Alex Jones is a Communist

Alex Jones is a Communist

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Plattsburg, MO

#1 Aug 26, 2010
"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." - Vladimir Lenin

USA red white & blue Alex Jones can never be a secret communist many will claim repelling in outrage.

Alex speaks against Lenin, Stalin and Hitler!

Alex tells his listeners about the bankers in control of Communism and Fascism. And he's right. He must know this real well and works for them. Why say that?

Whenever Alex Jones talks to his listeners reporting about government conspiracies or crimes, he shifts blame. Whether it is the Kennedy assassination, OKC or 9/11, Alex Jones runs cover for the conspiracy. It's his job.

Plattsburg, MO

#2 Aug 26, 2010
Alex Jones Sucks Up to Revolutionary Communist Party Apparat-Chick

Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed. Alex Jones fawned over Sunsara Taylor on his radio program (MP3 file) yesterday. Sunsara is a board member of World Can't Wait, an outfit that is pushing for President Bush to be removed from office. Of course, Alex hopes for that as well, but you'd think he'd do a little investigation on Sunsara before sucking up to her.

Who is Sunsara Taylor? Well, she writes for Revolution, "The Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA", which states, "Our Ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism".

Regular caller to Alex Jones is "John the socialist" who Jones lets ramble on for close to an hour oftem

The Communist revolution is ran by the FreeMasons. And we find that Jones defends Freemasons often and many of his guests are Freemason.

The entire network is! GCN has one host after the next. Mike Rivero? GTFO!

Plattsburg, MO

#3 Aug 29, 2010

Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin fully supported the French Revolution of 1789-1798. Jefferson is regarded as the father of the world revolution by Marxist.

As Freemasons the revolutionaries are Templars of the Catholic Church and put Washington DC in Maryland, the only Catholic colony. The majority Protestant population are now ruled by the Vatican, primarily through the Jesuit's Georgetwon University in Washington DC.

There is no reforming Washington DC. It needs to be replaced. Washington and the Pope's Roman Empire are one and the same. They run international banking in every country on the planet. There is no changing or replacing Washington.

All the talk about the US Constitution is masonic talk from FBI cointelpro in support of wicked Washington DC. Washington and the constitution go together.

Alex Jones foments a marxist revolution, steering his listeners in a direction only him and his FBI/papal knight handlers know. The cointel program is designed to lead the political opposition and take names of the extremists.

Some Catholics realize what Jones is doing and do not care. They have been blaming Jews for the problems in the world for over 2000 years. Today "Jew" is code for all non Catholics, the Pope's inquisition.
Vinland Skin

Austin, TX

#4 Aug 29, 2010
Jones is married to a jew woman. He also is a zog informant, how do you think he gets away with so much stuff and why the FCC never shuts him down.

Princeton, IL

#5 Dec 16, 2010
I agree he has no answers he to me is bushes brother 'He lives by him,'I think he is related to the people that he speaks against!'He is like a dead talker that never lets real people speak he screens everything and does not let people speak that are honest, he dismisses them like they where nuts!'Alex jones is the mouth peace for the new world order,'Do not trust anyone who places faith in gold It will not help you It will not save you you have been told.
Alex jones is a threat to the new world order because I know therefor he is nothing except hot air in a microphone for hell!

Skiatook, OK

#6 Dec 16, 2010
Alex Jones is a Smurf, and Smurfs can't be communists. It's anatomically impossible!
Alex Jones

Skiatook, OK

#7 Dec 16, 2010
RED wrote:
Alex Jones is a Smurf, and Smurfs can't be communists. It's anatomically impossible!
That's complete b.s., buddy!! I AM NOT a Smurf! Also, Blues CAN be Reds, and you don't need balls to be a commie! In fact, you're more likely to be a sniveling commie without them, which is why THEY are putting estrogen-like compounds in your food and water supply! Have you checked your shrunken sack lately? How are your man-breasts doing?

Yuppie idiot!!

Palmyra, VA

#8 Dec 17, 2010
yall must get paid by CIA to smear him, its not a conspiracy if its all true, have fun at the FEMA death camps you nazi lovers

Taunton, MA

#9 Feb 12, 2011
The repeated statements by Alex Jones of concerning his contempt of "The Anglo-American Establishment" are very telling indeed.

Alex Jones appears to have an alternate agenda.Alex Jones websites and use a globe as a logo and he has never portrayed The American Flag on his website in good light.

After studying Alex Jones for 10 years I am close to concluding that this man is a Communist as he promotes collective populism which leads to Communism.

Surely there would be multiple childhood friends or ex-girlfriend revenge blogs about Alex Jones if he was real. I have found nothing to indicate he existed much before his early media days. And why is Alex Jones on RUSSIA TIMES?

Anyone from Austin ever know him???, and can prove it.
btw subst__intel

Acworth, GA

#10 Jul 25, 2011
He might be right on a lot of things but definitely doesn't have the right spirit. And the way he always is saying "hiden in plain sight", did anyone ever notice a symbol that flashes periodically on his show, the one with a right facing crescent, a left facing crecsent, and an overhead crescent each intersecting in the middle? Because on ONe of bill cooper's ancient mystery school vids on ancient mystery school symbology, it is the same as one of those, but I don't know what it means.

Huddinge, Sweden

#11 Jun 6, 2012
Look at what guys write for him on his sites, it's several socialists/commies if he was against that he wouldn't have know socialists/commies working for him.

San Diego, CA

#12 May 19, 2013
I listened to this jerk for over 5 years on a daily basis. He is a typical lying jew. He spends 5 minutes mostly bashing hitler, and germans and then spends the next 5 minutes pushing his jew sponsors crap. He will NEVER say the word zionist or place the blame on those responsable for the worlds problems - jews. He will blame everyone but the real problem. His wife is a jew, his kids are baby jews, his sponsors are all jews. Why would anyone continue to bash hitler today for thing that happened over 75 years ago. Only lying jews do this stuff and try to cover for themselves. Jews are the only race to be banned from over 100 nations through history. American education system is nothing more than communist zionist jew lies. Russian jews murdered over 60 million christians under stalin, but all we still hear about is lies about hitler. Turn this jew owned shill off, save your time and money. Infowars sucks, jones is a liar.
Ron Paul Republican 2016

Sun Valley, NV

#13 Jun 3, 2013
Alex Jones has direct tires to Stratfor, a known Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Front!

That is how Alex Jones helped get Rick Perry elected in the first place because they are good buddies with them as well!
Ron Paul Republican 2016

Sun Valley, NV

#14 Jun 3, 2013
Communism is related to Zionism!

Sydney, Australia

#15 Nov 30, 2013
Alex Jones pushes the sprit of 1776 thing which should tell you he is a pied piper immediately. May 1, 1776 is a highly occultic masonic number. AJ does not ever mention the fact that the USA was set up to police the world. It was a scam from the beginning. He is omitting the truth. Plus he is a programmed multiple by the real name of Bill Hicks.

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