God made cops so firemen would have heroes.
"I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create EVIL.
I the LORD do all these things." – Isaiah 45.7

Cop Attends Event to End Domestic Violence and Gets Arrested That Night – Guess Why?

An assistant police chief in Arlington, Texas attended an event to end domestic violence and was arrested a few hours later for – wait for it – family violence.


Seattle Police Resisting Reforms Meant To Quell Police Brutality

Boston policemen complain about new plan to watch their movements

It looks like Boston’s Finest is going to be watched by its own.

The 4 Worst Recent Police Fails in America

Take Shannon McNeal, who was arrested for having the same name as another woman who's 14 years younger than her ... and also dead. Even though her fingerprints didn't match, McNeal was thrown in jail and ended up paying $15,000 in fees.

Off Duty Cop Almost Beaten To Death In NY (Disturbingly Graphic Video)

MORE appalling is to watch a handcuffed citizen beaten by many cops, to death.

You cant just keep abusing without recourse

On off-duty NYPD officer was brutally beaten on the street, in front of his wife


Some cops allowed to work after drinking

Law enforcement officers in some area communities can strap on a gun and issue tickets for drivers who are more sober than they are, a Journal-News investigation found.

These rules are often enforced by union contracts.

Father Arrested For Trying To Pick Up His Children On Foot Rather Than In A Vehicle


Black-Clad Einsatzgruppen Confiscate Guns in California

Einsatzgruppen are special paramilitary task forces, the most notorious of which were the death squads deployed by Germany’s National Socialist regime. The contemporary American soyuz is lousy with einsatzgruppen

Video Captures Police Officer Tasering & Killing Therapy Dog

DENVER (CN)- A trigger-happy cop Tasered a therapy dog and then shot it to death after it had been caught by a fellow officer - and the abuse was caught on videotape - the dog's disabled owner claims in court.


Florida Corrections Officer Tells Man It's Illegal to Video Record Inmates in Public

Detroit, MI 2 off-duty sergeants robbed 3 men they apparently suspected in theft of cellphone http://ow.ly/qZlr6

tx. justice: manslaughter instead of mURDER
Update: N Texas, TX jury indicted officer for manslaughter; fired 41 bullets at unarmed suspect http://ow.ly/qZd0q

Update: Irwindale officer given 1 yr jail, 5 yrs probation for stealing his 89-yr-old father’s life savings of $250K http://ow.ly/qYzIS

Dallas, TX Police Senior Cpl arrested on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia http://ow.ly/qYyOD

Update: Brownsdale, MN former police chief has pleaded not guilty to felony sexual misconduct http://ow.ly/qS8jG