Gibbon became an autobiographer for the same reason that he became an historian-to see a pattern, a plan, in what might appear from a distance to be a welter of haphazard, chaotic or contradictory experience.-The Author and His Work, L. Mantz, editor, Yale UP, 1978, p.325.
Literature had just started to speak
to this people after forty years of an
International Plan, perhaps it was with
that clever Canadian, White. Beginnings
can have strange coincidences and juxta-
positions: revolution, discouragingly meagre
response to nearly a century-and-a-half of new
revelation, increasing complexity, deeper into a
heart of chaos and anarchy, completion of the
seat of the Universal House of Justice, a quarter-
century of building the Kingdom of God on earth,
a dialectic of triumph and disaster, crystallization
of images, beyond obscurity at last, at last..........
And I was going though my final episodes of manic-
depressive illness, healed at last, by God, I was healed
at last, after asking Them for Their prayers, another
beginning with strange coincidences: subliminal dread,
an orgy of intellectual acquisitiveness, until I was burnt
out and dragged down in Ballarat and Launceston. So
that by ‘82 I’d been to both ends of the earth, met all
kinds and castes and conditions in more moods and
tempers—on my way to a thousand more, to more
enchantment with others and with life and a magnetism,
leaving me by ’92 to ‘94 exhausted and wanting to withdraw,
my spirit fatigued, running on some residual adrenaline,
as if I was old before my time and still in middle age.
Ron Price
17 May 19997