I was listening to a talk show in atx & they said a school was being made & the names mentioned were lady bird Jody condrat. & a soldier. Who was not even mentioned by name I called at 1640p & talked to someone there & asked them don't you think LBJ already has enough stuff named after her & the Guy said she made the 1st radio in Austin I said oh cause she has money she's more important than the soldier I said yeah it figures you all can't even respect someone who lost his life for this country & went to school here he asked me did you know him I said no he said well I knew her & basicly mumbled & hug up well I'm happy your nose was up her 6 but money to a life dosent compare kl.j 5.0 I hope your proud any vets & patriots please call & have the school named after our brother God bless & have that dumb a.s fired thank you this is Austin Travis Texas USA not LBJ texas please post your support go army/usmc