The End of America and the Western Ci...

The End of America and the Western Civilization

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Sylmar, CA

#6 Jul 16, 2013
So where does the police state come in during this process of destroying America? At some point the dollar will be destroyed. But some of you might be saying "The dollar is king! It's the world's reserve currency." Yes for now but not for long. In the last decade the dollar has lost 40% of its value through the Feds endless money printing also known as quantitative easing. It's a method where banks reward themselves for their failures. The Federal Reserve which is not a Federal Agency by the way prints money and gives it to the too big to fail banks which they own. So banks print money and give it to themselves. Every month in the United States, the Fed prints 85 billion dollars and give it to themselves. This is what causes inflation. Too much money chasing few goods and services. Since they keep expanding the money supply things cost more like gas and food. When Obama was entering the White House gas was 2.35 a gallon. Now it's almost $4 dollars. By doing this they are performing a massive redistribution of wealth. They are getting rich by giving themselves trillions in bailout while the rest of the society pays more for the basic necessities of living while they lose their jobs, homes, and life savings. Our government calls this a free market. But I call it crony capitalism and fascism. In a real free market there is no such thing as a bailout. This only happens under rulers like Hitler and Obama.

But anyway the days when the dollar is king is soon coming to an end because of the endless money printing by the Fed. Most of the world has realized this. Just last year alone over 35 countries have made trade deals that bypasses the dollar for trade. And they will begin using their own currencies for trade. Only stupid Americans still believe that the dollar will never die. Well this trend of countries moving away from the dollar is still continuing to this day. Every month more countries move away from the dollar. So what does this mean? At some point in the near future the dollar will no longer be used by other countries except in the United States. About 10 trillion dollars held by central banks around the world will be dumped into the open market and flow back to the United States causing Hyper Inflation of massive proportions. Think food prices are high now? Wait until a loaf of bread costs $20 dollars. Will all Americans receive 10 times more wages to make up for it? I don't think so. This is done to create a two tier society of haves and haves not. Already, the middle class in America is vanishing. All the manufacturing jobs that used to be a gateway to the middle class has been shipped to China. All we export now is debt. This is why nobody buys our treasury bonds anymore. Right now the Fed is buying 90% of all U.S. Treasuries because no other countries wants them! Who would want to hold on to worthless pieces of paper with numbers printed on them that keeps losing value every day through the Feds endless quantitative easing?

Richmond, KY

#14 Jul 16, 2013
1.) the western style governments (usa, uk, australia, etc.) are no longer owned by valid voted-in people, the ones in official positions (obama, etc.) are puppets for the evil elite who actually now own all these govts and are calling al shots.

2.) the dollar will be intentionally collapsed by the evil elite in power, this is their plan.

3.) violence in the streets will occur, again this is by intent and design by the evil elite in power.

4.) they will use this as their excuse to enact martial law. your choice will be take your mark of the beast and be a slave in their labor camp, or die fighting them in the streets.
i'm choosing the latter, every Christian needs to be willing to die for good, failure to do so will send your soul to hell so get ready.

where the rubber hits the road:

5.) there are a lot of stupid or afraid masses who are blowing off all the dangers. their future is in those camps.

6.) there are a lot of cops who are either evil, or stupid, or afraid of their bosses; they will be used like pawns. their souls are in severe danger. a few will realize what's really happening and join sides with the resistance, but they better be ready/willing to die for good, there will be no other option.

7.) the evil humans (from the top to the lowest) have been deceived by satan, they think they will live well in the long run; they will not. the earth and its resources and humans will continue to be destroyed, with satan continually playing one group against another until everyone's dead.

8.) then comes Judgement, from the one true God.

where do you want to be when that happens?
it is coming for us all.

My post is mainly to Christians: quit being a candyass. most of you remain afraid to even speak up about these issues - how disgusting.
how many gun forums the last 10 years have i seen puffed-chest comments but when anyone mentions a moral need to shoot someone with a badge - that poster gets BANNED. WHAT COWARDS YOU ARE. people with courage do not cower from the truth even when it's hard to take.
how many of your church pastors and priests are speaking up publicly about these issues? FEW, what cowards! afraid to even talk about these things.

this man is more brave and more "Christian" than nearly anyone i've seen post anything anywhere, and few are even brave enough to even see what he has to say; even fewer willing to share and discuss these topics.

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