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Mattoon, IL

#41 Mar 19, 2013
COLLINSVILLE, how suttle, could you be trying to tell us something ???LOL
The King

Mattoon, IL

#42 Mar 20, 2013
3rd Warder wrote:
Greenville has a "City Manager" (semantics perhaps)
Vandalia has a City Administrator
No clue as to their salaries. lists others but most are far northern towns or much bigger cities (like Collinsville.)
Is there a resource for finding the salaries?
Absolutely! First, lets determine how many towns of similiar size and population even have these positions, with these salaries. I'm inclined to believe Litchfield is somewhat unique regarding the structure of city hall postitions and payrolls. But, if in fact they are beneficial, then prove it. Lets have an outside, impartial auditing firm come in to see if they are necessary, if not lets get out the scissors and trim. I'm just looking to trim fat if there is fat to be trimmed (hint: there is fat to be trimmed). If in fact all is well, then an impartial audit should not alarm anyone. Lets open the books, and let those of us who pay these salaries know if we are getting our moneys worth. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Mattoon, IL

#43 Mar 21, 2013
Now your cookin with peanut oil, AN IMPARTIAL AUDIT
would work wonders, and wouldn't cost much more than one of CMTs weekly fixit charges. the reason
for my question was to see if maybe,you were trying
to compare the two towns because both had the same
administrator at one time, and the salerie base is not reflective of the true population of either.

Shelbyville, IL

#44 Mar 22, 2013
the city worker have tax'em tommy signs in their yards-----Guess they want their wages and pension jacked up somemore
3rd Warder

Mattoon, IL

#45 Apr 1, 2013
This is coming up again tomorrow (because of being tabled) at the meeting. Wonder if anyone besides Hancock did any homework.

Riverside, IL

#46 Apr 1, 2013

Table it - or do it twice

IL HB 3312 is pending second reading.

Will require City and School website changes

More Info., more often , more detailed

Table it - or pay twice
3rd Warder

Mattoon, IL

#47 Apr 1, 2013
Good find.
The site on the agenda is for the tourism site. The main site is in need of a makeover and it looks like the city may need to put some funds into it as well if the bill passes. I don't think the bill will cover the tourism site but goes a long way to making the current city website more open with information it should already have.

I maintain $10k for a tourism site is overkill. Most of that is most likely for the "design." Website templates can be bought much, much cheaper (hundreds) and the content is more or less free. The Tourism board should have all the written parts done or easily done. Images can be crowd-sourced from the community (with attributions sited) at no cost. The community can also be used to come up with any artwork and logos.

I'd rather see people come together to make something than to throw $$ out-of-town to an no-bid contractor.
Very little of the $10k will be on the website itself. Majority of it will go to the designer. A non-eCommerce site be done in no time.

Chicago, IL

#48 Apr 1, 2013

Then , Council should Vote it down.

Makes no sense to spend money on either website until see what the final version of HB 3312 requires when passed.

Why guess now, when will know for sure later.( not so sure governmental Tourism site won't be covered)

Shouldn't gamble with taxpayer dollars.

Waiting costs nothing.

Mattoon, IL

#49 Apr 1, 2013
if people will only stop and remember, each time an
item was given to this council,with that Hurry up we only have till tomorow or we lose," WE LOSE "
ALL that CASE LAW,and look how other Cities are doing,is a load of crap, Its time to run this city with comon sence and live within our means. VOTE
Red Neckerson

Mattoon, IL

#50 Apr 1, 2013
City Manager, City Administrator.... Hmmnn. Most of these positions are created because a sitting mayor was either a part time mayor or was a lazy mayor. There a dozens of towns in the Midwest who only operate with a city council and a mayor. When a seated mayor can't perform his duties or simply does not have the time to perform, he has to have help. In comes a city manager to do the leg work.

Your tourism position and econimic developement positions could and should probably be consolidated. I will bet that neither of these jobs in a small town such as yours can justify 40 hours a week.

Someone mentioned previously about trimming the fat. Well as bad as we hate to see it, it is going to happen. The money trees are starting to die. Federal government has no money, there is no money. It is going to trickle down to all of us sooner or later.

Most little towns in the Midwest need to not start a new project until the projects they have started are finished. Midwest towns are starting to show their age and the things that need fixed should be fixed before money is spent on something that is not really needed. Getting spread out too thin is a problem. Has anyone ever thought about having local people design a websight? Most sophomore and junior kids can do it. But then you get into keeping them up. Most websites havent been maintained and kept up to date so why build a new one? I looked at your website and the city website has been updated by someone when they gave the Mural to the museum in March. Your website looks pretty good. With a little up dating there would be nothing at all wrong with it. It kind of gets back to fixing what you have before starting something new...
Red Neckerson

Mattoon, IL

#51 Apr 1, 2013
I'm outa here. I'm going back to the barn where I can chew and spit on the floor..
peggy Himstedt

Mattoon, IL

#52 Apr 2, 2013
Maybe people should come to the park board meeting we would be glad to put you on the agenda,, The park board has done an outstanding job,, so how come people always have negative things to say when you dont know what your talking about... Pretty sad,, that we always have a few that like to stir the pot...
Red Neckerson

Mattoon, IL

#53 Apr 3, 2013
"old Red" thinks your Park board is doing a good job. There are a lot of people working for nothing, who get a lot done. I am not sure how many paid employees you have, but you do get a lot accomplished...

Chicago, IL

#54 Apr 7, 2013

Council passed it - Appears to be a very shortsighted decision - Also , appears this expenditure is going to foster more and more spending- Again, Short Sighted Uninformed Decision
CPO Sharkey

Mattoon, IL

#55 Apr 7, 2013
On this you want to think or look at ho knows who, or who may be related to who. Asit's said on the blue box some time ago "follow the money" I just can not belive with the LOCAL PEOPLE not one is smart enough to do this and keep the money n the town where they are paying taxes. Then agaithis City votedfor a tax to keep a long time local maufacture from leaving, and they do ther best not to use local people who have business here and help pay that tax. I guess it comes back to the old way, you have to be at least 50 miles to be an expert. I you d not support local or at least i the County there will be nothing here left. Thenwere you going to get the tax money to run Cty Hall? The jewerly shops in the malls have to be better?
3rd Warder

Mattoon, IL

#56 Apr 8, 2013
The web guys' presentation was for the full marketing package; not just a website like the motion that passed stated. Some of what was presented was in the consent agenda (as advertisements publications) and passed before the presentation.

What they presented was no-brainer stuff for marketing...running theme between websites, branding, putting useful links in plain sight, draw attention to attractions, etc. It also looked good.

That being said, and even though the money comes from the tourism budget, they offered more then what was on being voted on. The motion was to spend not more than $10k on "web design services for the tourism website." Sorry, but billboards with the website address doesn't qualify was "web design"...that's marketing.
Splitting hairs? Maybe, but do you want that much gray area in motions involving tax money? How's that working out with CMT?

I wish someone would have done the math (they had a slide with estimates) and amend the motion to match the "web design services" estimate. Or amend the motion to include the other marketing pieces (minus what passed on consent). Right now the door is wide open for the designers to go beyond $10k because the motion didn't include the marketing items.
To complete the designer's branding, other Litchfield websites will need to match. How much will that cost? If the city website is branded like the tourism site, how much more will be spent to make it compliant should the state law pass? Whose budget (should other city-owned sites fall in line with the theme) will the money come from? For how much?

This is the kind of short-sight rubberstamping that the yesmen keep doing. The motion was tabled for 30 days. Did anyone do their homework in that time?
As it stands, those designers do not have to include anything more than their "web design services" for $10k or less and the city can do nothing about it. And it's only for the tourism site. If I had done something like that in my work, the bosses would have torn the idea apart (maybe me as well.)

I hope tomorrow brings a new chief and a new Ward 3 indian.
3rd Warder

Mattoon, IL

#57 Apr 8, 2013
I swear it didn't look that long-winded when I wrote it.

Mattoon, IL

#58 Apr 8, 2013

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