitary: Do you really want the truth? I will tell you the truth when other in Gilmer will tell you a LITTLE WHITE LIE. Get back with me and I will tell you more if you like.

Madison, WI

#12 Jul 12, 2011
Granville: please do, i intend on raising my family and i have two young children, so anyone's "truth" will be much appreciated! I'm looking for the straight forward facts that anyone can give.
Willie Granville

East Greenwich, RI

#13 Jul 13, 2011
Ok. If you want your 2 young children to be raised in a place 80 years behind time Gilmer is your place. You have been am MP and want to apply for a cop's job. The Sheriff's job maybe open soon, he is in trouble, the County Judge is in trouble, they got a Commissioner in trouble. Those are just a few that may have got caught (nothing proven yet). Now if you don't see no evil speak no evil hear no evil Gilmer is a GREAT PLACE FOR YOU. You must be involved in a BIG Church group, that is a big plus for you. If you are LIBERAL MINDED forget it. If you and your family want to live under HILLBILLY rules Gilmer is you place, under KANGAROO COURTS, A POOR SCHOOL SYSTEM, POOR RACE RELATIONSHIP, FEAR & HATE. Go for it. If you have anymore questions just ask.

Mount Pleasant, TX

#14 Jul 13, 2011
PriorMilitary wrote:
Hearing what has been previously said in this forum, it kinda makes me think twice about applying here. I've got 8 1/2 years as a Military MP and I want to settle back home in Gilmer and was seriously considering applying for the City Police. I strongly believe in small home town values and courtesies!!! Can anyone tell me if it would be a good idea to shoot for it or should I see opportunities else where?
In Gilmer your career will be shot. I would look somewhere else. Like Willie Granville says....he's right. Every place has crooked cops, judges, etc., but Gilmer is FULL of it. Pompous people that could not make a living anywhere else like to act like they are the best of the best in Gilmer. If they were anything, they would not be in Gilmer.
Fenton Meeks

Gilmer, TX

#15 Dec 5, 2011
Want to know why? Try looking for information about the Kelly Wilson Murder Case. The look on Facebook to See the Gilmer Police Department are "friends" with a Tattoo Shop on Harrison St. Owned and Operated by a convicted pedophile who went to prison for molesting a 3 year old girl.(this can be found on the DPS website for sex offenders) Guess where are the noobies are getting their tattoos done now. Did you also know, Upshur county has around 49 sex offenders, and Gilmer, Texas is the town 48 reside in? Gilmer, Texas has around 4,700 people. This means around one out of every 100 people you shake hands with in Gilmer, TX is a sex offender. This is higher per capita than any state or city in the United States. Did you also know in the Kelly Wilson murder/disappearance that the Gilmer Police Department claimed that "someone" break INTO their police station and stole pertinent information regarding the case and even Texas Rangers were compromised because of "who was involved." The F.B.I. Agent out of Tyler, Texas was compromised. Someone there doesn't want their dirty little secrets leaked. Someone very powerful. Someone with enough power to have a stealth fighter and stealth bomber do a fly over for an annual festival they call the "YAMBOREE." Going to Gilmer looking for a nice town is like screwing for virginity. It is a dark, evil town with a rich history of devil worship, pedophilia, sex abuse and in this town, the only law is the golden one. He who has the most gold, is the law.
Fenton Meeks

Gilmer, TX

#16 Dec 5, 2011 <--N.B.C. Did a two year running, two hour long piece on the DISAPPEARANCE of KELLY WILSON and to this day, her body has not been found. It was based on RITUALISTIC SEXUAL ABUSE and SATANIC WORSHIP involving the KERR FAMILY. <---here's what it says about Gilmer, TX and it's love for PEDOPHILES and SEX OFFENDERS. Dig deeper and discover this town is strait out of a Stephen King Novel not even he would write about. At least the evil in his books are absolute nonsense. This town has REAL EVIL.

Do some more research and find out how many politicians here are involved in fraud and embezzlement. The former BISHOP OF THE MORMON church's best friend was sent to prison for embezzlement. He's no longer the bishop anymore. He was indicted but not prosecuted by a grand jury for the same thing.


The TATTOO SHOP OF EVIL HORRORS is right next to a mortuary and funeral home on Harrison Street. One can only imagine the evil... You really can't make this stuff up.

Kilgore, TX

#17 Jan 10, 2012
Fenton you're an IDIOT.

Gilmer has Always had a Good Police Department.

As to the Guy that had a Military Fly Over,

That is Steve Dean and he sure as Hell did not have anything to do With Kelly Wilson

A very happy EX buckeye

Longview, TX

#18 Jan 13, 2012
Well said Fenton. Gilmer is a terrible place. I grew up there and could not wait to leave. I went to school with Kelly Wilson and her brother Kyle. That was a sad situation. Take my advice and stay away from this place!

Mount Pleasant, TX

#19 Jan 14, 2012
Gilmer is a sewer full of crooks in all levels of the "legal" system and city government. Police department, they're the real criminals. They are a bunch of mall flashlight cops with badges that like to harass people and defend their criminal buddies. All of these people could not get a real job in a real city if their life depended on it. That's why they are in Gilmer and stay in Gilmer. It's full of people that inherited money whom want to act like they are the business leaders of the community and people that got elected to public office because of whom their parents or in-laws were in the town. If these people ran on their sole merits they never would amount to anything. Just look at the results of some of the Gilmer Elite. One I know destroyed his daddies company and another is always in the news making the Upshur County court system look like Beavis and Butthead stories. Gilmer would make a good TV show. It could be called Bungling Idiots. Stay far away from this black hole of society. Its a death trap of the want to be that never will be.

Hawkins, TX

#20 Jan 17, 2012
let me tell you something about gilmer that i know of personally. during that kelly wilson case & the accused kerr family thing was going on i was a little small innocent child, ripped from my christian home & made to be raised by complete strangers 15 counties away b/c the cps staff was so corrupt & full of it that the fbi had to come in & fire all of the employees. my case was moved to a different jurisdiction where the complete strangers were residing & best friends with the judge there. my family paid several thousand dollars on court cost fees that they didn't have to fight for custody of me & their attorney looked them in the eye & told them that he would not accept one dime from them b/c the cards had already been dealt & unless they could match $10,000 they were going to lose the case b/c the judge had illegally exchanged money with the other party & they walked out with me at the end of the day, not my flesh & blood. that man was so sickened at how corrupt the court system was that he would not accept any money from my family, & he retired soon after b/c in all his years he had never seen such underhanded crap go on. i didn't get to see my real family until i was 18 years old & this never would had happened if upshur county wasnt so damn corrupt. the cps employees were cohercing children on their laps with candy getting them to say whatever they wanted to & then ripped away from their families. it's all about the money & who has more.

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